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The Canaries

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James Cassidy
James struggled to keep his face neutral, it was so hard to believe that after all this time they had finally come to rescue him. "I am not a hundred percent sure on all the details, but from what I can gather the original PARS templates that were being used to create the clones were too unstable so they reverted to an older template, something to do with some project back in the lates 1980's anyway they created teh first master copy which then promptly led the rest in a revolt" teh memories of teh early gun battles still haunted him, they hadn't always been mindless savages initially they had been highly intelligent beings but the degeneration had become increasingly rapid.
"Also your right about them not being miners, we were designing soldiers the next generation of G.I's (Genetic Infantry) we never stood a chance they killed all who opposed them and took the rest captive" James decided not omit that as the pace of degeneration increased that these hapless souls became there main food source, he could still hear the screaming at night.
"You better show me to your ship before they regroup and attack in force ....By the way i have a radio so you can contact the rest of your friends"

Dmitri smiled at Mikro's comment "Trust me the connection on this ship is fast however the black box is very big and my flash drive is very small" there was a loud bang as something heavy struck the door, time to go.
Removing the flash drive Dmitri watched as Mikros climbed within the ventilation system, Tapping a few keys on the console before him Dmitri waited for the low hum of the fans to stop before following him, the banging on the door was becoming more forcefull and despite teh doors sturdy construction he could see the door buckling under the relentless onslaught.
Dropping the carbine Dmitri climbed into the cramped confines of the vent thankfull that he had lost the bulky weapon, even if it meant he was down to using his Skorpion "PARS give us thirty seconds to clear the vents entrance then follow us, Mikros you lead the way" and lets hope we don't meet any unexpected guest whilst we're up here.
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Lord Regal

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Machiavelli absorbed the information with an expressionless face. His suspicions had been correct about this place...the mining excuse was nothing more than a front. One thing was clear...it was time to go. Accepting the radio with a nod, Machiavelli turned it to the agreed frequency of the group and spoke.

"This is Machiavelli. I apologize for the long time between this message and my last. My old radio fell into the lava in the volcanic lab when I was attacked. I have located a surviving crewman, and from what he told me there is unlikely to be anyone else alive here besides us, and we should leave ASAP. I'm ordering all surviving members of the team back to the control room. I'll have each of you debrief the team as a whole, then we'll get out. Things are far too dangerous here. Avoid the breeding grounds as much as possible...the creatures seem reluctant to go too far outside their environment. I'll see you all at the control room."

Machiavelli turned to James. "Ok, let's get moving...the faster we get out of this area the more likely those creatures will stop getting after us."


James Cassidy
Once the hastily erected barricade James had left was torn down, they proceeded down the dark corridors of the maintenance level. Running as fast he could James dodged his way around crates of long forgotten parts and the low hanging pipes "If I am right in thinking that you used the main airlock then we should arrive in about ten minutes" James called over his shoulder.
Setting a brisk pace they arrived at the hatch in no time, still panting heavily from the exertion James hauled open the door only to slam it shut quickly "Oh hell...They've beaten us to it" James proceeded to explain that between them and the airlock stood about ten of the clones with the remains of two eviscerated Canaries at their feet.

Dmitri crawled down the long narrow vent, with the fans turned off the place was quickly turning into an oven.
A metallic bang came from behind, rolling onto his back he pointed the machine pistol into the oppressing darkness, earlier he had heard the chattering of small arms but he had no idea whether PARS was behind or not.
Out of the darkness came a faint crackly voice, it was Machiavelli it seemed that he was still alive after all. Depressing the transmit button Dmitri proceeded to reply "Ships black box downloaded successfully confirm mission abort?"


PARS nodded as Dmitri ordered her to hold the room turning to face the door as it was again slammed by one of the clones. She rolled her shoulders, and tipped her head slowly from shoulder to shoulder, audibly cracking the joints in her neck. Her body shuddered, as the door was finally battered down. With triumphant screams the clones rushed in. They were not all that different looking than PARS herself. They were naked, and their arms were elongated slightly more than average and ended with long talons. PARS calmly raised her sidearm and fired into the rushing crowd of clones, dropping several, until her sidearm ran out of ammunition. She had no time to reload a fresh magazine before the clones were upon her. She swung her sidearm in a vicious swipe, and clubbed another clone in the temple sending it reeling to the floor.

She holstered her sidearm, and drew her two hawks. She swung them quickly, aiming more at the limbs scrabbling at her body armor than any manner of killing blow, which she knew would rob her of recovery time. The clones fell like wheat to a scythe clutching at massive wounds to their arms and legs. The remaining clones backed up slightly, as they took stock of their adversary. PARS watched them with her black eyes, as her chest heaved to regain oxygen. She slung her hawks, stooped down and grabbed the ankles of one of the deceased clones. The others rushed in at her, as she stood, and spun in a circle using the body like a large mattock. The body slammed into the incoming clones and she released it, using its weight and her momentum to toss the screeching creatures into the far wall, where they became entangled in a mass of body and limbs.

PARS leapt upward, grabbed the edge of the access Dmitri had made, curled herself into a ball and slid feet first into the duct system. She began shimmying backward along the duct, not stopping as she dropped her empty magazine and reloaded her pistol. She fired each time the light at the entrance to the ducts darkened as one of the clones attempted to gain access to give chase.

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Machiavelli cursed when he saw the new challenge, then, oddly, smiled. He pulled out a package that obviously hadn't been opened recently. "I've been waiting for a chance to use these..." he opened the pack and drew out a timed bomb. He set the timer for 5 seconds then threw it in the room, closing the door. 5 seconds later there was an explosion and several screams. Upon opening the hatch again, it was clear that the clones had stupidly surrounded the unknown object when it had gone off. Still smiling, though now with an added sense of coldness, Machiavelli asked, "Are we getting out of here or what?"

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James Cassidy
"Yeah I don't want to spend a minute longer than i have to" James replied, Darting through the door into the corridor.
Pausing to deliver the Coup de Gras to the twitching remains of a clone, even its death throes it had still been crawling towards them, leaving a bloody trail in its wake.
Entering the airlock James set about preparing it for the shuttle, it would be arriving soon he was sure of it, finally he'd be able to leave this ship and its demented, blood thirsty inhabitants.

Dmitri was lost or at least he thought he was lost. He'd seen neither PARS or Mikros since entering the duct, although the sounds of the fire fight behind him had died down before stopping completly.
Up ahead he could see a square of light on the ducts roof, a grille finally he could get out of this suffocating box, smashing the butt of his gun down onto the grille he watched with satisfaction as it crashed to the floor below him, before dropping through after it.

The corridor was thankfully deserted but he doubted it would be for long, running as fast as his fatigued legs could manage he came upon the mangled remains of several clones no doubt Machiavelli's handywork he'd seen him pack the bombs whilst they were still on the shuttle, although that now seemed so very long ago.

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Machiavelli and James made it to the room that the airlock was connected to. Machiavelli quickly secured the room and was just about to close the door when Dmitri burst through. Closing the door and securing it, Machiavelli walked over to Dmitri, patting him on the back to help him get his breath back. "So...someone else made it out alive. Where are PARS and Mikros?" While waiting for an answer, Machiavelli looked out the airlock window. No sign of the ship yet, but it'd be there soon...if any other survivors made it he'd let them in the room...but he sure wasn't going to wait after the ship arrived...plus he'd put a tiny tracker on Dmitri's neck...the one "misdirected" pat was the result of that...Dmitri wouldn't feel it due to the pat he had received at the time of the plant and it was waterproof...just in case this WAS the Dmitri who had put him behind bars.


PARS dropped out of the ventilation shaft a few minutes after Dmitri. She had successfully traversed the ventilation system, but the ragged, bloodied sleeve of her right arm was fair indication that she did not do so unscathed. She proceeded down the corridor toward the airlock, ignoring the injury to her arm, as she drew back the slide of her empty pistol, pressed the release mechanism, and allowed the slide to drop forward before holstering it. She pulled the MP5SD3 magazine with the last remaining shots from the webbing of her suit and inserted it into her sub-gun. She re-slung the sub-gun across her chest and continued walking toward the airlock access point. She paused, frowned and looked over her shoulder at an empty corridor. She narrowed her eyes, stopped breathing and consciously slowed her raging heartbeat to listen to her surroundings.

She pulled one of her hawks in her left hand and snugged up against one of the bulkheads and waited. She heard the slight scratching of one of the clone's claws on the metal of the ventilation shaft as it crawled quietly to the vent cover near her feet. She pulled one of her grenades out, bit onto the split pin ring, and jerked it out of the bouchon assembly. She held the lever tightly to the grenade within her bloody right hand to prevent it from arming prematurely as she raised her hawk slowly. The vent cover burst forward, and at the same second PARS sliced the hawk downward. The clone inside shrieked as it lost fingers to her blade. PARS spun away from the bulkhead to face the opening, and swung her other arm in an underhand throw and banked the grenade into the duct system. She turned and ran, as she allowed her heart and breathing to return to normal unconscious workings. She lowered her head, and hunched her shoulders as the grenade detonated within the duct system, and concussion reverbrated throughout the corridor.

She shook her head, and slapped the side of her helmet a few times to fight off the wave of dizziness that threatened to overcome her. She stopped at the airlock, turned and faced the corridor, as she unslung her sub-gun and leveled it for firing if needed. She kicked the airlock door twice, and then once as she murmured, "This PARS requests access", to nobody as she remained vigilant of the corridor.


Dmitri stared out of the airlocks porthole willing the shuttle to arrive, although he assumed that someone had called for it to come they'd had yet to see any sign of it.
The metal door banged loudly causing Dmitri to jump his nerves were still wound up tight from his flight through the ducting.
Approaching the door the with care he opened the door a fraction, both Machiavelli and James stood with weapons poised should it prove to be a trick.
However upon seeing PARS Dmitri let out a sigh of relief opening the door fully to allow her entry "Good to see you made it PARS any sign of the others?"



Washington DC
The knock on the door was quiet but Jack heard it all the same "Enter" he called curtly fully expecting another mound of paperwork to arrive. "You seem to be in a better mood I take it the Pandora crisis has been sorted?" Jack smiled at his colleague "You better believe Chris...the navy blew the damn thing into atoms two o'clock this morning" "Any survivors?" Jack sifted thorugh the piles of paper until he finally found what he was looking for "yes four, Xiomar Machiavelli, Dmitri Orlov, a PARS Unit and one of the Pandora's crew" Chris looked up in shock at the mention of the names "What the hell are Orlov and Machiavelli doing on the same team? I am suprised they didn't kill each other" Jack laughed quietly at his colleagues response "I know, someone cocked up big time there...Anyway Machiavelli's been released and Orlov's been relocated elsewhere so he should be safe enough"
The fluorescent lights overhead buzzed in the ensuing silence, Chris cleared his throat before plunging on "So were Zircog involved?" "From what the recovered data says, Yeah they were involved seems they managed to acquire the project Ghost files if they hadn't caused enough trouble already" "What are we going to do about it Jack?" Jack sighed deeply, he was feeling old he didn't need all this tension or mess "I don't know Chris...I just don't know" the two agents sat in silence comptemplating what was to be done, and having absolutley no idea.

A Ukrainian Prison
They had released Machiavelli. Dmitri watched the news report on the small portable TV with growing fury. The man had tortured and killed his Natasha, killed thousands yet he was allowed to walk free whilst Dmitri rotted in this freezing hell hole.
The bolt on his door was shot open as two large guards walked in, a bright yellow jumpsuit was thrown onto his bed unceremoniously "Canary duty, you have twenty minutes" the door was closed just as quickly as it had been opened.
Dmitri sighed wearily as he changed into the jumpsuit wondering to which living hell they'd send him this time, he'd only tried to do the right thing.
Dmitri smiled to himsefl in the TV's reflection, well he was a patient man he could wait. Don't worry Natasha vengence will be mine

Washington DC
"For god's sake" Jeremy swore slamming the phone down on yet another journalist "Hal see if you can drag up an address for that Cassidy fellow the damn press won't leave me alone"
Hal a small man in glasses opened up the ships log, how the press had gotten wind of James Cassidy's existance was beyond him as far as the world was concerned the Pandora's reactor had blown killing all on board.
Trawling through the list of dead names Hal became increasingly worried "Jeremy...What did you say that guys name was?" "James Cassidy as in the Butch Cassidy" an icy pit formed in Hal's stomach "Jeremy we need to call the Bureau theres no Cassidy James or otherwise on this ship" Jeremey practically ran to Hal's desk his large gut wobbling with each stride. Between them they checked the ships manifest but to no avail "If theres no Cassidy on that ship...Who the hell did we just release?"

Somewhere in America
James sat on the bench, sunlight shining down upon him, yes this was much better than the lab where he'd been born or created if you will.
Getting up from his seat James strolled off towards town and the new life that awaited him.