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Quality of life update. Make it so i can auto use the x buff every x time so i dont have to click it manually all the time. Maybe as a premium automation change if its all about the money


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what if you could click on the name plate over the avatar picture to open the player profile? this way you can check their equips and else quicker than searching their name in fort list - that if they are online, if not you must go to the ranks and type their name and... what if you could click here directly? just make the text into url with the same color as it shows in chat or something else and it opens their profile, easy like that



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Weekly Alliance Competitions (similar to how InnoGames runs Team Explorations in Sunrise Village)


  • A new button to the right of your toon avatar that will display your alliance and all other alliances on the world
  • To the right of each alliance, their total points will be displayed
  • Clicking on an alliance will display its members
  • Clicking on your own alliance will also display the total points contributed by each player
  • This will be updated the same way the regular rankings are updated (e.g. every hour). The competition can end 2-3 hours before midnight on the Sunday to ensure the final rankings can be viewed by players before the end.
  • Alliances will initially be listed alphabetically then by total points once they start collecting these

How it works:

  • Similar to how the individual Daily Tasks works. Players will view a list of tasks they can complete.
    • E.g. Complete 100 Duels
    • Win 2 Fort Battles
    • Total Working Time 200 hours
    • Adventures Completed 10/10
    • Crafted Products500/500
    • and so on, trying to over all game features so that everyone can participate and contribute

  • All Alliances have the same tasks
  • Each task will have a limit requirement (e.g. complete 100 Duels). Completing more will not award more points
  • On the Monday, players/Alliances will receive their prizes for their work done the previous week. Rewards are based on the alliance's placement in the ranking at the end of the week. These are handed out the same way bonds are currently handed out when you complete your Daily Tasks

Rewards per player: (Just an example)

1st Place: 100 Bonds, Energy Box, 30 Nuggets, Steel lined chest
2nd Place: Similar but less rewards (amounts)
3rd Place: Similar but fewer amounts of the reward
4th-10th: Similar but fewer amounts
10-20th: Similar but fewer

and so on, there can be a max number of ranking spots (e.g. 200) to make sure all Alliances get rewarded. Rewards can be different each week (on a rotation).


- Can go on to create an alliance ranking in the regular rankings
- Motivate players to join the biggest Alliances rather than create smaller ones
- Helps with increasing activity
- Can even create achievements tied to this


- Perhaps hard to implement
- From the feedback players usually gave in Sunrise Village, one/two alliances with most players will always get the top spots
- Some system can be implemented where players have to contribute a specific amount of points to be rewarded. Though most players will contribute just through regular play

Can't think of any loopholes players can take advantage of


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Would a person who changes alliances mid-week lose all points scored, split them, or apply them to the alliance they finish the week in?
Good question, I'd say all of the point they contributed to alliance A will stay with alliance A. After they join a different alliance, the points they contribute from there on will go to the 2nd alliance.

I can see this as a loophole where players will just join the winning alliance just for the rewards....though can't think of a workaround.

Perhaps this can run every two weeks per week, and players, if they leave their town during the competition, cannot join another until the end of the week/competition.

Edit: Perhaps having players contribute an X amount of points towards their alliance in order to win rewards would be a good solution


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Maybe just not have the competition and just get daily/weekly alliance tasks.
Create new button? I dont thimk this will happen