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The Cleaner

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Fed up with people telling you what you can and cannot do in this world? Bored of the politics with fort battles? I AM!
I have set up a town...The Cleaner....here we will do as we wish, duel who we want to and when we want. Guns for hire!
If you wish to play this game with a different edge the pm me in game and join my town. There are no rules in this town. You do as you want.

Before the venom starts back....I will not post on here as those that choose to put me down are the very people who made me turn away.....

This town is till open for members, if you fancy playing the game without the politics ten ask to join, everyone welcome.
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You realize this concept is already in place? AKA The Shadow City...you are bit late to be creating such a town :(. Should have just joined us haha.



There is 1 rule in TSC, the rule is : Huzzah is the most awesome person ever!


Please do not spam/sabotage another town's recruiting thread.