The Duel Showdown

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I also think the towns should have to be a certain size and member count to even attack or get attacked, this would keep it fair for smaller, newer towns to grow and not just be shut down by much bigger towns and alliances.
I specially like this idea.. since 8 duelers are required (at this time).. the town should have at least 8 members
They don't all have to be able to duel.. as alliance & friends can help.. but will set a minimum for a town to be attack-able

On the other side.. if small towns want to be able to duel.. they need to recruit.. better for the game
If they don't want to be attacked.. just make sure your town is smaller than 8 members :D

Its a good idea.. but what say the rest ?

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A few ideas/suggestions

1.For 1Big Chiefs idea on gun control, i don't like it much. Limits the dueler who is supposed to be as tough as possible, and kinda takes away from reflex and toughness duelers.

2.I wouldn't mind it if I was asked when I initiated the duel showdown how many people are going to be allowed (like small, medium and large forts) and if i wanted it to be friendly or foe (so i can have pillow fights and other activities with my town and alliance members)

3.There should be a fee to initiate an attack.

4.This is only a GAME and should be FAIR but in all fairness this dueling showdown and fort fighting is/will be a battle/war and telling your enemy the who,what,when,and where of your attack is just crazy

5.Anyone should be able to join the showdown on either side (to make it easier and funnier for everyone make it just like ffing in the signing up and ranking parts)

6.Still think the attacker should get some kind of town perks, making it more real as if a gang has really road into your town and you have to get them out or you town suffers(no more not defending), and if you cant take the attackers better go out and find some mercs (lonewolfs)

7.Cant wait till this is up and running this showdown thing was a great idea and sounds like a blast and will just add a burst of new players to the game I think once advertised
I enjoy this idea I feel like this is one of the many ideas that should happen in this game in-order to advance it into the next level...but as many has said the idea of destroying the buildings, well I feel that just will never happen if this idea is put into action to much code would go into it. It would be a debating problem as in would the building be fully destroyed or would it go down a lvl and how many ... I do have a question though would there be allowed some sort of defense, not as much as in fort fighting allows but maybe such things as sand bags or walls little things for a little defense bonus for the town defending...on another note the stealing of town bank money I feel it should be a gambling idea as in if a town goes up against another town the attacking town can put up money like black jack or poker however there would be a limit as to how much a certain town can put up.

All in all good idea and i hope to see this in the game or at least one of the ideas the developers may start working on for new things brings more people and more fun

i still am in favor of this idea though i realize now that inno is likely to not go with this but who knows they did get a gaming of the year award so maybe this would be a good idea for the duelers like fort fighting but for duelers, dueling and the comradery is why i originally joined this game. Though now i am a craftsman and supplier on most worlds i play, and yeas i still play very active if i say so myself though im saddened that my favorite world just closed after so long, world 12 forever in my memories.
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Some changes have been made to the first post.. on your suggestions
Please have a look at them & give some feedback ... Thanks ;)
Also let me know of others you think should be in
Remember.. It is up to INNO to say whats In & whats OUT .. as we can only suggest

NOTE: Changes will be in RED text
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Does thread starter want to finish this idea up so I can consider it for a vote?
Let me know.

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Thanks .. I will go through it soon... finalize the 1st post.. remove unwanted stuff by suggestions

I'll post here again when I'm done (today / tomorrow)

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Original Post saved

Ok.. just saving this as the Original post.. so others can see what was left out on 1st post ;)

Duel Showdown... aka... Town Raids... aka... Team Duel Challenges


What I am proposing is a Duel Showdown, where you duel as a team of 8 vs a town.
I believe that this idea could really make the Dueling in The West exciting again, and if it doesn't give the Developers/INNO something to feel positive about enriching the Game & Players, then I don't know what will save the game.

Current Workaround
Only other excitement, I believe is dueling anyone, weak or good, passing time, else Fort Fights.
Dueling needs to be more team played, just like fort fights, with Communication & Tactics to outwit your enemy.

Details (as requested) lol

1 - Who Can Join ?
Almost Anyone ... except members from attacking alliance - Town Founder/Councillors decide who they need by ranking 8 players
If you know your opponents are good duelers, you should be able to request help from outside of your own town, which is attacked
Challenge is open to Anyone - Duelers - Soldiers - Advents - Workers - as long as they can duel they can play
Levels are preferably not discriminated upon, as even a talented level 50 can beat a poor Spec'd level 120 dueler/FF'er
And best.. this will be 1 area where duel level can be ignored (as in FF's) .. but if it is a problem for Developers or for fairness... the duel ratio could be doubled, so that if someone was previously outside your duel range, they could now be duelable in the Duel Challenges
As with Fort Fights, it should cost the attacker a certain amount of money to attack a town.
Should the same town attack more than 1 town, the "Attack Fee" should be increased on every attack

2 - Online Challenge
For best results, for communication of Tactics, onliners are best suited & much more fun for all

3 - Offline Challenge
In case of ones Internet crashing, or player not online or short of onliners, offline is possible - but an offliner will shoot at a random enemy and each only once per round - unless enemy is less than 8 players, then he could hit a player twice in a 8 shot round, should he live that long
The less your opponents, the more shots your side can hit the same player(s)

4 - Duel Chats
Duel Chats can only happen by same side, and used to chat/set who will targets who, discussing tactics
They can as usual chat with their enemy in county chat if they like - boasting ? lol

5 - Duel Rounds
1st round is 8 shots only by 8 players (1 each) - next round will start with previous rounds survivors - 8 Rounds again - till 1 side is KO'd
A Duel Round consists of 8 Shots each per player & total amount rounds played will be determined by how well both sides do
If both sides do well (as with good Dodge, Resistance or fairly good HP Tank dueler builds), then it could be dragged out longer, which is prefered

6 - Duels & Rounds Timer
Each duel single shot has 1 min Timer - x8 Duels per Round (Full Round = 8mins) - Balance of Rounds depends on who survives - Till 1 Side Wins ?
A duel battle could easily last up to 30mins or beyonded

7 - Targeting Players
It should be possible for all 8 on 1 side to target a single player - vice versa - but could be a tactic flaw or good move against pro dueler, and we all know there are some nasty ones :D
If a Dueler can dodge 8 rounds in normal duel.. then he/she can do same here against the other 8 shooting at him at once

8 - Targeting Order
Pick Stance/Aim/Enemy (vice versa) - can view enemy by moving mouse over to see Gear Bonus stats - pick your Target - and to change your Target just click new enemy Target - then wait for the timer to complete.. Bang Bang !!

9 - After Duel Challenge
If survived - You can go to next challenge (min 4 hr gap tho) or immediately to any other Game Aspect, such as FF's & Questing Jobs
If KO'd - You have the option to wait 8 hours to come out of this KO mode - or - you can use new Nugget/Bond Buff to be immediate out KO mode.. which should be a good way poor INNO to make something back

10 - Bonds Reward
Bonds should be rewarded on performance (as in FF's) - Sheriff Stars count could also be a sign of Wins - on player profile

11 - Nuggets / Bonds
Can be used to buy Buffs before a Duel Challenge & also After Duel Challenge (to recover HP or out of KO mode, etc)
Inno can obviously add other ways for Bonds & Nuggets to be used in this Challenge

12 - Duels vs Duel Challenges
Duel Challenges should not have any effects on:
a. A players normal game duel stats or Town Mort -should be kept seperate
b. You cannot collect Bounties from Duel Challenges
c. You should be able to get "5%" of the Towns Bank holdings, and each player gets a portion of that as to his/her own performance

13 - Town Buildings
If in future updates, if Inno decides to add damage to Forts or Towns from Battles or Dueling, this Duel Challenge will be the way in to add damage to the towns
This will certainly keep the Workers busy again, once all Forts are built up again

14 - Report Types

New TAB - Single Challenge Report
Reports should show the guys with most Duel Entries - Most Wins - Most KO's - Most Damage - Highest Single Hits - Most CA$H Earned - etc

New TAB - Month Status LeaderBoards
Reports should show the guys with most Duel Entries - Most Wins - Most KO's - Most Damage - Highest Single Hits - Most CA$H Earned - etc

There should be a Report where it is possible to be able to compare your Alliance vs other Alliances in Duel Challenges

TAB - More Record Info
Most damage by an 8 Shot Round Duel by a Single Player
Most KO's / 8 Shots by 1 Player in 1 Round
Most Hits on a single player by other Players @ once & damage the damage caused
Most Misses on a single player by other Players @ once & least amount of damage recieved

15. Duel Weapon Restrictions
As to make it more fair for all players (high & low)... making duel motivation irrelevant... a gun control should be used
1. If a level 70-120 that has Howdahs initiates a Town Duel challenge.. all can enter with - Any Weapon
2. If a level 50 wants to play too.. but fear being out-classed by (a) Weapon (b) Skill & Attribute Points & (c) much higher level players...
... He has these options to make it somewhat more balanced:
(a) He initiates a battle with a gun to the highest in his permitted range... and sets the "bar".. as no weapon higher can participate
(b) All players right up to level 120 now are required to use same weapon range for level 50's (or lower) - now said level 50 player has a decent chance
(c) The only disadvantage a lower level player has now, is that higher level players have way more Attributes & Skills points in their duel builds
(d) A low level player should also have the ability at the "Duel Dig" time to be able to Wave this right... if not desired/required.

NOTE: Any higher level player can always start his OWN challenge if he does not enjoy this feature for lower levels

16. Duel Challenge Button
A button should be added to the Sheriff's Page of the town being attacked.
You walk to the town you want to attack & click on the Sheriffs page to open & get the blocked picture but now can see a Duel Challenge button
Once initiated here, you also set the Gun restriction - if required by lower level

17. Duel Button Highlighter & Challenge Tab
(a) If someone Initiates a Duel Challenge - The Duel Button should flasf.. just like rest of current system
(b) There should be a new Tab - Duel Challenges - along with Bandits / Players / Tactics (believe this would be right spot
(c) On this tab, it will allow ANYONE else to watch results.. shot by shot... round by round (but not chats)

18. Limiting Towns that can be Attacked
In the interest of smaller towns, it was suggested that maybe a small town could be protected from crazy attackers
I suggest that since the initial idea is that there are 8 players per side (including if in same Alliance or Allied Alliance)...
... the town being attacked MUST have 8 players or more in them in order to be attacked (else can't be attacked)
This could make it favorable
(a) That towns with absolutely no interest in these duel attacks or duelers can escape these attacks
(b) Could help to grow towns.. should players from small to single towns... and get them to form bigger towns

This would mean that if you want to attack in these challenges, your town needs to be 8 or more players as well (same both ways)

Abuse Prevention
None known at this time, but is possible but can be attended to.
In case a dueling town repeatedly wants to attack a certain town & be a menace, just as in fort fights, there should be a cooling time of 48 hours for that town to be attacked again, by any side.

Visual Aids
It took some time to create decent looking images of what it could look like.
I trust Inno will be able to come up with classy looking graphics as always, just hope these assist

This is the General Look & Feel of the Duel Showdown. Toons below should be a lot smaller & taking up less lower part of the screen
It would also be awesome if Inno could have these Toons animated, by selecting a particular reaction, depending on the hit location on the player, or some dust in the ground or damage to building, depending on the miss

1 - Duel Reports for the current rounds can be viewed in the middle, just as you see the damage & misses from Fort Fights

2 - Attackers Block on Right - Attackers Total HP - Top Hits by Attackers in current round

3 - Defenders Block on Right - Defenders Total HP - Top Hits by Defenders in current round

4 - Health Bars - Pink/Red for Attackers - Blue/Green for Defenders

The Mouse Over

Targeting & Scoring Info Dots

When a round of 8 shots is up for everyone, the screen damages & misses could be cleared, and a fresh restart is created,

My view is that this game has died for many, as players come and go all the time.
With this new form of the game, the Real West could be brought back, and dueling in Packs, as where you might fail, others might succeed in beating someone.
Also a good idea is keeping Duelers busy/happy, and normal people who want to just enjoy the questing aspect (many), could be left in peace just a little bit more.. lol

I believe the game will make it more exciting for many, and with happy players, more will stay, and more will hear the good, and join the game too.
More Ching Ching for INNO :)

I will continue in learning a bit more Flash.. and hopefully get a Demo going & share it.
Heck, if Inno won't go with it, I might just complete it :D

Lets hear what you guys think & maybe get a few more Ideas in there
I will keep making changes & can be viewed here on my website assisting The West ==> ;)

NOTE: Posts marked in RED text are changes made through suggestions by others or myself

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes/No
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No


8 - Should be like the fort fights. IF you stay alive, you can go anywhere with the health you had at the end of the fight. If you died you are on your town without energy and health. Easy and it wouldn´t give a massive advantage to the big duelers.

14- The reports are not needed to be on a player tab. Just create a tab for the reports on the defense of each town on the sheriff like the one we have with the forts.

15- Instead of levels or other things to separate, just get something extra on the choice of the attack:
Brawler - 8 attackers - 8 defenders = $20000 . If the attack wins they get $20000 back to there town treasure and $1500 each one alive at the end from the defending town treasure. If the defense wins, they will get $8000 to the town treasure and $1500 for each one alive at the end.

Buster - 10 attackers - 10 defenders =$30000. If the attack wins, they get $30000 back to there town treasure and $2000 to each one alive from the defending town treasure. If the defense wins, they will get $10000 to the town treasure and $2000 for each one alive at the end.

Raid - 15 attackers - 15 defenders =$50000. If the attack wins, they get $50000 back to there town treasure and $2500 to each one alive from the defending town treasure. If the defense wins, they will get $15000 to the town treasure and $2500 for each one alive at the end.

But the attacker can select another option to the attack:
Weapons limited - Howdah, the 4 crafting weapons and Innogames belt cannot be used. (no extra cost)
Normal - All weapons and clothes allowed (extra cost of $5000)

That way it would not be a money grabbing (and upb well) for the duelers.


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I'll try to ask ;)
Unfortunately since 2013 a lot of things has changed also in how the information is shared between devs and us. But asking it doesn't cost anything.

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This is an amazing idea but 14c destroys this entire premise, unfortunately.

It will be the same winners time after time with few exceptions. i've seen it on other games.

The only way they found to combat this is to tax the stats of the winning team for the next duel battle and have them slowly return IF they do not participate in duel battles but even that doesn't fix the problem much. It's still the same winners.