The Siege - RPG


Characters : 25

Sheet :

Name :
Age :
Weapon :
Armor :
fighting on the castles side or on the side of the attackers? :
What type of fighter? (archer, swordsmen, axeman, horsemen, knight.) :
Has a position of power or not? :

Prolog :
Tensions were rising and so were tempers between Moria and Gondor each of there fair cities were prospering but there expansion was being slowed at a dramatic rate because of each-other. The only answer to this problem was war and they both new it, they just postponed it for as long as possible. However once they could denny it no longer Moria decided to strike first and launch an attack on the castle of Gondor. However Gondor had absolutely no idea that the war between them and Moria had started so they went about there daily activities day by day as the army marched closer. A battle like no other was on its way, and after that came death a darkness, hate and malice. This would rock the world to its core. (read above for the current situation)
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The army was marching. There were so many soldiers that when they march the ground shakes like an earth quake.The army was marching over three months now! We are getting short on resources and if the resources run out before we get to the enemy's castle, we will parish. Every time we get closer, the men's morale gets worse and worse. So I sent three scouts to find out how far are we.
"soldier!( I yelled to a a scout near by) get two more scouts with you, find out how far we are from the castle and I will reward you with gold"
Scouts:" Yes General!" and they went off. I went out of my tent and gathered the Soldiers around and rode my horse around all of them so they hear me talk," Sons of Moria! Lend me your ears! we will not lose this war I guarantee it! Just hold on, Don't lose your selves before the battle. We will show Gondor who are sons of Moria are!!"

Name: Mohamed
Age: 22
Weapon: Scimitar and a spiked shield
Armor: Leather body armor, Leather chaps, Leather boots
Defender or attacker: Attacker
Profession: A knight
Position: General
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Name : Joseph
Age : 19
Weapon : Two handed long-sword and small knife.
Armor : chain mail an iron helmet and steel toed boots.
Defender or Attacker : Defender
Profession : Knight
Position : prince and leader of the elite royal knights

The second i saw the enemy troops on the horizon i called the castle to arms and gathered the royal knights and army to a meeting. we stayed up all night discussing battle strategies but in the end we unanimously decided to stay in the castle and have archers guard and openings while the royal knights guarded the gates.


Three days later, only one scout came back to me with reports. " Tell me what you found out soldier" I asked him.

Scout: "Sir! you wouldn't believe it! Their walls are high that they could reach the sky! and they got catapults, ballista's, and a gate made of iron!"

Me: "Those dogs! How dare they use such weapons against me! after our victory I will Burn the castle to the ground and kill everyone in it! now tell me, What about the other scouts? and how far are we off?"

Scout: " Sir, they cut the scouts head off and put them on spears in front of the castle to show us what they will do if we lose And we are only 7 days away.

Me: "Good now I will go prepare the army, you maybe dismissed. Waite, I forgot, come get your prize.

I went out of my tent and looked at my men's faces, They were so happy to see me, I must not fail them! must not!

:mad: Sons of Moria! Prepare for battle! we are only a week away from the enemies castle! we must march at once, TO WAR!
Army: yah!!!!!! yah!!!!
wild screams and war cries .

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In the castle everyone was in a frenzy racing about trying to get last minutes tasks done, but in the royal guard tower everything was calm and quiet, as i sat by the fire deep into the scroll i was pouring over. I had always fancied reading, and at times it was the most calming thing on earth. We had just gotten news from one of our scouts that the army would be here in 7 days.


We are very close, we will get to the castle in three days because we could see the walls already. Some men were scared so they went to the very back line except for few strong gigantic men who carry an axe in each hand. I don't know what await us before we get to the castle, Its good that the resources haven't ran out yet.


Name: Ben Andrews.
Age: 35
Weapon: Longsword and Bow.
Armour: Chain Mail.
Side: Defender
Type: Horseback Archer
Position: Unit Commander.


Ben gathered his men in. "Rumours are that they arrive in seven days. Orders say we are to head to the fourth level and aid the archers but first we help build up the defences at the gate. Come on men!"

Ben gathered his men and they rode off.


The army now is one day far from the castle, So I gave an order that they army should rest for a whole day and practice before the fight tomorrow.


"Defences are ready Ben!" one of my men called out. We had spent the last day reinforcing the gates before the siege. "Good!" I called back "I'll head and tell the prince Joseph." and with that Ben turned around and rode off leaving his men to head to the walls and dismount to become foot archers.


The men were having fun by playing games( such as throwing knives and juggling apples)not knowing whats going to happen tomorrow. They look so happy, I am sad that i won't see most of these faces after the battle.

( walking out of his tent and yelled) "Ok men, lets march and we will get at the enemies castle at dawn. Be prepared for war!.


Ben rode into the compound and saw the prince. "Prince Joseph!" he shouted and dismounted his horse out of breath "Prince Joseph we have secured the gates. My men have gone to help the wall archers."
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The army finally got to the castle after a long journey, They seem to be pretty well defended by archers and a big moat, I cant Waite til I see what's inside. But first I'll go say the king's terms and see if they wanted to battle or not. I started going to the middle of the battle field with two guards waiting for the enemy prince to come out.
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