The Dump

Below me

Why don´t you guys try fighting us then :)

btw i still have not gotten challanged
arent we supposed to be having a war ?
You know that includes every one not just the builders :ph34r:

Ken McCoy

I havent got challenged yet either lol and weve hardly even bothered with you guys yet... other towns seem to be after you more than us haha

Below me

Others ? Well i only really noticed two yet.
Yours and Bandits and they are allso a dueling town so i suspect they will pay you guys a visit too :)

Them attacking us ! I don´t think thats a problem for anyone we are a dueling town and duel is what we do :ph34r:
The only problem with them is that they are all zeromotivation fighters and are too low level to fight :sad:
I feel left out ! Show a little compassion and attack me too anyone (tumble)


Hey, can we get a little war thread of this going in the main W-Briscoe section??? Sounds fun lolololol:)