The Guild of Master Craftsmen


Town Name: Crafters Guild
Town Rank: Just founded (expect top 100 easily)
Town Points: Just founded (above 77000 very soon)
What classes are required: Any class welcome
Number of Open Positions: Just founded (49 very soon)

The main goal of the guild is to help those that are interested in improving their crafting level by providing a crafting oriented town.

To achieve that I propose a simple procedure, as follows:

- If any member needs an item they cannot craft, simply make sure that all the materials necessary are on the town market properly tagged (if you want 10x baked beans then you place 10x granite, 10x tomato, 10x beans tagged as "10x baked beans") and available for 7 days
- The only obligation every member must fulfill, is to check the town market for tagged products, and if they can craft the required item to do so and place the crafted items back on the market tagged with the name of the person that made the request

Recipe sharing is encouraged but not mandatory, other than that everyone is encouraged to play the game as they see fit and have as much fun as they can by doing so.

Whether you're a high or low level crafter, there's a place for you.


Is there a specific server you're proposing this for, xxflip, or will we be doing all the posting of mats and crafting here in The West Forum?