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The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here


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Should scripts be the most major form of content development this game has, when Inno are the ones making money from our nugget purchases?
Even if you only play on PC, scripts break. How're you enjoying the infamous TWDB lately?
Well, looking at how it was for years, maybe it should :roll::-D
And wait until mobile browser can adapt to scripts used in PC browser.

I recall, one of the reason for the slow development is the "Old Codes" the game uses, so it will be a long journey letting it walk as is.
As for the money, not sure if we're allowed to make a donation to the script maker if "scripts" indeed become the major form of development of this game, so some of the money will go their way


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when i play on my laptop im on more so i need all those scripts etc.. when i get on phone for 5 seconds . their not needed..


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I do think the net server doesnt have a full medium battle in any world right now, can we do something about it? Its becoming boring that even the new world its 60 vs 60... colorado its 84 at 75 or something, probably arizona 45 vs 40 and the rest are dead, can not fill a small...


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How about this fort fight improvement:

Set a date such as 2010 on the fort fight which would mean only clothing and weapon sets issued 2010 or earlier are allowed. That would give value to the old sets and stop the disadvantage that cortina has given. You might have to provide a script to help the user choose. Sounds great right?!


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Christmas 2012 is the first event that offered sets, according to the Item Sets Wiki but I bet you only said 2010 as a nice round number.

I could see doing a 2012-only-themed Aweosmia, then the next month doing a 2013, then 2014, etc. We keep getting these old sets out of random chests and event widgets, so there are plenty out there for people to wear. Everyone would be in close the same gear, so AP/SP distribution and actual skill of play would make a difference.


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Gold Digger's Mask [item=574000] + Gold Digger's Vest [item=40001000] + Gold Digger's Bow [item=51654000] = Gold Digger's Set?