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Should scripts be the most major form of content development this game has, when Inno are the ones making money from our nugget purchases?
Even if you only play on PC, scripts break. How're you enjoying the infamous TWDB lately?
Well, looking at how it was for years, maybe it should :roll::-D
And wait until mobile browser can adapt to scripts used in PC browser.

I recall, one of the reason for the slow development is the "Old Codes" the game uses, so it will be a long journey letting it walk as is.
As for the money, not sure if we're allowed to make a donation to the script maker if "scripts" indeed become the major form of development of this game, so some of the money will go their way


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when i play on my laptop im on more so i need all those scripts etc.. when i get on phone for 5 seconds . their not needed..


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Ah, our bad, no scripts on mobile doesn't effect your gameplay experience, so no one else should get those advantages if they mostly play on mobile.