The Last Stand


There was a flash of movement at the far end of the corridor "She's over there!" I shouted sprinting down the rubble strewn corridor as the girl began to disappear down a hole in the rubble spilling out of the doorway. My arm darted down the narrow gap after her hoping that she hadn't got too far, because the tunnel was far too narrow for us to follow her, even the Kid wouldn't be able to squirm his way through this. "Gotcha!" I shouted in triumph as my hand caught hold of the girls ankle "Time for us to play little girl" I shouted, hauling her out by her ankles I could hear her hands frantically scrambling for purchase within the tunnels rough surface, desperately fighting every inch that I dragged her back.
Grabbing her roughly by the scruff of the neck I held her easily as Killjoy relieved her of the shotgun she was carrying, fetching her a swift blow in the ribs with its butt. Sensing our victory Kobra Kid and Goat Boy came running down the corridor noisily only to suddenly recoil at the sight of her "What the hells wrong with her?" Kobra Kid shouted in alarm taking a quick step back, my brow knotted with confusion, she was short but that wasn't all that unusual. Spinning the girl around by the shoulders to face me I smiled upon seeing the scarred flesh and bright almost neon blue eyes "Take a good look boys this here... is a lucky point one" and it looked like her luck had just run out I continued in my head for I doubted very much that she would be walking out of here alive. “A what!?” I sighed heavily at the Kids ignorance “She’s from Flagstaff…some nasty stuff happened down there….stuff I am glad I had nothing to do with”
“Now say hello to my friends…” I said spinning the poor girl around to face Goat Boy and the others, an evil grin spreading across my face "This here is Goat Boy..." I whispered into her ear, so close that my lips brushed against her flesh "...And he would like his teeth back" looking back up at Goat Boy I nodded once before jerking my head out of the way as he smashed the brick he was holding into the side of her face, had I not been holding her tiny form up she would have fallen in a heap. His arm went back for another blow only to have the brick removed from his grasp by Killjoy "We don't want her dead quite yet" he spoke; Goat Boy cast a sullen glance up at the Irishman before stepping away from her “Now who wants to play a game?” I asked, the question was the precursor to every violent and twisted act ever committed by me and my small group thugs and although I could no longer see her face I knew her eyes would be widening in fear.

The dark corridor lit up briefly as the mans gun fired sending Goat Boy to the floor screaming his leg a tattered mess hung at an unnatural angle as his blood spread rapidly across the floor.
I listened to the man’s threat with amusement it seemed we had a hero in our midst a rare thing indeed. I looked down at the bleeding girl in my arms and then up at the giant that stood in the doorway weighing up the odds of survival and finding them slim…sure there were three of us, all packing heat and veterans of a hundred street brawls and yet this Good Samaritan had fired with a speed and accuracy that we couldn’t hope to match “Very well friend the girl is yours do with her as you will it is of no concern to me” I spoke calmly hoping that no one would do something stupid like try and shoot him “You may have escaped us this time bright eyes but you can’t hide forever” I whispered into her ear before shoving her towards the Samaritan, they were both dead. No one messed with the Golden Dawn and got away with it.


I slept many long nights in Michaels house, safe and sober, but the time had come. I had to leave.

It was a freezing cold rainy night in New York City and i was on the road again. I walked through downtown past locked doors and closed windows. I walked past rundown buildings and gigantic manors and shops. I walked past staring eyes and clattering feet. I walked past everything slowly taking it in.

My tears didn't fall but they weighed me down to the battered and cracked streets keeping me tethered to the ground and unable to escape from this city and this life.

Like a cry piercing through the blackness i heard gunshots and soon after a boom rocked the city shaking the ground and sending chunks of nearby buildings flying, flattening those who were unfortunate enough to wander under the teetering wood of many buildings in disrepair.

As soon as the shockwave left the area far behind i saw a wall of flames approaching burning the dry wood of buildings like paper. The fire doubled in size every single second and the chocking smoke invaded my nostrils and made my eyes water. The street was soon filled with people hoisting hoses and buckets of water trying to fight the fire.

Try as they may the fire burned on devouring all like a gigantic monster. If it wasn't stopped soon New York City would be ashes in a matter of hours.



Michael woke up by the huge explosion that shook his house. Michael searched his house for that drunken fool," That drunken idiot, How many times do I have to tell him that he can't escape from the nightmare he's in? I put a bullet in his chest and gave him shelter and he still fights back. I hope he's ok" Then Michael walked to the rooms window and looked out side. He got angry and punched the wall that was surrounding the window " Dammit! what has gone wrong with the people!? Why is everyone fighting?! Everyone had lived in peace back then but something went wrong and made everything turn into an unending nightmare!" then he walked to the living room and picked up his wife's picture. He started crying and hitting his head on the wall and then looked at the picture, " I miss you! where did you go and leave me in this nightmare!"
He kept wiping his tears that never stop falling down, Got in his car, and went out to get a drink.
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I had to warn Michael about the fire, after all he was the only friend i had.

I ran through the flames and choking smoke through crowds of shouting men and women and cowering children. Until I had reached the gates of Michaels house. I slumped onto the wall and took a long gulp of water before dashing trough the gates. As soon as i reached the door i pulled and pulled. Damn it, its locked I then kicked with all the power i had left at the door but to no avail. Finally i decided to try and get in through a window. However as soon as i came to that conclusion i saw a red sports cars lights turn on and pull out of the garage. "Michael!" i screamed. "is that you" Michael replied in a hoarse panic stricken voice. "Yes, I came here to warn you there is a fire growing fast and heading this way, there isn't enough time to stop it! come on we must get away from here" "I understand, hop in. But why the hell did you make a break for it?" "Because once i got through my alcohol problem and i decided it was time to find my family" "I too have decided to do that, I lost my wife in the bombing of LA" "I was one of the few survivors but i never found my wife, but i know she survived because on day i found a letter from her saying she was alive but she didn't know where she was. I searched for years but never found her, i gave up just a few months ago and settled back down here." "I guess its time we both go searching again" "Yes it is" "Just give me a second to get my belongings" "Gotcha, I said as the engine revved up" In a matter of seconds i saw him running out of the house. As soon as he was in the drivers seat the car speed away from the house and the fire leaving this awful city behind.

(This story is getting great and really intricate, a big thanks to all who are posting.)
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Character Class: Assassin
Age: 26
Weapon: Dagger, Throwing knife
Items: Black cloak, mask, tent, travel bag, blanket, and assorted throwing knifes and daggers
Name: Black Death
Biography:He was born and his parents died in the ruins of New York when he was 9 he grew up hardcore, people came to when they wanted some killed.


Little did we know we were being followed. We just thought that big black hummer was just another vehicle trying to escape from the city. Little did we know that the most dangerous assassin in all of the world was at the wheel. In due time we would know.