The Town of Aravaipa!


Evening there folks, have you heard of the new town just going up over yonder? It sports some of the best Gemstone searching locations you'll ever find! I know you're probably a little wary about just putting your roots down in just any town, but this one's different! There's an Indian outpost within a short distance of the town limits for all your Trading needs as well as a new Railroad coming through the area!

So stop by, or leave me a quick note and we'll get you a place to take off your spurs and somewhere you can call home!


hi Can i join your town?

i just Lv5 now

Level 5
Experience points 44 / 46
Health points 160 / 160
Energy 21 / 100
Speed 100%

but very active man...
and want be a craftsman

if you have room for new a citizen please invite me
i am kill615 in game

regard kill615


Still looking for 2 more Citizens! Hotel's nearly done, and the general store is already started!


Homeless :eek:)

Homeless and an absolute newbie here :)

Been playing the game for just 1 day, but am already knackered and need a town to rest in. Have got a few dollars already (100+) and am level 4 and rising, so if you need an enthusiastic addition to your town, get in touch ;)


The town has now opened some more space for people looking for a good strong town. The Hotel has been expanded as well and offers nicer rooms (level 2). A general store has also been upgraded to help people buy what they need. Drop me a note and we'll get you set up in this growing town!