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The Dump


Allright time to start reqruiting :razz:
Im going for a pure build in this world and it will be pure EVIL :ph34r:
So are you a trubble maker and do not fit in ?
No problem you will find a home here.

The goal is not to have a town that is first compleated or ranked first
( other than dueling points )

I hope to fill it up with pure fighters who wants the freedom to duel without restrictions.

Dueling workers and sutch is actually recomended
( great way to get wars started )

So i was hoping to fill up the town with nothing but pure fighters and a few builders ( hopfully those builders are soldiers who turn meele fighters later )

We will have NO allies we shall stand on our own legs
NO NAPs no nothing if we can´t make it on our own we do not deserve to exist.

Hopfully we can bully our way into a few forts with the promiss that we might go light on the owners of the fort as a thank you for letting us in to use as bases for long range dueling ( for the free sleep )

Now having sayed all of that you can throw all those rules out the window i am very flexible here in this world and every one of these rules can be discussed and changed to what ever suits the most of our residents
EXEPT there will be NO dueling restricions what so ever.

All fighting builds needed so we are able to strike back at any town that migh challange us.
Zero motivation duelerers : the more the merrier great for dueling points for the town :razz:
Myself : i will be dueling for XP here and try to stay as high up in the duel rankings as possible
( after a short swimming adventure to begin with to get wood and level up a little )

Sorry for the spelling i had too mutch to drink again and i won´t bother editing it lol ( you get my point )

Nugget users and experienced fighters will get in first after a few builders
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Im in top ten former dueler in 2 worlds and leader of hell rising on Arizona. On this world is my pure evil character I would love to join same in game name.


Well it is ment to be a dueling town with lots and lots of enemys but it is possible to create a fortfighter who does ok in duels but you are allways welcome no matter what you are :)


sweet as

I normaly play an Adventurer but this sounds like alot of fun so im willing to join and and give eveything a new hole XD

Edit: When dies it open up?


It opens today,just don't know at what time.Hopefuly soon.:)
Sure,I'll see about the town :)
I'm gunna be a dueler,I had enough of the Adventurers class-xD


is it ment to be called world 14?
Edit: NM its up =D
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Yes-It is called world 14,but you will see,it says Briscoe Countery


im a builder in arizona, where you're ranked #2
nice work, i'll definitely join up with you in this, but im planning on dueling in briscoe


The town will be located near the middle of the map.
It might not be so great to start with but later when good targets are harder to find it is convinient to to be able to travel bothe east and west.

But then its not like we will be sitting around there anyway you all shuld travel around the map and earning your keep :ph34r: