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Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Good Feather, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. Gray Paul

    Gray Paul Guest

    Fort Configuration

    Why not have a different configuration for each fort. At this point, everything's been tried. Allow for each fort to have different strengths & weaknesses, & different attack points, which will require more strategy.
  2. -Neo-

    -Neo- Banned

    Jan 30, 2009
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    awesome idea
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  3. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    I remember reading a post from Zet on the beta forum probably about a possible idea like that. The fort shop would have battle plans that you could configure the fort for a fee and then build up the fort that way.

    Its something that would indeed make forts harder/fun/interesting to play again.

    I still the days of 128/128 at any fort.
  4. supraxus

    supraxus Guest

    Dueling Tournament

    So suppose you had a tournament, classic pyramid style. You pay a fee of $xxx, the tournament is held at a fixed time, once you're enrolled in the tournament you can't be dueled if you're at the tournament grounds (like a fort), and the winner walks away with a cash reward (some multiple of all the entry fees).

    1. The tournament is held in the middle of the world (like an arena)
    2. Minimum number of contestants is , dunno, 20-50?
    3. Free place to sleep for the contestants once they've entered the tourney. Should be equivalent to Fort level 6
    4. Two tracks, Melee and Range
    5. After each duel/tourney round your HP go back to where you started the tourney, so every contestant is at full health for their next rounds - avoids the default winner being the guy with just the most HP
    6. You can back out any time, just lose the entrance fee, and can't enter the next tourney as a penalty, but can enter any other after that


  5. Tournament is a good idea but just when it's something like a fort battle !!
    starting time like fort battles , time interval between duels to change gear and stuff .. something like that would be nice (keeping duelers & soldiers away for some time ;) )
    But I just wanted to type what I think on pants & belts !
    the skill bonus from these two groups is so confusing , I liked it when the slouch hats were for sitting traps ( mainly ) , shirt for appearance etc. now every thing is upside down cant figure witch pant group should be looking for horseback riding bonus . I think there must be some sort of major skill bonus to each group of items , and for pants & belts this major skill bonus should be something that isn't easy to get in other gears at least in lower levels to keep balance .
    One last thing about the year plan :
    crafting should organized not randomized by sitting the type of gear , the group ( witch determents the major skill bonus then it's up to the player to choose the extra bonus witch should have min-max range . the rest is about the crafting skill and time spent .
    Another thing workers should have some extra bonus toward crafting as this could be the most important source of living ( cash by selling it in market )
  6. Will Worker

    Will Worker Guest

    Fort leader

    Fort battles are leaded by a leader, usually in chatango. Why we don't have leader in field also. Good leader could give more aim and dodge to the army. If leader is killed then morale of army lows and give opportunity other side to win even if numbers are bad. Leader skill points could be different than normal fort fighter, ofcourse leadership but tactics also come in mind. I know it takes lot of coding from developers but can be done and my opinion give some spice when both teams have to consider keeping general alive. Leader should be added in recruiment list and general only can do that, little bit like normal ranking.
  7. Gray Paul

    Gray Paul Guest

    Actually i was thinking that the forts and surrounding could be more random. For example the attack locations, the ability of the towers, the location of the buildings or towers, maybe, some spots for attackers to hide behind, a number of scenarios could be put into the system for each part of the fort, so that each fort could be similiar, but different in some way.
  8. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

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  9. pst1402

    pst1402 Guest

    re-assigning APs & SPs

    After using Waupee's Grandfather that one gets at level 14 to re-assign skill points, my understanding is that one can not use Waupee's Grandfather to re-assign other points for the same amount of money, until at least 24 hours expires. I'd like this to be set to 23 or 23.5 hours so that people could make the re-assigns at the same time each day.
  10. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    Um not sure what you are getting at. When you placate the shaman - you can use the points immediately.
    Also if you buy skill points on w11-wBriscoe then you assign those points immediately and also buy them back immediately and reassign them anywhere you want.

    There is no waiting period.

    The only waiting period I know of for the shaman is that cost does decrease after a certain amount of unreasonable time, that using 18 nuggets to placate the shaman on any world (exception to world 1) is way faster.
  11. pst1402

    pst1402 Guest

    re-assigning APs & SPs

    GF said:
    I do not use nuggets, cause I'm a cheap bugger ;). When using the Shaman, it costs $50, if I use him again before the 24 hour period expires, then the cost increases $10 each time I use him to re-assign points if I re-assign within the 24 hour period. So if I'm in a hurry, and I move 5 SPs at once, it'll cost me $50+60+70+80+90 or 350. If I re-assign over 5 days and 1 point /day, but I have to wait a few minutes past the last time I did it, then it'll cost 250, but I can't do it at the same time each day, I have to wait a few minutes from the last time I did it. That is why I'd like to see the wait time reduced to 23 hours or so. Thank you for your considerations. :)
  12. And as the change of server time has occured,there are only 23 hours.So you can change it from 24 to 23 hours..
  13. Arka II

    Arka II Guest

    Not sure if its a minor idea -

    Anyways, what happens in real life is that you interview for a job, and based on your qualifications (labor points?) its decided whether you get the job or not. However, once you are already assigned and working, whether or not you get a pay-rise depends on performance and experience with the two being inter-related. An experienced but less educated banker would know more about banking than a fresh finance graduate.

    Point - of course, the labor point system continues to exist but you have a counter of how many hours a particular job has been completed, and based on total hours you have some kind of experience bar - the more hours you put in towards a job the more the rewards - this means that someone who has been doing robbing trains at least two hours every day for 2 months should be getting X times the reward (money, luck, xp, item drop percentage) than someone who does it very occassionally.

    The rate of return should have a step-curve - this means that after, say, 20 hours, the marginal returns should be diminishing and should remain stagnant for quite a while till you get a threshold point after which the additional returns jump again - and with more and more hours you put in the stagnation stage gets longer and jump gets less higher - there is an extent to which one can perform at a job, and after a certain point no amount of experience helps because you are already at the ceiling level performance.

    If its still confusing - say, I and playerX both have 10 lp to train robbing - I have been doing it every day for at least an hour, and playerX doesn't do train robbing regularly, then I should be getting 10% more money and experience points, and a substantially higher probability of finding a fat bag of loot than playerX.

    Just a thought....
  14. So u mean like a job bonus??So strange and.....NO.I mean then i can do grave robbing for about a week and get 10% luck?Such an odd idea...And you gotta present it in a right way or mods will just *click* *click* your idea was never here.So next time present it properly.For now, NO.
  15. sambee

    sambee The West Team Deputy Sheriff

    Mar 24, 2010
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    Total HP in fort

    I don't think I've seen this posted, if it is I must've missed it.

    In fort battles, we are shown the number of players on each side and that decreases as people get ko'd (obviously).

    The number of fighters still standing is important, but why not show the total amount of health left for each side.
    By doing this it will show who's really winning and can have an affect on what to do next.

    The problem with only showing the number of players is that there could be 70 low levels or non-tanks which means not much HP on that side. On the other hand the other team might only have 40 fighters but they could be made up with tanks and higher levels.

    So by showing the HP of the teams, it will take away the guess work of who's got the more "grunt"

    Thanks, sambee
  16. TJ Tuttle

    TJ Tuttle Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2010
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    Because for one thing while you might be able to "scout" the numbers of the opposing receive that info at the start from the server knowing their total health is a different story.

    How can you justify having that info..sending a "scout" over to have them fill out a health questionnaire. :laugh:

    Somethings players really have no need of the system providing for them and this is one of them...
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  17. John Sibley

    John Sibley Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2010
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    I've had this idea for a bit,why not allow ppl that arrive at a fort during a battle to join the battle?
  18. supraxus

    supraxus Guest

    'Cause then with accurate planning you create an unfair advantage by having 'fresh troops' roll in every so often.

    And makes no sense, I can see attackers coming into the fray, but how would defenders get there? Sneak in?

    In real life, sure, both scenarios can happen. But to code that into the game, and then figure out how to maintain balance? Probably too difficult.
  19. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    24 hours should be plenty of time to join a battle. It would also be exploitable. I've been in many battles where an offliner with 2k+ hp coming online late would make the difference. Short-handed large attacks are often close and I see no reason to allow someone to warp to the fort and join in the 40th round in a close battle, and give the attackers an edge.

    The ONLY time I would like this idea is in the event of multis. Say if you're participating in a battle when the next battle starts, and you could get to the fort before the second battle ends, then you would be allowed to participate.

    Either way, it's too complicated and would require completely changing the mechanics of joining and missing fort battles.
  20. supraxus

    supraxus Guest

    And on Arka's point, I have to agree. It makes sense that as you perform a job more frequently, you get more experienced in it and more proficient. Why not create some reward system (either increase that job's product drop rate or increase the cash you get from that job)?

    Create the reward system with an exponentially decreasing reward (similar to fort skills system, for example) cap it at a number (10% benefit) and thus you avoid abuse.