RP Discussion The Flash (Suggestions)


Okay pretty much I want ideas for a new RP called The Flash. Basically a higher being has decided that humans mindsets, actions, and so on are corrupt. This higher being was the one that created these humans and rather than wipe them out he creates a Flash. Basically a Flash is a sudden wave of light that envelopes the Earth and wipes the mind of every creature on the planet clean. The problem is that this higher being (Please suggest a name!) has no way of destroying the humans progress without destroying the world. The humans now only have basic survival skills and instincts. However the Being (As I'm calling him for now!) is not all knowing. Even he never predicted the chaos that now ensues. He sends some lesser beings down, with their memories intact, to help the humans through this crisis. You will be able to choose:
Mind wiped human or lesser being. (Need a name for them too!)

As a lesser being you try to help the humans through this and as a human you try to simply survive!

Now I really need some suggestions such as locations, names (as I said before), etc.