The legendary Golden Colt - Old Man Hackett



I've been searching for days now but I can't find the Old Man Hackett to create the legendary Golden Colt. Anybody a clue?




I checked the campfire site as well and he is not there either!

Pankreas PorFavor

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if I recall correctly - you need to complete all other parts first:
Bandits beaten unconscious in duels : 30/30
Distance travelled: 50000/50000
Gone to pray: 1/1
Work as a sheriff (100/100)

and then in the actual quest in Saloon, at Waupee, duel Old man Hackett. there's no location to go to, everything is in the saloon. you just complete the quest with the duel.
but maybe I don't remember it correctly, it's been a long time...


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If he was equipping the golden colt, he wouldn't ask this question thou. Cause "Duel" button appears then.

So somehow equipped and accepted the quest (and see it on the "Quests" tab) but removed the Colt, so can't duel him.


Okay, thanks a lot guys! I was looking for a location on the map all the time whist it was right under my big nose!

After doing all the rest on the list, just equip the golden colt and go to the saloon to open the quest and press the button "shoot Old Man Hackett" until he passes out!