The first thing you see...


The first thing you see when entering the game is the Daily Bonus, which I have seen work only once.

It does not inspire any confidence in the game if the first thing you encounter is broken and remains unfixed for so long.


you need to log in each day.its not bugged. if you log in one day and get that bonus but dont the next day its reset to 1st day again and so on.


The whole game works smoother if you hit Ctrl-F5 (this clears the cache and reloads all of the data from scratch from the server), you'll probably have to click Hide. Once the map comes up, then re-logon. The page will come up quickler and more smoothly. Your logon process should award you the points correctly. Do this daily and you'll collect all of the XP and collect an award of nuggets/bonds every five days. The problem your encountering isn't really a bug, just an all too common glitch. :D
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I understand about missing days between logons. However, I could log on within hours and still be set back to day 1 bonuses. I haven't seen it get past 3 days since November.

Thank you, Parafrog, for the information. However, isn't that something that should be handled in-house? It is a browser game, not something I would expect to have to jump through hoops daily in hopes that it might work correctly. Especially, as I said, it is the first thing you see every day.


You should probably send in a support ticket in game to see if they can figure it out for you. They most likely have a log that could tell them each time you log into a each world.

It works like clockwork for me, looping through the 5 days and back to day 1 on the 6th day. I log in daily and it has always worked correctly.


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As Caleb said, there are no known issues with this. If you are having issues, please submit a support ticket so we can check this for you.


My apologies. I was told this was a common issue. I have submitted a ticket.