The Fall From Grace

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"Short and broad, something that could be very easily concealed underneath a cloak." Raerrith replied in response to Daniel's query. "Anyone could be hiding it." He said further.
Suddenly, an idea struck him, "Although, what if there's more than one murderer? One could create a diversion whilst the other takes down the target." He thought aloud.


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Oren entered the pub and walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. The landlord brought him a beer and asked "Anything else I can do for you?" the landlord asked.
"Yes," said Oren "I'm looking for a relative of mine, he's new in town and from far north, he's my cousin's son. He might be staying in one of these pubs but I don't know which so have you had any new people in here. I don't know if he travelling in a group or not. My cousin tends not to be that specific when describing her children and where they are staying and I've never met him." Oren finished with a smile. Hopefully that could get him the info he wanted.


The barman
The barman furrowed his brow at Oren's question, "Let me see now, my mind's a bit forgetful when it comes to these things, but, ah, a few gold pieces might refresh it..." The barman smiled.

Inquisitor Shyther
Inquisitor Shyther moved along the stone corridor, his footsteps echoing around the castle, he stopped next to one of the guards, who stood stock still, holding his spear.
"Guardsman, what are the security arrangements for this wall?" He asked.
"Only known persons are allowed in here, and no-one's allowed in here after dark my lord." The guardsman replied fearfully, knowing that the inquisitors had full authority throughout the castle, second only to the king himself.
"Very well, that will do guardsman." Shyther replied, continuing his walk.


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Oren smiled so this was how the barman wanted to play it. Fine Oren would pay, He pulled out three gold pieces and dropped them on the bar. "Would that help?" Oren said. If it didn't he would offer one more and then turn to the regulars taking his money with him.


The barman
"Oh, yes, that'd help." The barman greedily smiled as he scooped up the coins and put them in his pouch. "Now, let me see, have I had any new folk staying in 'ere...Haven't seen no-one. Can't help." The barman smirked, turning to pour a tankard of ale for one of the regulars.


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Oren's smile vanished. "Thank you for the beer." Oren said finishing it. He stood up and left. He walked along the streets casually. He visited several other pubs where he had a beer and listened in on conversations. He heard nothing of importance. He casually wandered through the streets practising following people whilst blending in. Any true master of disguise knows that you don't hide in the shadows and run from shadow to shadow, you blend which is what Oren did. He was waiting until Gabriel had finished his business with whomever he didn't want Oren to see, probably because they would refuse to talk with Oren there so Oren just wandered the streets hoping that some good luck would befall him and he'd get a lead.


(OOC: Please tell me if I did anything wrong. First time using this kind of character sheet for a long time. Also, this character is nothing like Braet's)

Name:Leo Cartbridge (Leo)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Thief/Streetman (Works the streets/Talks to the crooks)
Equipment: Dagger, Short Sword
Appearance: 6ft 6inches. Long black hair (picture Sherlock Holmes's hair), often seen wearing a simple black shirt with a black overcoat. Has several scars earned from his childhood
Bio: Born on the rough streets of the kingdom, Leo learned how to lie his way from poverty to the best education out of the kingdom within two short years. Born as a natural genius, Leo quickly developed the tactic of lying to people on streets in a way for them to give him money because they felt sorry for him. He then used that money to loan it out to some of his childhood friends. He charged triple the amount he gave them, and was paid it, because he was feared by his friends.

After saving up enough coins, Leo bought himself a house in the better part of the city. After working with criminals and merceranies for several years he was offered the opportunity to work as an Inquisitor, for they were in need of a pathological like liar. Also, they needed to fill their ranks after several curious deaths.

PHYSICAL: 3 The core movement abilities of your character

Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2

SOCIAL: 5 How well you character interacts and is perceived by others

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 2

Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 2 (3)

TALENTS: 13 A listing of talents, most are self-explanatory

Alertness: 3
Athletics: 1
Brawl: 1
Dodge: 2
Empathy: 1
Expression: 1
Intimidation: 1
Intuition: 1
Leadership: 3
Streetwise: 4
Subterfuge: 4
Performance: 1


Animal Ken: 1
Crafts: 1
Tracking: 1
Riding: 1 (2)
Shooting: 1
Melee (Small Weapons): 1 (3)
Melee (Large Weapons): 1
Thievery: 3
Stealth: 3
Survival: 1
Discipline: 3

Academics: 5
Herbalist: 1
Enigmas: 1
Trade: 1
Investigation: 2 (3)
Sorcery: 1
Linguistics: 1
Medicine: 1
Occult: 1
Research: 1
Science: 1


'Great to be back here' thought Leo as he stepped from the carriage. Leo had been sent away on a "job" and decided he had done the most he could with the limited time frame he was given. Two weeks to find a thief. It took him two days, but of course, he had some Inquisitor gold to spend so he decided to wait a few days, or make that twelve days.

Leo nodded at the man re-arranging the flowers on his cart. 'Strange that, that man is one of the best conmen in the kingdom, yet he insists on continuing that boring job" pondered Leo as he strolled towards the Inquisitor chambers second entrance, which he never decided to tell everyone else about.
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Daniel nodded in agreement. “Yes, that is a possibility. But, we’ll have to see if we can find anybody who was in the area shortly before the murders, to see if they heard or saw anything that might be a distraction. I know it’s not much, but we might be able to narrow our suspects down if that is true. We should also check for any shops that specialize in short, broad daggers.”


(Mow, you can only have 2 4s on your sheet, so if you could alter that it'd be great)

Raerrith nodded in response to Daniel's statement. "Daniel, take Dist and start interviewing people, I'll go and check the weapons shops." As Raerrith turned to exit the chamber, he saw Inquisitor Leo Cartbridge enter the room. "Hello, Leo, good to see you again! Come with me, I'll fill you in on what's been going on." Raerrith said, greeting Leo.

Inquisitor Shyther.
Smiling, Inquisitor Shyther turned away from the guardsman. "That's interesting, very interesting..." He muttered, before turning bakc ot face the guardsman.
"Go and fetch a retinue of ten guardsmen, meet me outside that door in ten minutes, GO!" He ordered.
Finally, something interesting had cropped up...


(Changed it to fit rules)

"Hello Raerrith" Leo replied smiling as he followed Raerrith. "So, just after I leave something interesting turns up? Typical, just typical"


"Infuriating would be a better word, over the past month, eleven people have been murdered in and around the castle, the first was a few days after you left, the victim was an arms merchant, over the next few weeks, nine noblemen were murdered. and last week, Inquisitor High Mage Nybairn was murdered in the castle keep itself. Our investigations have led us nowhere, Oren and Briccone are hunting around the town, Daniel and Dist should be examining the crimescenes, Shyther is examining security arrangements whilst you and me shall see if we can find which shop sold the dagger that was used in the killings, we're looking for a short, yet broad dagger, something that could be easily concealed underneath a cloak." Raerrith explained, briefing Leo on the recent events.
Raerrith turned and walked inside a small smithy, the clang of metal on metal could be heard coming from the back of the shop as the blacksmith worked.
"Can I help you sirs?" Asked a young man, who was obviously serving as the shopkeeper.
Raerrith examined a brazier, which contained a multitude small metal fixtures.
"Yes, I'm looking for a nice dagger, something small, yet broad." Raerrith asked.
"We don't do weapons 'ere sirs, we mainly do hinges and other small stuff." the young man replied. "Although if yer wanted I could direct yer to someone who does sell daggers."


"That would be very helpful" Leo said as he nodded in thanks to the young man. "So, who would be able to sell us some daggers?"


"You take a left at the next turning sirs, down Tonll street, and it's the first stall on the left down the second alley to the right" Said the boy.
Raerrith turned and walked out of the shop, before following the boy's directions.
"Finally, we might just have a lead." Raerrith said dryly.
Suddenly, as he and Leo turned the corner into Tonll street, a long thin object flew across his line of vision, and with a thunk, embedded itself int the wooden wall next to his head.
Alarmed, Raerrith turned his head, to see that the object was a crossbow bolt.
"Get that bolt as evidence!" Raerrith ordered as he drew his broadsword, and advanced in the direction the bolt came from, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a cloaked and hooded figure standing in the shadows of an alleyway, holding what appeared to be a crossbow.
"GET THAT MAN!" Raerrith roared, shouting at a pair of guardsmen who were standing on the opposite street corner, alarmed, the guards turned and holding their spears aloft, they charged towards the shadowy figure, Raerrith launched into a run.
The hooded figure raised his crossbow, and shot, the bolt embedded itself in one of the guardsman's eyes, with a scream, the man collapsed to the ground, blood spilling out the wound and onto the street.
Bystander's stood silent, watching the drama unfold, the leading guardsman drew near to the figure, and as he did so, the figure turned and fled down the alleyway.

Inquisitor Shyther
Inquisitor Shyther led the group of ten guardsmen out of the castle and down into the down, "Are you sure you have authority to do this sir? High Inquisitor Raerrith hasn't authorised it!" asked one of the guardsmen nervously.
"It is not your place to ask questions peasant." Shyther growled. "But to answer your question,I don't need Raerrith's permission, or anyone's! this is my catch!"


(I tried to use my characters streetwise abilities to the best without OP'ing)

Leo quickly grabbed the quivering bolt and hurriedly placed it in a bag. He then watched as one of the guardsmen fell after being shot in the eye. Leo had known these streets for many years, so as he watched the cloaked figure run away, Leo sprinted further down the street until he reached a thin alleyway, only wide enough for a single person. A flash of black flew past him as he reached the end of the alleyway. Leo attempted to grab the cloak trailing behind the assassin, but instead of catching him he just tore a piece of the fabric and landed awkwardly on the cold stone pavement. "Damn" swore Leo as he rose to his feet. The assassin had vanished from his sight.


(Amazing MoW! You've just done something interesting, that doesn't interfere with my carefully contrived plot! :laugh:, although, that should preferably be dirt, pavements don't exist)

The remaining guardsman and Raerrith turned into the alleyway to see Leo lying face down in the dirt, clutching a scrap of black fabric.
"DAMN!" Raerrith roared, as he kicked a nearby bucket in frustration, they'd let the assassin get away, trying to calm down, he helped Leo get to his feet.
"At least we've got three possible leads now, the dagger, the bolt, and that scrap of fabric, right, let's split up, you see if you can find out anything about the bolt or the fabric, I'll go and deal with the dagger. meet me back in the Green Dragon Inn on Tonll street within the hour, guardsman, stay out there and guard the body of your comrade." Raerrith ordered, finally they'd been searching for a lead for a month, and now three cropped up in a day.


"Fair enough" Leo muttered as he tried desperately to wipe the dirt of his overcoat. "I'll see if any of my people will know about the bolt, though I wouldn't get your hopes up, there are many tailors around here, but I'll try my best"

Leo quickly walked to towards a derelict pub. He checked that nobody was watching him before he pushed the heavy front door open and hop inside. "Tren, I know you're here" Leo shouted as he shut the door and then strolled through the surprisingly well kept hallway towards the stairs. "Leo, my old friend" chimed a chubby, middle-aged man from the top of the stairwell. "What brings you here?"

"This Tren" replied Leo as he held up the bolt. "Would you be able to tell me where I could find who sold this?" "Interesting. Crossbow bolt. Expertly made. Oak wood. Iron head. May I ask you where you found this?" Tren purred as he examined the bolt.

"It has nothing to do with you" responded Leo. "So can you tell me who made this or sold this?" "Of course, of course. This is a Nar for sure. One of the best bolt maker ever to live. Sad that he died years ago. There's a young fellow called Ruben who has selling these" purred Tren as he held the bolt. "Strange chap. Though he's been out of the kingdom for several years by now"


(Mow, this is an OP driven thread, so I handle NPC interaction, although your section is fine, so I'm gonna leave that be, just remember in future though.)

Raerrith followed the boy's instructions and turned down the alleyway, sure enough, on one side of the alley stood a small stall run by a weathered old peasant, a variety of daggers and knives were laid out upon the rotting oak table.
"Care fer a knife sir? I've got some lovely stuff 'ere." The old man wheezed.
"Yes, I'm looking a dagger, short, yet broad." Raerrith stated.
"Would this work fer yer? Pine handled, effective, and only five silver pieces." The peasant wheezed as he pulled out a short, but wide, crude dagger with a pine handle.
"Have you sold any of those lately?" Raerrith inquired.
"A few."
"Who to?"
"Why should I tell you?" The old man wheezed.
"I am High Inquisitor Raerrith, I suggest you tell me before I stick you in jail." Raerrith threatened.
"Sorry sir! Beggin' your pardon! I didn't know sir!" The peasant apologised. "Anyway, I sold one to a young lad, another to a guardsman, and two to some hooded gents, I didn't inquire about their names sir. So I dont' know, anyways, would you like to buy it?"
"No, but here's a tip." Raerrith replied as he tossed a few silver pieces towards the old man.
Raerrith turned and strode out of the alleyway and onto the street.


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(OOC: Tiger, might I inquire if I might just casually happen to spot this hooded figure running down the street? Tiger has now given me permission to do so and so I will.)
Oren kept on walking until he heard sounds of a commotion back at the castle, he heard a shout from far off and he turned and began to move stealthily towards the noise. He saw the a hooded figure coming down an alleyway and saw Leo. He saw Leo fail to capture him and Oren's hand went to his sword, his mind told him to follow this hooded figure though as so Oren did. He slipped through the packed streets heading vaguely after this hooded man.
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Leo thanked Tern for his help and quickly left the building, while narrowly missing a passing horse. Leo followed a path towards the main street, where a widely known tailor had his shop. After several minutes of giving rude gestures to passing carriages and elbowing his way through crowds of peasants, Leo finally reached the front door of the shop. The bell tinkled as the door was opened. He strolled purposely towards the tailor at the corner of the room. "I'm looking for someone to tell me about this" said Leo as he held up the dark piece of fabric.


The Tailor
"Well what have we here then?" the tailor mumbled as he took the piece of cloth from Leo's hand and began squinting at it.
"It's fine cloth, and since it's black, someone rich must own it, black dye costs you see." The tailor said, he looked Leo up and down, seeing that he was dressed in two black garments, the tailor's brows shot up. "Rich, are you? and where did you get this cloth?

The Hooded Figure
The figure wove it's way through the foul-smelling crowds of a street market, treading in excrement as cattle stood dumbly in their pens, waiting to be sold. A peddler stood, trying to sell his varied wares.
the figure brushed passed him, and looked behind. He was being followed, just a few glimpses was enough.
He knew the man was an inquisitor, he didn't know which one, and he didn't care.
He picked up his pace, and as soon as he was out of the street market, he turned into an alleyway and began to run like hell, winding through the endless backpaths, running past *****s and beggars.
Passing the back doorway of an inn, the hooded figure tipped over several barrels to block the Inquisitor's way, before once more launching into a run.
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