the legendary golden sabre quest line


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i have noticed there is a new quest for the golden sabre but also noted the timing is stated to be from 29th may 04:00 to 29th may 10:00 2018. this information is in so am interested in the reason for such a short time span. is the quest live or not?


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No, don't think that is accurate date. Maybe when the quest was first introduced.

To get into the quest you need to finish shiny golden colt questline.

Otherwise, you can't even do the first part of the questline.


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The requirement is a little weird, it just means that it can be done between 04:00 and 10:00 on any given day.

Lucky Cro

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Few questlines had that type of "time frame" ... and when you start doing questline that time frame will show you date of when you actually do that step.
But also, you can accept it today in that 4am - 10 am window and finish it tmrw during that same time... ignore date


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How hard is it to get the first piece of recipe? ive been doing it for at least 300 energy?


Ok because of this questline i've deleted ALL my accounts and you'll never see me again ! Have fun giving privilegies to range duelers ! Why do us who preffer mele dueling do same quests as ranged duelers has to + get ****load of resources (50 gold dust, 100 coal 50 iron) to compete evenly with ranged duelers ?!?!?!?! Purely STUPID ! Have fun all