The Story Game


But she actually never died it was really angel identical twin, which she didn't even knew existed...(that would make me too sad, you can't let her die *cries*)

James the Hunter

James then takes a nap back at his apartment while the REAL angel is taking a nap on the couch.


gee....but i love i ate everythin inside te chicken sandwich....



And after it... I'm stuck with lettuce, bread, mayonaise and ketchup from the sandwish because Angeliah ate my chicken too...

David Schofield

God Mod story, YAY!

James saw a fat man outside and shot him with a candy bar, he exploded and killed Oisenallen! James is given the Medal of Honor by David Schofield and everyone lives happily ever after! Then David gives Drazen Chicken for his sandwich.


and then we all poured some hot choclate! [ if it was invited ]
and eat donuts! [if theyr invinted and if theyr choclate]


and sat down on a table to eat breakfast... and it was full of all kinds of food from all around the world, so we could taste different kitchens and debate on them