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Aretha the Cold Blooded

i must to defend and kill her but i dont make it.
i try to do everything... its says you cant kill aretha the cold blooded.
any ideas or is somebody defeat him?



How can i hit Aretha the Cold Blooded, so that she will lose 1000 health points in a duell.
I have tried what you have wrote


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Duck and aim heads?
I don't know whether you meant to say head or hands, but I'd recommend hands in almost all cases when doing these type of mirror duels that require KOs. The aim penalty that comes with aiming at the head isn't normally worth the extra damage per hit unless you outskill your opponent substantially, which isn't the case in a mirror duel. With weapons these days being so powerful, you're nearly guaranteed to do 2000+ damage if you land every hit on the hands which is more than enough for most NPCs.


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If you're in a town, leave it. Otherwise every time she ko's you you'll have to walk back to the quest giver.

Then just continually duel her. Eventually she'll miss every shot and you'll hit enough to ko her. I agree with Futu (hurts so much to say that :) ), aim hands.