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NPC Script

It watched the strange yellow clad humans cross the desert with mild distaste, they were weak and feeble in it eyes and there for must be destroyed...the Master commanded so.
With lightning speed it leapt between the Dunes and Mesa's completely unseen, its thick skin camoflaging it perfectly.
Climbing down into one of the nearby mine shafts it awaited its prey to approach with infinite patience. Below it could feel the warming caress of the radiation, it closed its eyes with the pleasure it brought, the thought of warm flesh and blood making it salivate in anticipation.

Marcus Cobb, before is incarceration had been a mercenary. He had raped and murdered his way long the african coast for the best part of a decade before they had finally caught him.
He had been in deserts before and so had jumped at the chance in assisting the Assassin. He was amazed at how real it all felt, right down to the dryness of the air and the sand in his boots. He watched as the assassin started heading for the doors, completly missing the mines shafts in the centre. "I'll check the mines then shall I?" he shouted across the sand to John in irritation.
Gazing down the nearest shaft, he wasn't prepared or even suspected what he would find waiting for him just below the lip. Two strong calloused hands wrapped around his head, his blood curdling scream echoed across the desert as he was dragged into the darkness.

"I'm afraid I didn't catch your name earlier..." Dmitri paused momentarily in the doorway "My name is Dmitri Archenko, its a pleasure to meet you" the lie came easy it had to if he was going to convince a man like Machiavelli.
He was suspected, of that much Dmitri was certain but did he actually know who he really was after all before today they had never met. Dmitri considerd this as he followed the stalking clone down the corridor they walked the best part of a mile already and Dmitri was longing for the monorail up ahead so he could rest his legs. The emergency lights finally starting to kick in, blinking on and off in an attempt to warm up sufficiently.
However another thing bugged him, was the clone working for Machiavelli? he'd seen them talking together. No. The clone was merely obeying her commanding officer nothing more, nothing less. Well two can play that game he thought to himself with a smile.
"PARS, My name is Colonel Dmitri Orlov of the Russian FSB and therefore outrank Xiomar Machiavelli, and so all orders issued by myself supercede those of Xiomar Machiavelli" His voice was firm and authorative like that of a commanding officer "You will Obey my Orders, is that affirmative?" Dmitri anxiously awaited the clones response.
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After sending the rest of the team out on their jobs, Machiavelli realized no one had gone to fix the generator. The pilot seemed to think the engines and the generator were related, but there was no way the engines would run without the main generator working...the backup only had 11 hours of power left, and could only power the small things. If they were to get anywhere, they would need the main power up and running. Scanning the map he realized the generator room wasn't very far at all...he could easily make it in ten minutes. Deciding it was worth the risk of no one monitoring the cameras, he left immediately.

While he walked, he thought about Dimitri...Archenko, his last name had been. Sadly the name Dimitri was fairly common in Russia, so there was a probability that this was not the man who had gotten him incarcerated. However...he would need to look into Dimitri when he got out of prison...signing on to the Canaries had shortened his sentence from 10 years to 2 years, and although this was his first mission, it would be his last...he had not been called on during the rest of his incarceration. Once he got out it would be simple to get his organization up and running again, and then things could continue as before.

Machiavelli reached the generator room without an issue. The room was dark, but light was still present in the form of a computer terminal. Walking up he saw it was a simple terminal, with two buttons...on or off. This meant that someone...or...something...had deliberately turned it off at some point. Machiavelli pressed the on button, then immediately spun around and pointed his M14 at...the door. As the lights turned on as the generator started up, it became obvious there was nothing there. Still...something was definitely wrong here. Machiavelli left and rapidly returned to the command center.

Upon returning, Machiavelli sat down and panned through the cameras. one was there. He scanned through again and only saw John alone in the desert environmental area, Mikros still messing around in the engines, Viktor wandering around at random...that was it. Where were everyone else? He then realized he had overlooked the elevator and lift cameras. However, only one had any movement...Dimitri and PARS were in the lift Dimitri had pointed out earlier. At that moment, Dimitri looked up at the camera, and Machiavelli froze the screen. He pulled out a camera he had concealed as one of his explosives. A rule of thumb he had was never go anywhere without a camera, as you never knew when you would want to remember details of something later. He took a couple pictures of the he could run background checks on Dimitri when he got out of prison. Smiling, he put the camera away and leaned toward the intercom.

"Attention to all members of the Canaries and the pilot. This is Machiavelli. I can only confirm the locations of Dimitri, PARS, John, Viktor, and the pilot that is currently in the engine room of this vessel. All other surviving members need to find an intercom system and get in touch with me. I also need to be informed of any casualties, be they members of the Canaries or workers here on the ship. I also am adding an additional warning. The main generator was deliberately turned off. Something sentient is on this ship, and it wanted the generator off. Be careful."

(I put Viktor where he is because Rawdog hasn't said anything since his bio. If he still wants to be part of the RP, he's free to pick where he's going, say he got lost for a bit, then get there. Just thinking ahead :))


PARS paused in her advance as Dmitri addressed her. She remained still for several moments, and then her body shuddered as her head snapped to the left in a quick spasm. She kept her sub-gun facing down the corridor as she turned her head slightly in order to regard the man behind her. She stood motionless a few moments, and then reached up with her right hand to switch off her comm-link.

She murmured, "This PARS has been contemplating your termination. There are no known squad members classified as Dmitri Archenko. This PARS is aware of Dmitri Orlov, and recognizes his classification and authority. While confused by his previous subterfuge, it is the understanding of this PARS that the orders of Dmitri Orlov will super-cede those of Xiomar Machiavelli. Oorah sir."

She watched Dmitri a few moments longer, before retuning her attention forward. She hunched her shoulders and pressed the butt of her sub-gun more tightly against her chest as she reached up to re-establish her comm-link before murmuring, "PARS advancing on first T junction. No contact to report." She began to move swiftly forward in the same manner she had been. She paused short of the T-junction, and hunkered down for Dmitri to catch up to her. She touched her right index finger to her bloodless lips, and closed her black eyes. She remained motionless, not even breathing for several minutes, before she opened her eyes again and took a slow steady breath.

She leaned toward Dmitri and whispered at a level that was barely audible, "The next stage of our objective is one hundred meters down the left corridor. There is something I can't identify by sound, but it is not mechanical in nature." She slung her sub-gun soundlessly, and swung it up onto her back and she rolled into a prone position. She drew her P229 and activated her night vision goggles before pulling them down over her eyes. She began to crawl with deliberate slowness up toward the junction. She jerked her head up as several mechanics began to whir, and she lifted the goggles from her eyes just as ambient light began to flicker on around the corridor.

She opened her eyes and looked to the corridor and frowned. She looked over her shoulder in the opposite corridor and then deactivated her goggles. She holstered her pistol and stood up slowly as she pulled her sub-gun back in front of herself and looked at Dmitri with a great deal of displeasure evident on her face as Machiavelli's message was relayed. She looked up at the brightening lights in the corridor and blinked several times. She murmured, "This PARS believes it was poor tactics to illuminate the corridors prior to knowing enemy concentration, positioning, and purpose. All element of surprise now belongs to any entrenched adversaries."

She looked at Dmitri again and murmured, "Advantage. Lifts should be in operation. Shortest distance to rail system will be through utilization of lift system. This PARS recalls access point thirty meters down this corridor." She turned, rolled her shoulders a few times, and pressed the butt of her sub-gun against her chest. She advanced down the corridor, punched the access button and hunkered as the lift motors kicked into operation. Her head swiveled back and forth watching both directions in the corridor, and she entered the lift after Dmitri. She pushed a deck three levels up and nestled the sub-gun in the crook of her right elbow as they ascended.
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(OOC: Just to let you that in addition to the players there are sevral NPC Canaries wandering around also)

NPC Script
Jesus Mendez strolled down the now brightly lit corridor, his UZI 9mm nestled in the crook of his arm. He'd long ago lost sight of the Pilot who had got into a lift and headed down to the generator room, he was all alone.
Leaning up against a nearby wall the ex-drug lord set about rolling a cigarette, there was no way in hell he was going to risk his life, safer to stay right here until it was all over....

The sudden appearance of light from the once dead bulbs had dazzled it forcing it to abandon its attack on the two up ahead. It had slunk back into the vent, where it was safe and dark.
The acrid smell of smoke hit its sensitive nostril's, racing along the extensive duct system it soon found the source.
Far below it stood the man, what was he doing here? had they not killed them all? had the Master not told them this? well this one would die also.
Sliding the grille aside it slowly lowered itself down until it was hanging just above its prey's head, it smelled so good it hadn't eaten flesh in days....

Jesus listened to Machiavelli's radio transmission, the arrogant fool. Once he was out he would make sure that man suffered. Pressing the Transmit button Jesus started his reply "This is Jesus i am in the south -west..." two hands grabbed him under the arms and hoisted him into the air, his cries of shock quickly turned to screams as teeth tore into his neck, the UZI fell to the floor with a clatter. For Jesus it was mercifully short however for those tuned into his frequency it lasted for an eternity...
Dmitri watched the small safety film in the lift with mild amusement, only an American would think to create this he thought as the lift doors opened onto the monorail station.
The station was a long tube-like structure with a platform running along one side. The train itself ran around the track in a infinite loop, automatically stopping whenever a platform apeared.
Making himself comfortable on a nearby bench Dmitri sat and waited for its arrival he glanced over at PARS who was restlessy patrolling the platform "You may stand easy soldier, the train won't be here for another ten minutes" he'd apologised about lying to the clone and explained how he believed Machiavelli wished him harm.
Dmitri sighed deeply they'd been aboard for just under two hours now and so far nothing had happened not that he'd had any contact from Machiavelli for a while.
The train slowly rolled up to the platform, its electric motor whining as it slowed to a halt. Getting up off the bench he climbed aboard. Next stop the jungel lab.
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Machiavelli heard the man...Jesus, his name was, scream over the intercom, but couldn't find him on the cameras...of course he would die where there was no camera...having a camera would be convenient. Muttering in frustration, Machiavelli continued monitoring the cameras until the screen started sparking. Machiavelli watched in horror as the entire system simply overloaded and died. He tried the intercom system...nothing. He had lost his command booth's usefulness. "All right then..." he said to himself. "Let's check out that Volcanic lab...have to do something useful or everyone else will be angry with me...and among criminals, that could easily be deadly." He grabbed the map and folded it up, slipping it into his shirt's back pocket, where it would be safe. He then left a note for anyone who came back here. It said,

Entire system stopped working. Going to check volcanic lab. Upon return, leave info you collected on lab you checked along with any notes on survivors, then go to another lab. Cross off the name as you head toward them.


Xiomar Machiavelli.

With that, Machiavelli took off for the volcanic lab.

(Some shirts, vests, etc have a back pocket that spans pretty much the entire width/length of the back of the article of clothing. That is what I'm describing here.)


PARS looked down the dark tunnel the train had ascended from. She frowned and climbed into the enclosed car. She walked into the car after Dmitri and looked around for the control system. As Dmitri punched the button to head toward their objective, she glanced over his shoulder. She slung her MP5SD3 over her chest, and drew one of her 'Hawks'. She moved along the car and smashed each of the overhanging lights, ultimately darkening the entire car.

She returned the "Hawk" to its place, and unslung her MP5SD3. She returned to Dmitri's side and murmured, "Backlighting...", as an explanation for her behavior when she noted the man staring at her strangely. She lowered and activated her night vision goggles. She looked along the tunnel. She tapped Dmitri and pointed down the tunnel. "Contact. Two O'Clock, at three hundred meters." She pressed the butt of her MP5SD3 against her chest and raised it toward what she'd seen as the car continued to move down the rail.

As they closed in on what she'd seen, it became apparent it was deceased, by the smell. She pushed the stop button, and searched the surrounding tunnel carefully. She then climbed out of the car, hopped down onto the raw rocky surface and approached the body warily. She stood next to it, studying it, before crouching down. She rolled it over and plucked a bloody ID badge from it. She turned and flipped it over to Dmitri as she announced, "Deceased. Male human." She nodded toward its midsection. "Eviscerated." She climbed back onto the car and rejoined Dmitri.


NPC Script
Tired and disorientated he wandered around the generator housing, he was sick he knew that much. his body convulsed as he atempted to cough up one of his lungs or at least so it seemed to him.
He stumbled on for a few more steps before finally collapsing onto the cold metal floor. Through his failing vision he could just make out a man in the distance, his first instinct was to hide but then he realised that the man was wearing some kind of space suit, he wasn't one of them. "Help me Please...I am one of the crew" he croaked before blacking out.
Dmitri knelt down beside the body the stench of putrification was enough to tell him that this man had died a long time ago, he could feel the poor quality prison food he'd eaten start to double back on him. Whatever had killed this man was clearly more powerful and far deadlier than they had initially thought.
It was whilst he was gingerly checking the mans pockets that he found the mans key card and several sets of teeth marks. "PARS I say we get off and make our way to the station on foot, the trains going to attract too much attention, and i don't want to meet the same thing they did" standing back up from the trains grimey bloodstained floor Dmitri headed towards the other end of the train only to stop suddenly. There was another pair of bodies, they were eviscerated like the other but what was worse was that in the distance he could see someting moving in the darkness of the tunnel. "PARS, I think we have company...Up ahead in the tunnel" he whispered to the clone as he pointed out what he had seen. Pushing down the transmit button Dmitri cycled through the frequencies until he found Machiavelli's "Machiavelli? PARS and I have found bodies in the monorail and they're not pretty also we have a potential hostile in the vicinity. Will proceed with caution. over an out
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(Occ:Waiting for a nice little piece for me to jump in at)

Viktor walk with caution around the gore and heard a noise. He went to the noise and was about to go around the corner when he saw Dmitri and PARS. " Mind filling me in on what in gods name is going on down here?" " I think my radio has gone to crap."


PARS found it agreeable to walk, as she disliked the noise of the machinery of the car messing with her sensitive hearing. She heard the warning given by Dmitri, had her sub-gun raised and zeroed in on the approaching being, and then lowered it slightly as she recognized Victor approaching. She looked at Dmitri and murmured, "Victor Seger. Current status, comrade. No target." She raised her sub-gun once more and swept the tunnel, looking and listening for hostiles, while Dmitri updated the new addition to their firing team.

As Dmitri explained things, her head jerked up to the side as small pebbles cascaded down the wall of the tunnel. She dove into the two men, bodily knocking them all down into a heap on the tunnel floor as a large black cat leapt through the space they had been occupying moments before. She rolled onto her side, as the cat dug its talons into the tunnel floor and whipped around for another leap. She flicked a switch on her MP5SD3 and fired two suppressed volleys into the cat, zippering the six bullets up its chest and into its maw. The cat growled and toppled over onto its side. PARS was immediately on her feet, hunkered down and scanning the area for any other threats. She lowered her sub-gun slightly and looked at the two men, and then the cat. She murmured, "Hostile eliminated." She exchanged magazines in her sub-gun and began loading loose rounds to re-fill the magazine that had been utilized, before returning it to her chest webbing.


Dmitri stared at the sleek, black fured body of the big cat, they had been lucky, If PARS had not shot it then they could very easily be pushing their intestines back in at this point in time. "Must have escaped from the jungle lab" Dmitri comented more to himself than anybody else "Lets get moving I don't like this tunnel, it'd be all too easy for us to dissapear in here" Heaving himself off of the floor Dmitri climbed out of the train and onto the concrete floor of the tunnel.
It was dark, no lights were installed in the tunnel, why would their be? flicking the switch on carbines torch he quickly scanned the surrounding area. All Clear. "PARS you take point, Victor you follow me, i'll see if i can't fix your radio while i am at it" the next station wasn't much further down the track, ten minutes maybe? pressing the button on his radio Dmitri quickly made his report "Hostile eliminated, Will report once we've reached the lab, out"

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Machiavelli heard the two reports from Dimitri, but didn't respond until the second one. Pulling out his radio, he asked, "Define 'hostile'." He frowned...if it was some sort of genetically modified soldier, they were doomed. Waiting for the reply, Machiavelli continued toward the Volcanic lab. The things he'd have to worry about when he got there was:
A: A volcano
B: If so, is it active?
C: Regardless, is there lava?
D: If so, can I get around it?

Machiavelli turned a corner, and felt the temperature distinctly rise. He was getting close.


"It was some kind of a Panther, must have escaped from one of the labs or a...this place doesn't have zoo, does it?" the thought of wild animals wandering the corridors filled Dmitri with dread, one panther was bad enough.
Scanning the tunnel around him with his torch on regular intervals, being sure to keep the beam well away from PARS and her infra-red.
After a few more minutes the tunnel began to get brighter as they approached the station.


PARS deactivated and raised the night vision goggles as they neared the artificial light source of the Jungle Lab platform. She narrowed her black eyes as they climbed up onto it, and advanced warily before stopping at the sealed entrance. She studied the doorway, and the now lit access panel. She slung her sub-gun on her chest and looked over her shoulder as she murmured, "Hydraulics to access point activated. Access denied without entry code not possessed by this PARS." She moved away from the entryway.

She unslung her sub-gun and laid down near the edge to make herself a low profile target. The fact that the jungle lab was the end of this tram's line made it possible to cover the entire tunnel without having to watch two different accessible approaches. Her body shuddered for a moment, before she settled down, and kept her keen eyes locked down her sights and into the darkness.


NPC Script
Harriet Lynch moved slowly down the emergency lit corridor, the Remington 870 shotgun nestled securley in her shoulder. She'd been carrying the weapon ever since she'd heard Jesus's screams over her intercomm, an unpleasant reminder that she was in mortal danger. She went over he life and theactions that had lead her down this path, to this fate.
It should have been so simple, he had told her what to do and because she had loved him she had done exactly as he had said. it had been with a shotgun not dissimilar to the one that she carried now that she had entered the diner, it was going to be their last job, one last big score.
A sound snapped her attention back to the here and now. she'd gone to the Underwater lab only to find it locked tight and so here she was on her way back to the command centre but there was something coming towards her. Kneeling down into a firing postion she braced herself.
A tall man with grey hair rounded the bend directly in her sights. She let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Machiavelli, lowering her gun she got up to join him "You Gave me fright..." she smiled nervously at him, he was quite attractive in brooding Kind of way, brushing aside a strand of blonde hair she continued "The Underwater labs locked tight may I join? you this place is giving me the creeps"
Pulling the dead mans key card from his pocket Dmitri approached the large steel door, the words TROPICAL RAINFOREST stencilled across in large red letters. Swiping the card through the slot Dmitri was met with a red light and an angry buzz, he wiped the back of the card across his sleeve in frustration before trying again. The doors opened silently to reveal the dense jungle before them.
Dmitri slowly entered, astonished at the beauty around him, a plethora of different plants and flowers filled the mile square laboratory, in the distance he could hear the call of birds and animals. Remembering the panther all too vividly Dmitri held his gun at the ready as he entered he wouldn't be unprepared again he'd make sure of that.
"In we go guys, the sooner we check this place out the sooner we can find the black box and leave" they had eight hours of power and forty hours of mission time left by his calculations more than enough to do what they wanted. What could go wrong?

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Machiavelli frowned. The Underwater lab had more than one entrance...the closest one to where they were now being one that was...underwater completely, with no intermediate flooding chamber. "The reason you couldn't get in was because you tried to get in through the emergency exit, assuming you tried the entrance closest to our current location. However..." Machiavelli pulled the map out. Tracing a line with his finger, he showed that the next closest entrance to the lab was the only one that started above the water. "Wetsuits should be here, along with scuba gear. Although I can understand your desire to come with me, we can get out of here a lot quicker if we get all the labs covered simultaneously. There's something very wrong going on here...and the quicker we get this done, the more of us get out alive. So, I'll have to decline your offer." With that he refolded the map and put it away. "Good luck" he nodded to Harriet, moving off.

Soon, he had arrived at the volcanic lab. The heat was already get in and out quickly. He found several bottles of water in the laboratory-like section of the lab, which was out front. It seemed there was no volcano, but there was lava. "This just gets better and better..." he grumbled. He saw a clear path heading off into the distance, so that was his target. Not wanting to waste time, he set off immediately.

He hadn't gone too far when he felt the odd sensation that he was being watched. He spun around, looking every direction, but saw nothing. He shrugged and moved on. However, the feeling didn't go away. He soon reached a large central area of hardened lava and rock. "If this were a video game this'd be where a large creature would jump out at me...thankfully this isn't a game." he muttered. He began jogging across the large hunk of rock, headed for the other side, where the skinnier path continued.


Viktor went into the room. He looked around. He then saw something rustle. "I think there's more then animals in this place." Suddenly some {thing} ran out tword them. It clearly wasn't human but pehalps animal, but Viktor lived under shoot first ask questions later. He let loose with his machine gun hitting it right in the face. He looked at Dimitri. "Now what the heck is that?"


Harriet Lynch
"Well..ok then.. if your sure" Harriet wasn't too keen on the old "Lets Split up we'll cover more ground" Approach she'd seen more than her fair share of horror movies in fact it had probably been those sort of movies that had got her where she was today, that and the shooting of course.
Two Years clay pigeon shooting champion, hailed as one of the best marksman in thr entire county in fact she'd probably would have been on the olympic team had she made a different set of choices and hung out with a more respectable group of friends...Oh well C'est La Vie.
Turnig back down the corridor from whence she came Harriet made her way to the other door.

NPC Script
It had watched the two of them converse with interest, it hadn't seen any of their kind in many weeks now, the last one having been killed in a train trying to escape.
the two of them finished their conversation then split off in different directions, it had to make a decision which one to choose...The Blonde would probably be the easier target however the tall one had just entered the volcanic testing lab an area it knew very well.
With the grace and speed of a leopard it pursued its prey into the lab, stopping behind one of the many rocks to watch its prey.
It lowered itself onto its belly and then inch by agonising inch it crawled within a few feet before launching itself at its victim.

"I don't know its hard to tell when it hasn't got a head" Dmitri replied looking down at Viktors kill, it was dead alright but as for what it was he hadn't a clue.
More rustling came from the surrounding vegetation including the canopy above them, a strange shrieking cry echoed around them, the cry worried Dmitri for it had an almost human quality about its sound...Almost Human.
"Viktor I think you were right about your last statement..." A Creature burst from the tree's above them cutting Dmitri short, a howling beast, all teeth and fangs.He fired his carbine, the sound of gunfire echoing all around them as he fired up at the creature missing it by mere inches. It landed just in front of him, a fist narrowly missing his face. Thrown off balance by the creaures sudden assault Dmitri tumbled backwards into a cluster of ferns.
Two more of the creatures charged them from the left with incredible speed, they were all tall and wiry with reddish-brown skin. To Dmitri's horror he realised that apart from the long ape like arms and sharp, potruding canines they were human.
Looking up from his postion on the ground he watched as the first creature leapt at him. Well at least it would be a quick death...he hoped.


Viktor shot the creature attacking Dmitri. "Time to get in the game Dmitri!" Viktor shot at the other creatures then got his radio. "Contact! Monkey things attacking" Bullets pinged around him as he shot with one hand and talked with the other. The returned to the bushes. "It seems they like to take potshots then hide."


PARS advanced into the room with her Sub-gun raised. She saw one cut down by Dmitri and Victor, and flicked the firing position to single shot. She moved methodically forward, rolling her steps heel to toe to maintain a level firing platform. As the ape-like beings presented themselves as targets, they were rewarded by a shot from PARS. Two more fell, as the shots from PARS struck their central nervous system, causing the remaining hostiles to flee into the dense undergrowth.

PARS kept her sub-gun raised as she back-pedaled over to Dmitri and Victor. She listened to Victor shouting into his radio and shook her head as she murmured, "This PARS has observed no conventional weaponry possessed by the hostiles. You are likely accounting ricochets from your own sub-par firing technique." She kept her sub-bun raised with her left hand, as she held her right hand down toward Dmitri. After he grabbed hold of her hand, she effortlessly assisted him to his feet.

She remained stationary, as she continued to watch and listen intently. "This PARS requests mission objective for this arena."


Dmitri quickly dusted himself down, that had been close. "Well PARS the initial objective was to ascertain whether any hostile forces were aboard the ship and I can safely say we have succeeded" the cries started up again this time much louder, overhead he could hear them making their way through the canopy of their aboreal home, it would be very easy to get surrounded in such dense terrain.
"We need leave this area immediatley, PARS you cover the rear" moving as swiftly as he could through the dense folliage Dmitri was all too aware that they were being tracked from above, branches whipped across his face he ran through the dense undergrowth. One of the creatures burst in from the right, only to be cut down by a burst of fire from Dmitri's gun, behind him he could hear the chattering of small arms as PARS and Viktor dealt with the creatures unrellenting assault.
"They're herding us guys!" Dmitri shouted above the screams and gunfire, the seamingly suicidal attacks had gradually pushed them away from the exit and into a clearing, they were surrounded.
Pushing the transmit to all frequencies button on his radio Dmitri proceeded to shout his SOS "This is Dmitri, we are under attack from multiple humanoid hostiles, Requesting immediate back up to the jungle lab"
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