The Final Battle



The Setting : Set in the mid 16th century in an apocalyptic wasteland that humans are forced to live in under the harsh rule of the goblin and troll clans who constantly battle for supremacy and full control of the world.

The Characters : Hideous goblins, stupid burly trolls and, a group of rebel humans. There are also characters who are not on any side, classed as travelers. they can be guns for hire, assassins, adventurers, traders, brawlers or, those who do not wish to fight.


Character classes :
Gunslinger :
Goblin :
Orc :
Hob-Goblin :
Troll :
Large troll :
Brawler :
Assassin :
Adventurer :
Explorer :
Sailor :
Rebel :


Character Sheet :

Name :

Age :

Class :

Weapon :

Clothes/gear :

Transportation :

Side (Goblin, Troll, Rebel, Undecided) :

What is in backpack (maximum of 25 items, 3 of which may be weapons) :

Personality :)mad::blink::no::hmf::laugh::unsure::(:p) :

Starting Point :

Fort/Castle that you are assigned to defend if any :

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Name : mohamed

Age : 23

Class : assasin baby!

Weapon : scimitar.

Clothes/gear : green hood, green cape, black long shirt and long black pants. green armbands, green assassins long boots.

Transportation : riding horses, hiding in wagons, jumping on buildings, and walking or running.

Side (Goblin, Troll, Rebel, Undecided) : rebel.

What is in backpack (maximum of 25 items, 3 of which may be weapons) :
3 scimitar,3 mace, 8 daggers, throwing knifes, 2 crossbows, arrows, and 3 spears.

Personality :)mad::blink::no::hmf::laugh::unsure::(:p) : personality is friendly with humans, but it's very hard to see it on my face!

Starting Point : on a hill on top of the city where I can see anything.

Fort/Castle that you are assigned to defend if any : I work for My self, I work for everyone. mostly humans because they are in a hard position at the moment.

"So many people I've killed. So many riches I have gathered. But there is something missing in my life, I wonder what it is. I've seen the whole world, I've done so many things that not everyone did But I am still not happy."( mohamed said at sunrise)
"o look what we have here! three goblin wagons with goods in them. Let's see what they have shall we?" then mohamed ran down and stood in the road facing the wagons.
when the wagons got very close to him they stopped," hey stranger! move out of the road or I will eat your guts hahah!" the golbin said who was driving the first wagon.
" I said move it! are you def?"
" what do you have in those wagons!"
" we have some goods for the king! now move or else!"
" what if I did not want to?"
" all right!" the goblin got down from his seat and gathered the other drivers and guards too, which increased their number to 12 goblins. 3 of them charged at him at first but he killed them with his throwing knives. The rest attacked him all at once, but he killed them with two scimitars except for one. " you will never live with what you have done! thy king will have your head!"
" thy king?!?! where is he to protect you now? if you want to live, go back to him and tell him i send my regards"
"o..ok stranger.. I will leave" but when he turned around, Mohamed shot him with a crossbow," I..I thought..( in pain) you said I can leave!"( coming closer to him and whispering to his ear" I lied" then smashed the goblins head with a mace. he went to the back of the first wagon and looked, there were women in it, he looked in the second and third and they had the same," you are free now" he said then he took the horses that the wagons had and went to his cave.
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Name : James

Age : 28

Class : Goblin

Weapon : A Mace and a Revolver

Clothes/gear : Iron Helmet and armor with Steel toed boots and leg guard with a gigantic shield and sword slung across my back on a leather strap ready to be used

Transportation : A horse

Side (Goblin, Troll, Rebel, Undecided) : Goblin

What is in backpack (maximum of 25 items, 3 of which may be weapons) : Small knife, Pistol, and a pack of hand made bombs. Matches, A blanket, A tent, Food and water for 6 months, a bottle of poison, a second set of armor.

Personality : Cruel and ruthless on the outside but has many secrets within

Starting Point : The capitol of the trolls

Fort/Castle that you are assigned to defend if any : none


It was another dreary day in Mirkholm i thought as i slouched out of my cot slowly slipping on my uniform. I walked out the door of my private suite (its was paradise compared to the other bug infested moldy rooms) and called all the other men to post while wondering why they would assign a general on my rank to guard such a rathole. After everyone had slowly stumbled out of bed i called my deputy (Gareth) to my room. "We need to get out of this place, there is no reason the trolls or the humans would sift through all this decay just to gain control of a small outpost, why in blazes do we have to guard this damn place!" "I...I...don't know..sir. Perhaps we ought to leave...." stuttered Gareth. A wicked smile spread across my face as my eyebrows lowered and my eyes positioned themselves into a venomous sneer. "Quite an interesting idea"


Later That Night,

Just as the sun was setting i called everyone into the main room of the outpost and announced that we were leaving tomorrow, and they best pack up. After many groans and objections they finally wen't to do my bidding. I then walked briskly into my suite and Messily threw everything i owned into my pack and pocketed my revolver.

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( FYI: if you want to fnd me to do a nasty job, go out of the city and sit at a rock near the hill and I will come down and make a deal)

Seems like a good day to go down to the city and get some food and drinks. I could start some trouble by assassinating those little ugly goblins for fun.

Mohamed took one of his horses and headed to the city. When he got to the city, he stood on his horse and jumped on one of the buildings then he scanned the area. He saw goblins walking everywhere, merchants selling goods, guards doing their duties and everyone was doing well. He saw a fat goblin guard then he smiled," when I get what I need I will make sure he gets treated well." then he jumped on another building then the next til he got to the fruit shop. He took what he needed and went back ontop of the building, with out getting noticed. He then went back to the place where he saw the fat goblin," hmm, what weapon should I use against him? let's try a spear!" then he threw the spear at the goblin and killed him. guards saw what happened and gathered around the fat goblin, then in place, started looking on top of the building. " wow these guys have to be kidding me" he took out his throwing knives and killed 4 more, then he ran away up to his hill. " I bet the whole city is looking for me, I wonder for how much Em I wanted." while practicing his range and accuracy on a tree.
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