The Dead Savant

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    Harper frowned at Giles as he insisted that it was safe. Nowhere was truly, ever safe, especially somewhere where they knew you had spent a lot of time in, had attachments in. But before she could disabuse him of that notion, he mentioned this... Toby again. And suddenly things made more sense. Precogs were... Always an interesting bunch. Sometimes varied, sometimes useless, but in this case apparently quite helpful. Apparently Toby's... feelings had yet to leave them astray. Not the same as saying that he's infallible, but definitely someone useful to have around. He had apparently only been living with Rach (whoever she was) for a week, the rest of the time was... somewhere else, rougher than a friend's house. Streets then, if she had a good guess. Wasn't hard for someone working illegal or irregular work to end up there and Giles had made no mention of a job at all. So either something he didn't want to remember or something illegal. Either way, almost certainly streets. Which was... Irritating to say the least. Streets suck. But apparently Rach convinced him to move, he met Toby, and everything was sunshine and rainbows and safety, so long as they got out of there yesterday. Harper didn't want to tear him a new one, she really didn't, she felt so nice and pampered, but... "wait for it all to blow over"?

    "Never. Ever. Assume it will blow over," she said, voice quiet. "I've heard that too many times, from musicians, refugees, women with black eyes... and it never came true. Nothing ever just blows over. So whatever plan we decide on, we plan for a long haul stormy weather. We need to think long term. We make backup plans. And backups for those backup plans. I don't like staying here, but we have to think about that just as much as hiding out in Colorado and..." Harper winced. This was going to suck. "This is probably the safest place for us long term." The words didn't come out through gritted teeth, but there was more than a little bit of growl in there. Okay, deep breath, band-aid was off. "Next best plan is probably to stay with Rach, but that isn't long term. Hiding out in someone's home can only last for so long, even if that person is prepared. So unless you plan for us to get a snug, quiet little place and find some way to stay fed, staying with Rach is a short term solution at best." And a trap at worst. Not that she was going to tell him that.
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    The flat refusal of his suggestion caught Giles flat-footed. Sure, survival instinct was clashing a little with his personal desires, but even so, it'd worked for a week already. But Harper was under the impression it wouldn't blow over quick, or rather, she didn't want to make the assumption. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, he had to agree that Rachel's place probably wouldn't hold up under a ton of scrutiny. He didn't doubt his friends had been checked over once already, but a major scare could have the BYOB make another round. The shapeshifter's personal plan though..."H-Harper. Here? Are you sure?" The former aristocrat mostly succeeded in keeping the incredulity out of his voice. "Here is just as bad as where the other base was...same people running the show, or at least I'd assume so from how Ashley's talking. The same people who let us walk into that death trap. Th-the same people who..." he needed to calm down, he knew it, he was straying too close to memories he didn't want to unpack. Towards that end, he tried taking a couple deep breaths, but that had never been a great solution for him. No, he calmed down by being active, and there was nothing to be active with in here. Well, except for the woman across from him, but in her current state, he couldn't even really think about that. "Ugh. You. I know you have a lot more experience with this than I do. Hell, I had no real business being brought on the original assignment. They brought me on to make sure he didn't complete his collection. This. I'm not used to this. I want to run, hide, get out of the way of anything that could happen, and all I can think of if we stay is either we get dragged into another suicide mission or they figure out where this friggen base is because of this extra special attack they're planning.

    "But. But." Giles sighed, a lot of the fight leaving him. "I trust you. If you think we'd be safer here than at Rachel's, I'll trust you. My instincts tell me to run,'s a long way back from here, and if anyone recognizes me, that's it." He moved over to a chair and slumped into it. "Had a few scares already. Wore as thick of a beard as I could stand and still I think people recognized me sometimes, from my pictures. Kinda friggen hard to hide when your face is plastered everywhere as one of the friggen "instigators", and the only one supposedly not captured...or dead. They friggen disowned me, but the world doesn't care. Been...really, really scared, these last few months." He sighed. "I'll stay. Can't claim I'll sleep well, but what's new about that, really?" There wasn't anything for it, he wasn't going to leave Harper. Not today, not anytime soon. He could tell when a fight was hopeless, and this was one he could only win by conceding. Kinda like this whole war. Stay out of it, stay out of sight, and don't let anything you do draw the attention of the YMCA or him. If staying here is what Harper thought would give them the best chance of doing that, he wasn't going to argue it. He just hoped she was right.
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    Dante would hear Tonya out as she outlined Ashley's plan, though that was only because she had asked him to as anyone else trying that stunt would have found themselves being over ridden so that Dante could voice his displeasure. As she came to the end of her explanation Dante would give a weary sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose "so...let me get this straight, you want to go into the headquarters of the DSRP along with a known traitor and a woman who can barely stand unaided, using a plan and intel given to you by someone who is responsible for more failed missions than Wiley Coyote...Tonya I love you but that's that the stupidest plan I've ever heard!" he said, unable to find a single element of "the plan", if it could even be called that, that he liked with the only way it could be made worse was if they were to phone the DSRP in advanced to let them know they were coming "Look Tonya, I know you feel responsible for all this and you want to even things out, but I'm not going to let you risk your life on a moronic plan like that!" he continued hoping that she would see reason and work with him, if only to find a better plan than the one they currently had, though he would sooner she didn't go at all.