The Book of David.

David Schofield

I would like to thank Alariens and Fireflower for my return to writing because their submitted stories inspired me to get back to writing.

This is the Full series of all of My stories that are linked to eachother, some posted, some non posted. I will finish all of my currently unfinished products and post them here from now on in proper order.

David Schofield Model 3 part 1
David Schofield Model 3 part 2
David Schofield Model 3 part 3
Far West

and more to come.

Main Character: David Schofield

1. Childhood in Jackson Tennessee
2. Leaving old memories behind
3. First, and last...
4. Thunder in the Valley
5. I Am David.
6. Domestic Disturbance
7. Fool for the City.
8. A decent hangover
9. Bringing down a cult
10. Good morning, Dave.
11. The US of the USA.
12. The Calm before the storm
13. Together at last
14. Operation: Breech the Deck
15. Alone with her
16. Red Dawn
17. Blood on thy divine hands of Justice
18. Dead Revelation
19. New Beginnings
20. The Gray Faction
21. Wasted effort
22. Just Cause
23. Off the rails and into the woods we go...
24. The Wagons
25. The Oppression begins
26. A Rebellion striker!
27. The letter...
28. Loss for words.
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Main Character: Jimmy Valance, later David Schofield

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David Schofield

This book is going to tell you about the life of an adventurous young man who seems to end up in all of the wrong places, but still manages to survive the experiences. This story will tell you about the Love he found, lost, and much more, It will tell about his Fallen Comrades, his brothers in arms, and what made him Choose his path in life. This story is about David Schofield. I am David Schofield.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 1

Childhood in Jackson Tennessee
Samuel Wesson and Amelia Grant, two rivals in past times, decide to start a family together. Samuel was the sheriff of Jackson, and Amelia was an ex-bank robber. How they met? Back in 1869, Samuel was on patrol around the bank when there was an explosion, Amelia and her gang decided to rob the wrong bank at the wrong time. Samuel rushed in with his Peacemaker and shot 5 of the gang members dead, and his last bullet was in the chamber as he aimed it at Amelia. She had her hand on her revolver, a simple black powder Colt, but she decided not to try anything, and she dropped her hand to her side. The two saw something in each other, and Samuel testified that Amelia was an innocent bystander. After a ruling of innocence to Amelia by the judge, Samuel and Amelia went off to get to know each other more. Samuel finally proposed to her in 1871, and they had a child that year as well. They named him David. The family spent a normal life, Amelia got a job out of the house in Real estate, and Samuel stopped criminals from terrorizing the town, from Drunkards to ex-Confederates, from simple disturbances to murders.
David lived a luxurious childhood. His parents sent him to a private school. His father often took him to the back yard and they shot targets together. After a few years of practice, David learned how to control a gun properly and he fired shot after shot, missing only a few shots for every 30 rounds. One fine day in October of 1874, a deer had wandered into the family garden. David took his father's Spencer rifle and shot it through the heart. It was the first thing he had ever killed. His father was very proud of him, and so he took him to work 5 times a month. The Deputy was a very friendly man named Thomas Poe; he taught David how to escape a handcuff, how to tie sailor knots, and how to cook dinner. David and he became very good friends. One day in July of 1875, Samuel brought David to work but decided to let David stay with Thomas because he had to make a quick trip to the gun shop. Thomas made David an honorary-deputy-of-the-day because he didn't want David to get bored with sitting around doing nothing. When Samuel got back, he had a new revolver in his holster. He handed his peacemaker to Thomas and said, "Take good care of her," and he took David by the hand and led him home. Months passed and David lived a normal childhood with his seemingly loving family.
In 1876, something awful happened. Samuel had just gotten home from work drunk and had placed his hat on the table when Amelia stormed in the door bleeding; she fell over at Samuels feet dead as David watched from the stairway. Samuel pulled out his new Schofield revolver and aimed it out the window, when a bullet smashed into his hand and sent the gun flying to the third stair. David watched in horror as 3 ex-confederate men ran in and pummeled Samuel with Shovels and a hammer. David went to the bottom of the stairwell and grabbed the Schofield. He aimed it at one of the men, pulled back the hammer, and shot him. He flinched, and then fell to the ground. The two others pulled out their guns and fired three shots at David. They appeared to be drunk, which, luckily for David, they missed. He ran upstairs and pulled the hammer back again. One man followed and David spun around and fired off another shot. It struck the man in the neck and he fell down the stairs, choking. The third man ran up the stairs after David but he tripped over the top step, landing face first on the floor. David pulled the hammer back a final time and but the barrel on the back of the man's head. He pulled the trigger and ended the drunken rage of the man. David looked at his father's Schofield revolver. Engraved on the top was an American flag and the words "Live On, By Glory"

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 2

Leaving old memories behind
Thomas did the best he could to find a loving family that would adopt David. He searched high and low for someone to look after him. Thomas was not in a financial position to take care of David, so he could not be an adoptive guardian for him. On a Monday in late January of 1877, a wealthy German man named William Kaiser came to the Police station to adopt David. Thomas was sick of trying to find a family for David so he decided that a single rich man would do. While William was signing the papers, David got together his things. Most importantly, he took his father's Schofield as well. Thomas and the rest of the department said their goodbyes to David, and He and William took off in a Stagecoach, never to return to Jackson.
They reached the train station and purchased tickets to Minnesota, They would be heading to Williams mansion in Minnetonka. The train ride was long and aggravating. There was a fat man in first class that had very bad gas, so William arranged, while the train was in motion, to move to second class. After a few days of travel, and a few stops in between, the train arrived in Minnesota. A private stagecoach awaited William to carry him to his mansion. David came along and they rode directly to the giant palace of dreams. William had his own library; it contained details about Steam engines, weaponry, physics and chemistry, and the simple mechanics. David learned how to clean guns and make some too.
Every so often, William would come home with a woman, who seemed to be in an intimate relationship with him. Her name was Jill. She would often bring David gifts, varying from a box of Swiss chocolates to Antique coins. David became spoiled with his possessions. He went to a luxury private school which had students of all genders in the same building, and it was different from the small private school in Jackson. David became one of the best writers in his class. He was loved by a majority of his class, and the rest of them wanted to be just like him.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 3

First, and last...

When David was eleven, he met a beautiful girl named Victoria. She was quiet, beautiful, and very popular at the school. David started talking to her, and she fell for his charms instantly. She always would walk alongside David when he wanted to talk to her about anything. Soon, they knew that they had been made for each other. The two started dating, and constantly visited each other's mansions. Her family was also rich, but nowhere near as rich as William was. When the two turned 15, David wanted to take the relationship to a higher level. He invited her over for dinner one night, and she decided to spend the night. Right before bed, they went for a stroll near the woods together, but something was amiss. William had 5 pet dogs; each of which roamed the property nightly, but that day David could not find any of them. He walked deeper into the woods with Victoria and searched high and low for the dogs. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of them appeared. It was a Great Dane, it was Williams's favorite dog at that, and the dog seemed to have been torn up badly. It had foaming of the mouth and growled deeply, David knew what was wrong with it. It was rabid. David and Victoria ran for dear life. They passed the brick wall surrounding the main yard of William's mansion. The dog limped after them. Soon they had outrun it, but they were still running thinking it was still on their tail. David slowed down and was behind Victoria, but they were both getting tired. In an instant, Victoria tripped over a log lying on the ground. David saw her fall and as he tried to stop, he fell as well. She landed on her back and David landed on top of her. They looked back to check for the dog, but did not see it. Right then, they finally took their relationship foreword a notch on the lawn.
When things seemingly couldn't get any better, with William was at his golden age of wealth, David and Victoria seeing each other on a daily basis, and the community being at a point of glory. Nevertheless, that changed in 1886. William had entered a gambling phase and he had lost a fortune. He refused to pay the winner of the money and he fled from the city and returned to the Mansion in the country. Jill stopped visiting because the man that William owed money to was her brother, and she no longer trusted William at all. On David's 16th birthday, the inevitable happened. Jill's brother arrived at the mansion on a dark horse and he sat fire to the building, and he trapped William inside. David and Victoria were in the front yard when the man had set the fire, and he wanted no witnesses. David had his father's Schofield with him so he decided to try to defend himself. He fired one shot at the man, but David was panicking and he missed completely. Victoria ran for the gate but the man had got there first, he grabbed her and ran to his horse dragging her. David ran after them as fast as he could. He was almost 19 feet away when he tripped and dropped the gun. It landed next to the horse as the man slung Victoria onto the back of the horse, in an attempt to kidnap her and hold her hostage, or worse. David could only watch in horror as Victoria struggled off the horse and fell onto the ground. The man picked her up again and slung her onto the horse a final time. He got on the horse and began to ride away. The last words David heard Victoria say was his name, "David" as she was taken away. David struggled up and limped over to the gravel road that the horse had run on. He looked for his Schofield. It was the only relic to remind him of his father and Victoria. It was gone. David thought that the Man wanted to keep it as a prize because of the engraving on the top. David dropped to his knees and began to mourn the loss of everyone he had come to love. He had no home, no love, and no weapon. He had sprained his leg when he tripped, so he tried his best to make the pain go away. After 4 hours, David started to walk down the road. He continued walking, and walking, and walking. He did so for miles, until he reached a train station. He had $57 dollars with him, so he bought a ticket. To get on the train and he put the rest of the money back in his pocket. He would go to the only place he could think of, and that was Colorado.
David went Station to station, waiting for his stop in Colorado. After 10 long, days and train problems, the train arrived in Colorado. David was eager to get off. He first went to the local saloon, where he met several soldiers and a commander of them. They were a part of a State militia, and the commander eyed David. He ordered one of his men to fight David. David was sitting down for a drink when a soldier came out of nowhere and hit David across the head with his revolver; David dropped to the floor and went for the soldiers legs. The soldier went down and David beat him with his own revolver. 2 other soldiers came and pulled David off the beaten man and the commander walked over to David. "What's your name son?" The man had asked him.
David replied "David Schofield"
The commander offered David a position as a trainee in the state militia, and he offered plenty of benefits and promotions as well. David couldn't refuse because he would gain a $23 dollar salary per day.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 4

For four long years, David trained in the State militia. He learned the ropes of being a worthy soldier. He worked under ex-generals, helped town sheriffs, and combated angry mobs. David became one of the top 10 soldiers in his Academe, and on his 20th birthday, the commander himself gave David a custom double action Colt M1892 with a solid blue steel finish. Engraved in the handle were the words "In God we trust" and there was an American flag engraved on the trigger guard. The model was from a new line of custom 1892 Colts, and its design was far more effective than a regular M1892. The brand new custom bowie knife, with serrated blades on top and a special Sheath for it as well. he decided that he should try to sell his talent, he would be a hired killer, he would be a paid soldier, he would be a Mercenary. His first contract would be to raid a weapons cache which was used by Russian immigrants who were, labeled by the client, "planning something." David went undercover to investigate, and he discovered that they were simply trying to start a weapons shipping business. The 'ringleader' was named Yuri Andrei, and he and David became good friends. Yuri had left Russia because of civil unrest, and he had told David of a planned rebellion, and Yuri said he may have to travel over to help get a weapons trade going.
In 1892, David had completed 37 jobs after sparing Yuri, and now David had a new offer, sent from "Daniels Gulch"
"Mayor B. D. Jennings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1892, June 7th

Dear Soldier for hire,
The town of Daniels Gulch has come under fire recently, and we require assistance. The sum we are offering is $200 dollars for your services, and $500 for each head of the enemy residences. If you happen to bring us the heads of Hansel and Veronica, you will receive a $1,500 dollar reward for bringing the villains to justice and the remaining members of the Nilsson family will thank thee with great rewards, we will reward you as well with free citizenship, a mansion on the hillside, and as many goods as we can offer. We have already paid the expenses for you to arrive at the Grandview train station here in the valley, but that will be the last train to come inside of The Golden Rise because the US government is barring any and all trains from entering because of the war, and there will be no leaving the valley once you arrive, unless you decide to climb the mountains, which would be a very unwise decision, since the wilderness has been known to be very, very hostile in these parts.

I wish you luck on your journey, and Godspeed.

Best wishes, Mayor Bill Davis Jennings

Yuri stopped David as he headed to the hotel. He said "David, take this case. In it is a brand new Russian import, handpicked with a scope mount for long range targets, thank me later." David took the case and Yuri ran back into town to manage his store. David gripped the case handle and walked to the hotel. He lay on his hotel bed and slept. The next day he went to Yuri's shop to thank him, but he was nowhere in sight. He looked in the shop window and it was desolate, all guns had been packed up and moved elsewhere. David went back to the hotel to wait another day. After two days, a train arrived in the city. David rushed to the station and saw 22 people get off the train. David knew who they were. They were mercenaries hired by Jennings to help combat the bad seed of the Nilsson family.

David Schofield

DSMC P1 Chapter 5

Thunder in the Valley
David walked to the station. His colt was in his belt, Bowie in sheath, and rifle in case. He walked up the stairs and into the station. 18 of the mercs looked scruffy, dark and mean, as a merc is supposed to look. 4 others looked weird for their line of duty. There was a man whom looked more like a reverend than a warrior, he wore a black hat and was peaceful in his existence. David knew that men like that would be better to stay on the good side of. There was a rich man, he looked as if he didn't need any more money, but he was greedy enough to keep working as a mercenary, but then again, he could have just enjoyed the killing as well. He had a closed gun case, similar to David's. There was also an old soldier. He had a dark gray Garibaldi style beard. He wore standard issue US equipment, had a standard issue M1892 Krag-Jørgensen slung on his back, and he had an officer's attire. He wore a cavalry saber and had a closed gun holster on his waste. He seemed out of place as well, unless he was a member of some special division of pinkertons. Then, there was a girl. She was very out of place. She wore leather pants, a white blouse, and a brown vest. She was attractive to David. Well, very attractive to David. He was drawn to her. She was standing next to a pillar in the station, waiting. David looked at her more, she wore a cowboy hat, and it seemed torn and weathered. She had a gun case leaning on the pillar as well. US Army was printed on the very top. She had a revolver clasped to her belt, and the barrel looked that of a Schofield's. David knew he had to talk to her. He could not stand staring from far away. But when? David walked over to a bench and placed his gear on the seat. He looked at the woman, but he heard struggling to his left. He looked and three men were dragging a crate to the middle of the station. David walked over to see what was going on. "Someone help me with this dang lid!" shouted a small fat man with a crowbar. He was, like everyone else, a mercenary. Two other mercs rushed over, one tall with a cowboy hat, and the other midsized with a scruffy beard and a flat train conductors cap on. They helped the fat man with the crowbar to pry off the lid. David walked over and kicked the crowbar down to help pop the lid off. The crowbar bent slightly but the lid flew off the crate onto the floor.
"Thanks a lot, you bent my brand new crowbar you big oaf!" Said the fat man.
"Can it, you no-good horse's..." David snapped.
"Ok, ok, break it up you two!" interrupted the tall man. "Look guys, a letter, hey, Willard, read it," said the tall merc.
The scruffy man named Willard picked up the note and read "Hansel and Veronica Nilsson , 1892, June 9th

Dear Mercenary,
The town of Daniels Gulch has decided to take it over the line and send for help; you, the mercenary are offered $230 dollars to help out our cause and rid the world of their weak existence. This crate contains 8 Mannlicher rifles imported from Germany. Each one has a box of 6.5 mm ammunition which should be enough to kill at least 50 Gulch residents.

A kill, is a kill, and I say, kill them ALL in any way you can possibly imagine.

Have fun,
Hansel and Veronica Nilsson"
The tall man started to hand out Mannlichers to mercs that were interested in the contract. David was third in line. He wanted a new gun more than a new contract. The Mannlicher was a semi-automatic firearm. The rifle was the first of its kind, and David wanted one badly. He took the rifle and swung it over his back, and carried the box of ammunition back over to the bench. He sat the box down with the gear and he put his gun belt back on. Then he attached the Bowie with the sheath to his belt, and he opened the Nagant case and placed the box of ammo in a vacant spot in the case. The Mannlicher ammo box read 6.5mm, while the Nagant ammo box in the case read 7.62x54R. He closed the case, picked it up, and walked over to the woman.
"Nice day, isn't it?" David asked.
The woman looked at him. Her hazel eyes met his. "Why yes, it is." she said.
"So, what are you here for?" David questioned.
She looked at him, and then at his gun case, and said "The same thing as you."
"That's good, the more, the merrier!" David exclaimed, and he laughed.
The woman giggled, and then said, "the more, the less money left for everyone else!"
David couldn't bear not to laugh, and he cracked up right when a large, bulky and mean looking merc walked by. The merc grabbed him by the neck, raised him off the ground, and said, "What's so funny punk?"
David said nothing, but the woman did. She pulled a Schofield from her holster and aimed it at the big man. "Put him down, Festus!"
The big man dropped David on the ground and stormed off.
"Wow, thanks!" David exclaimed.
"Don't mention it." The woman said as she holstered her gun.
"A Schofield? Excellent choice." David said.
She said "Not just any Schofield, this one is customized, It stays precise and has good decoration to it, It's a 1875 model, but Its far better than all of the new ones out today" she told him.
"Well, you know a lot about guns, what's your name?" David asked.
"Natasha. Yours?" She asked.
"My name is David."

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 6

I Am David.
I stared into her eyes, I felt as though I could see her soul, she seemed so perfect, and...
"Are you alright?" Natasha asked.
"Yeah... I'm ok, just a little tired, waiting and all, you know..." I answered, and then I blinked a few times, acted tired. I didn't want her to think I liked her, and hey, we're both Mercenaries, we will both want a cut of the money and all of these other people may want a share as well. "Come on, let's sit down" I told her, and She grabbed her gun case and I grabbed mine and we sat on the bench closest to the boarding ramp. "So, come here often?" I asked her.
"No, I'm from a Russian town in Wisconsin." She said.
"You don't sound Russian, how can I be sure you're Russian?" I asked her, sarcastically of course.
"Well... I..." She got two words out when I decided to test her on her Russian-ness.
"Read these words." I said, and I grinned, opened the Mosin Nagant case, and showed her the gun. Engraved on the side of the barrel were the words "Винтовка Мосина"
She looked at the barrel. "Uh... I... Ok, I lied; I'm not Russian, thanks for blowing my cover!" She said, and she laughed.
I grinned. I saw the Reverend man walking again. He walked over to the window of the train station and looked out onto the street. My eyes went straight back to Natasha. I couldn't remember ever sitting next to someone so beautiful, so nice, so care free, except...
"David?" She snapped her fingers "Are you ok?"
"Yes, I'm alright, I'm just exhausted, you know? Tired from walking here and carrying these guns around and..."
"Ok, I know!" She blushed, "Just don't fall asleep on me!" she giggled, and then she went back to looking around the station.
I looked out into the plains; I saw a puff of smoke drifting into the air. It had to be one thing. It was the train. I looked at the departure boards; next train to Grandview station, Daniels Gulch, 4:10. The time was 4:09. We both stood up and got our things organized. There were 7 other mercenaries with Mannlichers, one was the US Army merc, then there was the big man, Festus, and then the rich man, the three stooges (Well, that's what I called them), and then there was a regular merc that had taken one. I held the last one, and just then, the train stopped. The engine chugged, and the doors opened. This was a special train; Military guards stepped off instead of regular train guards, this was the Merc train to heaven, or hell; whichever you would prefer to think of. Natasha and I got on board, Festus got on right after Natasha.
"Hey! Get your hand off of my butt Festus!" I heard Natasha yell. I ripped out my Colt M1892 and aimed it at Festus.
"It's ok David." Natasha said. "Just sit by me on the train and it will be ok."
We walked down the aisle further when I found a good bench, no scratches and no tears. Natasha let me get the window side, and I sat down next to her. Big, bad, Festus sat across from us, glaring over every minute or two, but knowing that either I, or a guard, would kill him if he tried anything.
One of the three stooges, The scruffy one to be exact, took out a fiddle, and he began to strum it up. The tall stooge took a small drum out of his pack and set it up. The third stooge, the fat man, pulled out a harmonica. Then the Soldier man seemed to clear his voice. Could it be the four stooges?
The Fiddler began to fiddle, the drummer began to drum, the harmonist began to play, and the Soldier began to sing, he sung the words to the song "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
"Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory, glory, and hallelujah" he sang, and then the song went on. Most of the mercs on the train were caught up in singing it as well. Even the soldier guards began to sing. The only people not singing were Natasha, Festus, the rich man and me. The Reverend was the first of the passengers to join in. Natasha wanted to sing, but she didn't know the words. I had no real reason to sing, so I didn't sing, and Festus kept eyeing Natasha. The rich man seemed to have quite a temper, and he only covered his ears angered. The train ride went on with songs for the rest of that day. Then the train stopped. One of the mercs walked off of the train, and another merc got on in his place, he was a black man, he was not tall, not short, and he carried a double-barreled shotgun on his back, and another double barreled shotgun in a holster on his waste, only it was a sawn-off.
He sat next to Festus and looked at me. "Fine weather today, isn't it?"
"Yes, it sure is!" I said happily, I was glad there were some nice mercs to ride the train as well. The band was getting ready to play again when the black man interrupted with a good idea for a song to play.
"Hey, let's play Swing low today?" The black man said.
"Harvey?" said the scruffy man.
Harvey stood up "Willard, long time, no see my friend!" They walked into the train aisle and they shook each other's hands. They both went back to their seats and started to play again, and Harvey began to sing.

David Schofield

(Chapter 6 continuation)
I couldn't believe my ears; he sung so perfectly, half of the train joined in immediately. I even found myself tapping to tune of the song. A spell fell over the train, almost everyone was singing, even the dumb witted Festus tried to keep up. The rich man was the only one not singing. Natasha began to sing as well, when she began, I stopped. I listened to her every word. I realized she had a beautiful voice, I knew I had to have her, she was the best woman I had ever met, she reminded me of Victoria, I wondered If Natasha and I would ever... The song ended. She looked at me and asked, "Did I do well?"
All I said was "You were wonderful!" I stared into her eyes again, I could feel myself moving closer to hers, my eyes started to blink rapidly and so did hers, I could see her moving her lips towards mine, we were almost there when she yanked her head back and I did the same.
"Well that was..." She managed to say.
"Um... Good music, encore!" I yelled to the band.
"Oh please shut up with your spirituals! You knuckleheads are boring me!" Yelled the rich man, he had an English accent, and that was the first time he had spoken to anyone.
I just laid back in my seat, and looked over at Natasha. She looked scared, confused and worried, then I looked at Festus, he looked sad, as if he had just lost a bet with a tree stump. I pulled out my gun and opened the cylinder. It was a swing-out design, with a new way of ejecting bullets. I decided to take out the .38 long colt bullets and leave it in my holster. I slipped it back in, and then looked at Natasha. She had the same look, she was facing straight ahead, and I started to worry.
"Natasha?" I said. I waited for a reply. "Tasha?"
"What?" She stuttered, she looked at me as if she was embarrassed, she looked like she felt as though she had cheated on a boyfriend, and liked it. She looked at me, and from the look in her eye, I could tell she had fallen for me. "Yeah?" She asked fearfully, as if she had upset me in some way.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"Nothing's wrong... oh? Did I show you my new knife?" she said excitedly, and she quickly pulled a knife out of her sheath. "Umm, here," she said as she handed it to me.
It was a simple buck knife, nothing really much special. I handed it back to her. She tried to put it back in the sheath but she was too quick and dropped it in the floor. "Are you ok?" I asked her, and I checked her hand for cuts.
She gently pulled her hand away and said, "I'm ok..."
I purposely put my hand on her thigh as I reached down under the seat for her knife. I felt the knife with my left hand and picked it up. "Here ya' go" I said, smiling
She took it, and smiled. Then, we started talking again, and then I noticed I had forgotten to take my hand off her thigh... The band played one more time so I quickly raised my hands and clapped. The English man screamed "Bloody hell" as he covered his head with a pillow from his pack. A Civil War era Yankee Doodle parodyplayed as the train joined in.
After 2 days, the train was on its last leg of its trip. The band announced to the crowd that they had ran out of songs to play. The British man applauded, while the rest of the train entered dead Silence. Then, the train began to cross a bridge. The waters below were red, and mountains lined the banks. Then I thought of another song. I rose from my seat and said "Red River Valley!" The band applauded my choice in music and they played the music on the final stretch of the journey. The train went to singing and I led the train in the lyrics. But I wasn't singing for them, I was singing for her. Natasha, I loved her more than ever, and I was happy. She was also first to join in after me, and we sung all the way to the outskirts of The Golden Rise valley. The song ended as we approached a tunnel. There were lights in the train, so no one was left in the dark. The train entered the tunnel. For 2 minutes, we endured black windows and silence. Then the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. It grew closer and closer until we were out. The train blew its whistle and a soldier walked through the aisle repeating 27 minutes until' the station! The train sat silent for 27 long, wonderful minutes. We looked out the windows and saw beautiful forests, rivers, and streams. It was 6:34 PM and the sun was setting. Then the train slammed its breaks, passengers moved forward, and back. A tree had fallen over on the tracks, seemingly cut to fall there.
It was another day before we reached the station. The train had trouble starting as well, as it goes with my luck and trains of course. Nightfall came. Wolves howled, bears growled, and cougars prowled. Natasha had fallen asleep, so I laid my head on her shoulder, closed my eyes, and slept.
The morning after, I awoke from a dream, a dream about my childhood, a dream about my loved ones, perishing at the hands of evil men. I noticed tears on my face, some of them had even dripped onto Natasha's blouse, but she was still asleep, and I wiped my eyes clean. I looked out the window, the train started to chug, which woke a few people up. The train moved, then began to roar to a start. Natasha woke up and grabbed onto the bench in front of us, then she realized that the roaring was from the train. She and I gazed at each other, and then looked out the window. The sun was golden, It was rising. "It's beautiful," Natasha said.
"Like you" I whispered.
"Huh?" She asked.
"Oh, nothing." I said.
In 35 minutes, we reached the station, behind schedule by 1 day and god knows how many hours. The Grandview station was big, and surprisingly well fortified. Planks with iron bars and sheet metal lined the walls. A squadron of 25 militiamen of Daniels gulch marched with outdated single shot trapdoor rifles, and their weathered commander looked as useful as a pack of cigars to a beaver. The men trembled when the mercs got off the train. 9 of us stuck together, the 3 stooges, Harvey, Natasha, The Soldier, The Reverend, The Englishman, and Me. We decided to stick together. We walked over to the Grandview apartment tower. It was on the cutting edge of construction technology. It was finished only one year ago and It even has a new plumbing system. We walked in and into the lobby. Natasha unbuttoned the top 2 buttons on her blouse, and walked over to the manager. I heard her ask him for the biggest room they had, in a very sexy voice. The manager entered a sweat and admitted that it was open, and he even offered a discount. We paid $137 up front for the room, and it was on the top floor as well. The building had 5 stories, so we packed all of our gear up the steps and unlocked the door, ready for a week of relaxation before going straight to business.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 7

Domestic Disturbance
10 mercenaries lined up and marched to the enemy town, they had no names, they had no cares, and they had no minds. One by one, they fired their guns at the town, miles away, they advanced further, and I watched them leave through the window. After 40 minutes, their gunshots stopped, and the day went on silent.
"10 down, 13 to go." said Harvey, jokingly.
"Those men marched into battle without minds, and they got themselves killed like fools," said the tall, wise stooge, named Tom. The fat little man was named Patrick, and Willard was the scruffy one. The soldier man did not talk much, but we found that his name was James. The Englishman wanted nothing to do with us, so he stayed in the Master bedroom all day. The Reverend was named Justin, he was a nice man, but he was god's gun. He killed evil men when they deserved it, and he was willing to risk his own life to settle the debt.
"Glory, glory, what a hell of a way to die." said James. 7 of us laughed, but Justin took everything very seriously. He knew death, and he was right to fear it. As for us, well, we didn't know any better. We made bets on who would die first, and, as luck of the Irish would have it, Patrick was most likely to die on everyone's list. Willard had left his engineers cap on the train and he hated himself for it. Natasha wanted to take a shower badly. When most of our new 'crew' had left, she and I were the only ones left in the room. Even our English friend had left to check out the scenery.
"Don't look, ok David?" She said, and she began to take her clothes off to get into the shower. I, obviously, couldn't resist looking, I glanced back and watched her climb into the shower, but she peered back and saw me watching. "David, for god's sake! Why can't you follow orders like a good mercenary?" She yelled, and she threw her soap at me. She laughed, but sighed. "David, can, you bring my soap over here?" she asked
I picked up the soap and carried it over to her, she was covering herself with her left arm as she snatched the soap away with her right. "Ok, that will be all, go away now..." She giggled. I asked her if she wanted any help in the shower, but, she just pushed me away laughing and she closed the shower doors. I walked out of the room into the stairwell, and looked down. The 5-story building seemed very high off the ground. I took out a spent .38 shell and tossed it down. It was fun watching it fall and hit the ground. I walked back into the room and laid down on a sofa. I covered my face and went to sleep. I awoke a short time later as Natasha stood over me, her hair dripping water in my face, and her hazel eyes staring at me again. "Rise and shine!" she said, she tapped me on the head, and she walked off to get a glass of water from the kitchen room faucet. I got up and got ready for a shower, just as she did 10 minutes earlier. When I got in, the water felt good. It was warmed, which was a custom of that luxury apartment, to boil water every 58 minutes, and I could feel the dirt being washed off my face. It had been a while since I had taken a bath, and surprisingly, I felt a little euphoric even, and I could not believe that I actually got a warm shower. But as luck would have it, there were no towels on the rack. I had to get out of the shower, and into a clean pair of clothes. My pack was on the couch though, and what If Natasha saw me? Oh well, no harm would be done. I got out and snuck over to the couch, grabbed my pack and snuck over to a closet, but, Natasha somehow snuck up behind me and hit my backside with the towel, and then she began to laugh, which scared the holy cowbird out of me and I ran into the wall and knocked myself unconscious.
I awoke with new Jeans on and a button up shirt, and I was laying in the master bedroom. I could hear laughter in the other room, and The door opened. It was the Englishman.
"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!" I said weakly, and I laughed.
"Ah, I see you are awake my good fellow." said the Englishman. "I must assure you, I am not English, I am all American, I don't understand what makes me English in your eyes? Could you explain?" The rich not English man who uses big words said.
"It's the way you talk and act." I said.
"Ah, yes, I have been a rather rude lately, I can understand that, but I must assure you, I am a good fellow to get to know." He was holding a cup, of, you guessed it, Tea. He took a sip. "Natasha tells me you are, David, am I correct?"
"Is she okay?" I stammered.
"Oh yes, she's fine, the question is, are you?" he asked.
"Yeah" I said, "Why do you ask?"
"Oh, well, you took a bump on the head and she was worried sick about you. A friend of hers is a friend of mine. After all, she is my adopted sister." and he smiled.
"What's your name?" I asked him.
"Hiram Trousdale." he replied.
Then Natasha walked in. "Is he ok?" she asked.
"I think he likes you." Hiram whispered into her ear.
She giggled and left the room. I felt embarrassed, so I closed my eyes and went to sleep, yet again.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 8

Fool for the City.
There was a knock at the door, then It was opened. I sat up in my bed and saw two new mercenaries. I remembered them from the train, they were some of the best singers and they seemed to want to join my crew.
"Hello, David, my names Johnny, and this is Charlie." The two mercenaries looked like brothers, and that's what they were.
"What do you need?" I asked them.
"Well, we just want to join your crew, and, well, introduce you to the city of Daniels gulch." Charlie said.
"It's an order from Mayor Jennings himself, come with us; we'll introduce you to some of the finest merchants in Idaho." Johnny said, "Bring your wallet!"
I got up and walked out of the bedroom into the living room/shower room where so many memories had occurred already, 7 of my other friends were there sitting down, and Natasha was at the door to the stairwell, waiting for us. We walked over to the door and Natasha opened the door. Johnny and Charlie stepped out into the hallway and waited for me. As I walked out the door, Natasha said, "Go get 'em cowboy!" and she slapped me on the backside with her hand, and she gently closed the door as the crew burst into laughter and I felt embarrassed even more.
Johnny and Charlie led me down the stairs, through the lobby, and out the door. I followed them into town, and then Charlie said "This is it, go find some things you like, buy them, and come back. Its that simple." And then they laughed.
They were getting ready to head back to the hotel when I said, "Don't let anything, and I mean anything, happen to Natasha, that is an order."
"Aye, Aye, captain!" Johnny said, and Charlie ended with "She will be safe with us, don't worry, nothing bad will happen, I swear on my mother's grave." I felt reassured, and I continued on to the marketplace. I looked for new guns, ammo, knives, supplies, and the general survival necessities. I went shop to shop, finding nothing of interest. Then I decided to go to actual stores. I went to the General Store. All that they had was a bicycle, a johnboat, and a large tent pack. I went with the tent pack, and left the store. I went to the Gunsmith, what was in stock there was pathetic. The store had a few muskets, some cheap revolvers, and ammo. I saw a few boxes of .38 long colt shells, so I bought them, well, all that they had anyways. My next stop was at the Tailor. They had completely sold out. I asked them what had happened, and they told me that the US Army had barricaded all imports of goods for 5 months, because of their little civil unrest of course. I left the Tailor and went to the market again. I was hungry. Gulch had plenty of farms; we passed one on the train, so I went into the market to search for food. I saw apples, tomatoes, potatoes, and a few onions. I bought what I wanted and went to a bench to eat. I tried the onions, which tasted like the rear end of a donkey, then I tried the potatoes, which were the same, the tomatoes were rotten, and the apples were a change though. Of all the food, apples were the best in the market. Then I saw Reverend Justin walk over and sit at my table, he had an apple, and he happily ate it. Then he said "You know, Life is like an apple. You take one bite, and you want more. When only the core is left, you can't go on, and you wish you could have enjoyed it more." and he took another bite of the apple and continued "But in all, what matters is how you treat your life, If you treat it well, then in return, it will treat you well, or taste better," He took out a jar of peanut butter and he dipped the apple in some of it. Then he took a bite. "See what I mean?" He said with a mouth full of apple and peanut butter. Then put the jar back into his pocket and left, back into the market. I decided to head back to the Apartment. I was worried about Natasha, I hoped she was ok. I broke into a jog, and In about 7 minutes I reached the front door. I walked in, the lobby was empty. I went upstairs. I knocked on the door, no one answered. I drew my revolver, pulled back the hammer, and threw a running kick at the door, It flew open and a man jumped up, "Surpri... Ahh!!!" he yelled, I pulled the trigger, *Click* The gun was empty.
"Oh my gosh David... What are you doing?" Natasha said angrily, from the other side of the room with about eleven other people. I lowered my gun.
"What is this?" I asked.
"A sur... a surprise party..." said the man I almost shot. He had apparently wet himself in fear of my mighty revolver...
"For what?" I asked.
"Listen, David, my fellow mercenary, we have started a new gang, the Schofield gang, in your honor." Harvey explained. "We all bought out all of the Schofield's in the gun shop so we could be a successful crew. There weren't that many though, so we compensated with 2 peacemakers and a sawn off."
"Well, thanks guys, I don't know what to say!" I said.
"Don't thank us" Hiram said, "Thank Natasha."
I looked over at Natasha, who had her arms crossed in embarrassment because I almost shot the manager of the apartment/hotel or whatever it was, and she laughed as the manager snuck out of the room. I put my revolver on the table and said "Lets party!" And the three stooges began to play some songs, and James sang, and Justin walked in with a violin, they all played some songs, and we drank Wine, Whiskey and Vodka throughout the night.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 9

A decent hangover
I awoke in the master bedroom, I felt warm, happy, but then, my head began to ache. Two bottles of Wine and vodka weren't so good. My head was aching; I rolled to the left and fell into the floor. I had been in the bed with Natasha, because when I fell, she leaned over the bed and grabbed me, asking if I was ok. I said I had a hangover. She laughed. Then, I went back to sleep.
I woke up again mid day, I was alone in the master bedroom, and I could not hear a soul. I got up, my headache was gone, and so I went into the living room. Empty. I sat on the sofa and saw a newspaper lying on the table. I picked it up; I may as well read it I thought, since I had nothing better to do. And the name of the paper was The Golden Rise, "waking you up since 1889" I looked in the headlines and there it was, "10 mercenaries die at the hands of desolate truth's hands, bounty raised to $5000 per head of the leaders Hansel and Veronica" and under it was a picture of 10 mercenaries in coffins, all lined up for an eerie photo to be taken. I went into the kitchen to get some food, I looked in the pantry room for some wheat and flour, and I looked in the Cold storage room for some eggs. I got a pan from the drawer and filled it with water, and then I mixed all of the ingredients together to make some flapjacks. They turned out below expectations, but I had found some maple syrup, so I didn't worry. I finished cooking them on the wood stove and I brought them to the living room coffee table to eat, I poured some maple syrup on them and took a bite with a silver fork. Then I remembered, I forgot the butter. I decided to go ahead and finish the pancake. When I was done, I put it in the sink and walked back to lay down. Then the door opened, It was Natasha, she walked over and sat on my legs, and said "You missed the fight."
I sat up, blinked a few times, and said "A fight?"
"Yes a fight, Hiram, Johnny, Charlie and Willard against big Festus." She regretfully said.
"Why did they fight?" I asked.
"I went to the saloon, the boys wanted drinks, so I went with them, Festus saw me, and, he grabbed me and dragged me to a back room, I screamed and he ripped my shirt, then he tried to..." I couldn't take hearing about it anymore. I looked at the coffee table and looked around for my revolver.
I interrupted her. I said, "Where in the hell is my gun? Festus won't bug you any more I promise, just give me my gun and I'll put him to sleep like the animal that he is..."
"It's ok, David, they ran him off, he went to desolate, he won't be around any time soon." She calmly said. I could see her hazel eyes saddened by what he tried to do to her.
"I want to find Festus; I will kill him with my bear hands. I..." I seemed to have spoken without my mind telling me to.
"David, it's ok, Justin is getting together a town guard to help keep men like Festus out of the town, he is going to keep him away, I promise," And she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, she got up and walked into the master bedroom. I laid back on the sofa, I closed my eyes, and I drifted off.

David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 10

Bringing down a cult
I awoke to running outside the door, the door opened, it was my crew, Hiram slammed the door shut and Willard, Tom and James pushed the sofa, with me on it, in front of the door to block it from whatever is outside. I jumped up, ran to the window and looked outside. I saw Harvey being circled by horses wrapped in odd bed sheets, and men wearing bed sheets as well, except they had pointy hats, Willard whispered loudly "Its them!"
"Who?" I asked.
"The KKK!" Hiram answered. I ran over to the Master Bedroom, grabbed my gun case, ripped out my Mosin Nagant, put in a stripper clip and put a bullet in the chamber. The KKK was nailing up a wooden cross when I opened the window. Harvey was moaning and crying, begging god to save him, and I decided to act as a guardian angel and kill the Klansmen. I aimed my mosin, steady to the touch, I put the sights over a man in red bed sheets who was on a crate chanting some nonsense, and I pulled the trigger. The man's bed sheets turned even more red. I pulled the bolt back and forth and loaded in another cartridge. I hit a man with white sheets, who was next to Harvey, the white sheets turned red. I aimed at a third Klansman; Back, fourth, boom; Red sheets, And a fourth Klansman, who was now running for the woods. Back, fourth and boom, down went number four. A final Klansman had a gun that was aimed at my head, suddenly; Tom jumped and knocked me out of the way, but the Klansman fired, I quickly reassumed sniping stance as the man ran, back, fourth, pow. The bullet struck the Klansman in the lower back. Tom was ok, he was hit in the lower chest, but the town surgeon could fix him right up. I saw Harvey get up and untie the ropes that bound his hands. He walked over to the half-dead Klansman, now crawling to the woods and He raised his foot and lowered it as fast and hard as he could on the back of the Klansman's head. I helped Patrick, James and Hiram move the couch away from the door and back into its normal spot. I opened the door, and in walked Harvey, battered and bruised. He walked toward me, and opened his arms and gave me a bear hug. He was crying, "Thank you so much, you are a hero!"
Then Natasha walked in from the Master bedroom. "David, I didn't know you could shoot like that, I'm so glad I'm with you, I mean, as a team mate, and fellow mercenary..." and she started to blush and act nervous.
I walked over to her, held her hands, and said, "I know, we're all one big happy family!" I said, trying to make her laugh. It was a success; she laughed.
Everyone decided to hit the hay, I went into the Master bedroom, Natasha went with me, and everyone else went to their favorite napping spot, and slept. I laid down on the left side of the bed, Natasha got the right, and she said "Ok, here are the rules, my side" and she pointed a line down the middle of the bed. "Your side" and she pointed at my side of the bed. I laughed. We laid down and covered up.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 11

Good morning, Dave.
I woke up, my hand was on Natasha's hip, and her hand was on mine, we had rolled over and ended up facing each other directly, my nose was only about 3 centimeters away from hers, then, she opened her eyes. We stared at each other for about six seconds, then, we knew we weren't dreaming. We both screamed, and fell out of bed at the same time. Then, we laughed at the same time. We got up and went into the living room. I saw my revolver on the table, so I went over, got it and went back to the room to get my things together. It was time to make a move. There were 4 mercenaries out there who had not yet picked a side, and 1 who was a traitor. I, being the strategic leader that I am, led the crew to the mayor's office. I was allowed in immediately because I was starred as "VIP" By the mayor himself. I walked into his office and then I saw him. Bill Jennings. He was bald, friendly, tall and good mannered. He threw out his hand for me to shake. "Ah, Good morning, Dave, It's so nice to meet you!"
I shook his hand and said, "Call me David." Then he sat down, so I sat down.
"David, I have an interesting business proposition for you, you have a crew of 10, am I correct?" he asked.
"Eleven counting me" I corrected.
"Ah, so, who's side are you interested in?" he inquired, "Good, Bad, ugly, in speaking of ugly, I heard about that Festus fella, real pain in the rear huh?"
"I need your militia. 25, and I need to be commander, I can train those men to learn to not wet themselves when they see danger." I ordered.
"Ah, my militia, fine soldiers, the lot of them. A single wolf could terrorize them just by its howl, I say, those boy scouts are all yours." He happily turned over their contracts and deeds.
"Um, well, thank you Mayor Jennings, I promise, you will not be disappointed. Have a great day." I said, and so I left the room to meet up with my crew, we set off to the train station to take control of the men. We walked on a wooden platform that overlooked a fifteen-foot drop to the forest below. It was a magnificent sight; this "Golden Rise" Place has yet to dissatisfy me. We walked to the station, and I did the talking.
"Good day sir, I am here to take control of your army." I said.
"Oh yeah, you and what army mercenary?" The commander snapped.
I showed commander know it all my deed. "The army of the United Schofields of America! Now step aside, you cowering snake!" I shouted, and then I looked at James. "Was that a good catch phrase?"
James shook his head, "nope. Not even close."
"Oh well, get out of here commander know nothing." I said. The commander ran down the train tracks and fell several times.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 12

The US of the USA.
Now, I felt better, I had an entire army now, and I am sure that Natasha had feelings for me just as deeply as I had feelings for her, and my gang was growing, Big time. We walked to the fort which these sorry excuses of militia had come from. It was a nice fort, a good courtyard, and a good headquarters. I ordered James to teach the boys how to be men. James agreed to. James had become second in command, he was not only an ex Colonel, he was a good leader. I'm not willing to say he was better, but more over on the same scale as I was. I had ordered the two of the three stooges and Johnny and Charlie to go get our stuff from the Apartment, so they wouldn't be back for a while. Tom was in town at the doctors, and Justin was at church. We walked into the headquarters as James instructed the pathetic boy scouts. Natasha, Hiram, Harvey, and I walked around, looking for different places in the stone headquarters. I found the Armory, full of single shots and muzzleloaders of course, Natasha found the beds, Hiram found the Commanders office, and Harvey found the Mess hall. We regrouped in the lobby and Hiram and Harvey went outside to help with the gnats known as Militia. That left Natasha and I all alone.
"David." Natasha said.
"Yes?" I said.
"Come with me, there's something I want to tell you." she said in an urgent voice.
I followed her into the commander's office. "What is it, Natasha?"
She began to explain. "David, after all of this time we've spent together, I feel like something just clicked, and now I really want to spend time with you, after all this time, I've found someone I want to be with, I don't care about money, I care about you, and I don't want something bad to happen to you."
She really got my heart pumping. I felt in so much love, so I said, "I love you Victoria..." And Just then, I realized, I had slipped up. After all the love she had put on the line for me, I ruined it. Her face turned white, tears began to form at her eyes, and she ran for the door, she opened it and she ran down the hall crying loudly. And at that point, my life turned into what seemed to be a living hell.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 13

The Calm before the storm
I was standing in the CO's office, I had broken the girl of my dreams heart, and I was sure that things couldn't get any worse. Thunder roared outside, it was as if the heavens were coming down to take me out, all because I said her name. Victoria. Taken along with a relic of my life. Victoria and the Schofield, the Schofield that was my last name. Then I remembered the words "Live on, by glory" I looked at the CO's desk, there was a miniature American flag, I wrapped my fingers around it and held it to my heart. I began to sob, I fell to my knees, pulled out my revolver, and pulled back the hammer. I put the gun to my forehead. I let three tears fall from my eyes onto the flag. I pulled the trigger.
*click* again. *click* again. *click*
I heard footsteps getting louder and louder. *Click*
"David, are you okay?" Johnny asked.
"What's going on here? James inquired.
I was still pointing my gun at my head; James snatched it away before I could pull the trigger again. He opened the cylinder. "Empty" James stated.
I felt sick; I had aimed an empty gun at myself, now my crew thinks I'm a some nut job. I looked at James holster; I quickly got up, ripped it open, took the gun, spun around and pulled back the hammer of a Schofield. I aimed it at my own head when Johnny dropkicked me. The gun went off and flew from my hand. The bullet streaked my hair. James jumped on top of me as well. I was restrained. I tried to reach for Johnny's gun to kill myself when James smacked me across the head with his Schofield.
I could hear voices. Crying. Sorrow. Rage. Anger. Sadness. Crying. Sorrow. Sadness. Then everything went blank. I came too after a while, and I could hear Natasha. "James, what have you done?"
"I saved his life, that's what I've done!" James yelled.
"Leave... Natasha, alone!" I managed to moan, but no one seemed to hear me. I was on some sort of stretcher. I assumed they were taking me to the hospital.
I saw the three stooges, and I heard Tom say "And I thought I was bad..." So I assumed James hit me a little too hard. I blanked out again.
When I woke up again, Natasha was staring at me, in a chair next to my bed. "Are you okay?" she asked.
"yes, are, are you ok? Natasha, I'm sorry..." I said with all my strength. I seemed to have had a concussion and a bruised rib.
"It's okay," She said as she stroked my hair. "I'm here for you."
"Just like old times, eh?" I muttered, then I blacked out again.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 14

Together at last
"James!" I awoke, hearing myself yell out for James, feeling myself want to tear him apart.
"David, calm down, He left." Natasha said, gently calming me down. "We got a two new mercs in our crew, Roland and Dieter. Roland is the one who counts most. He's Australian, he's a big game hunter, he came here when he heard you killed Klansmen, he hates them just as much as we do. He's a great shot and he should be able to help us out.
"Where are my men?" I asked.
"They are securing a perimeter around Daniels Gulch; it was Roland and Dieter's idea. They are probably out killing bad guys, you know?" She reassured me, and I looked into her eyes again.
"Natasha, I..." I managed those words and I broke into crying again.
"It's okay David..." She said, she gently rubbed my back and hugged me tighter and tighter, she began to sing to me, I couldn't make out her words because she was whispering, but I knew what she meant. I put my arms around her, and we stayed that way for a long time, then I fell asleep while hugging her, with my head on her shoulder.

As I slept, I thought of the soldiers, would they make it? Would everything work out? Then I began to have a dream. It was about Natasha and Victoria, I dreamed that they were in the same room, their young and beautiful faces right next to one another, but I could see no difference. Natasha seemed to mean as much to me as Victoria did, but I did not know much about Natasha's youth. I decided that I would ask her, eventually...
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David Schofield

Operation: Breech the Deck
James and Roland, the commanders of the operation, took lead, officers Dieter, Johnny, Tom, Charlie, Patrick, Willard and Harvey took middle column, and Justin, Hiram, and a soldier manned a cannon. They were approaching an enemy encampment. Dieter and Johnny rushed ahead with 4 other soldiers, and everyone else stopped in their tracks. Roland took out a pair of binoculars and scanned the forest. He counted 15 enemies, and, as luck would have it, one of the three traitor mercs, Festus himself. The Schofield soldiers took positions behind trees, the cannon was set up with sandbags in the woodland path, and the commanding officers sat up more sandbags to keep the high ranks safe. James had trained them well; they aimed at as many Desolate Truth militiamen as possible and readied their weapons. Roland took a large gauge shotgun and aimed it at an enemy officer. Dieter readied some Molotov cocktails, special surprise for Festus. The soldiers opened fire on the enemy. 8 of the 15 soldiers died within the first squad fire. Roland fired at the officer, who fell and lost a few fingers and toes. Festus charged forward with a Cavalry saber. The Soldiers reloaded as the enemy fired with short-range Winchester repeaters, missing all but one shot, which killed an unlucky soldier. They all fired again and killed the remaining soldiers. Festus charged forward when Dieter threw a Molotov and struck him in the chest. Festus roared in pain, he was burning and running when the cannon fired, striking him in the legs and bowling him over. Then Roland reloaded his shotgun and aimed it again. The soldiers had reloaded and aimed again. Everyone fired at the same time, Festus literally fell apart.
"Glory, glory!" Harvey called out.
"What a hell of a way to die!" James yelled.
As part of a victory celebration, the team sang Glory, Glory what a hell of a way to die, as a parody of the Battle hymn of the republic... "He ain't gonna shoot no more!" Hiram yelled.
The men set up camp and wandered if David was ok. They would tell him the news and celebrate some more. They all began to set up camp on the hill. As the men dug trenches, the band played, and the night drew in.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 16

Alone with her
I awoke on a bed in the fort, Natasha was at the foot of the bed, rubbing my legs. I decided to ask her about her childhood. Right then and there. I said "Natasha, what was your childhood like?" She grimaced at the thought. A tear dropped from her eye.
"I was adopted when I was 16..." and that was all she wanted to say. She crawled up the bed and laid her head next to mine, I turned mine so I could see her eyes, and we kissed. It was a kiss like none other, we put our arms around each other, we were in love. After four minutes of kissing, she asked me about my childhood.
"I killed three men when I was 6." I said. She looked at me, very confused, and very interested. "Both of my parents were murdered by the men, so I did what I had to do, I shot them with my father's Schofield. Live on, By Glory, the words that kept me going through the years. Then I was adopted by a rich man, and moved to Minnesota. When I was 11, I met a girl, her name was Victoria..." and I stopped.
"Go on, I want to hear about your life." She said, wanting to hear about my childhood.
I continued, "She and I, we had good times together, then, well, we went to the next level when we were 15." I took a deep breath. "Then, all hell broke loose when I had just turned 16. My adoptive father had gambled his life away, a man came to kill him, then the man took Victoria, I tried to stop him, but I tripped, sprained my ankle, and lost my Schofield as well. Then Victoria made one last attempt at coming back to me, she rolled off the horse, and onto the ground. Then the man took her and my gun away. Her last words were... Her last words were..." I cut off my story when I began sobbing, and I began to cry, more than I had ever before.
"David..." Natasha said, "David, its ok." She hugged me tighter, kissed me, and said she loved me.
Then I told her why she was so perfect. I told her "Natasha, I love you more that the world, you remind me of Victoria, you are more than Victoria to me, I love you..." And I smiled. She stared into my eyes and I stared into hers. We decided to take the relationship up a notch, she knew that I loved her more than anything on the planet, and she loved me even more.
After a few more minutes of cuddling, she got up and grabbed her stuff; she was going to the market to buy some food. I noticed that on her way out the door, she pulled out her Schofield, I could have sworn I heard her say "Live on, by Glory." as she left. Then, as usual, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.
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David Schofield

DSM3 P1 Chapter 17

Red Dawn
"Secure the perimeter men!" James yelled as the soldiers surrounded the front gates of Desolate Truth, there was no way out now, the place was surrounded. The men lobbed Molotov's at the door, it began to burn. Soon, the ashes flew from the top and the wooden door collapsed. The soldiers rushed in along with the officers, and every soldier had picked up Winchesters for a rapid takeover. Militiamen left and Right dropped like flies as the soldiers fired their rifles. Some of the better-trained militiamen killed off 5 of the Schofield soldiers, but the militia stood no chance against Roland and his shotgun. 8 gauge pellets rained on the militia, sending them to their graves. The Desolate Truth HQ was the strong point of resistance, The Schofield Army was caught off guard when three Gatling machineguns were brought out. 10 more soldiers fell, and Roland was wounded. He limped towards a Saloon that James had made into a temporary Command post, but the bullets rained on him even more and he fell victim to the multiple wounds he received. Dieter couldn't believe that was happening to Roland, Roland was Dieters best friend and was like a brother, so Dieter ran out to try and recover his body. He, too, was killed. On the other side of town, Hiram had David's Mosin Nagant, and he had attached a Scope to it as well. He killed one man who was on a Gatling gun, and then another, then a cannon was brought up to replace that fallen Gatling crew. The cannon fired at the Saloon, killing half of the men inside, and wounding the rest. Hiram, Justin, Harvey and two soldiers were the only ones left to fight. They worked together and killed the remaining machinery operators on the roof. The crew of 5 rushed up to the building, and Hiram and Harvey covered the entrance, Justin and the two soldiers ran in with semi automatic Mannlicher rifles and shot 8 militiamen. Now, there were only four targets left; Veronica, Hansel, and the two traitors. Back outside, James limped out of the Saloon, he was the only one who could walk, and he knew he needed David to help. He started to limp back to Daniels Gulch. He limped past the fortified position on the hill, and it would take him 56 more minutes to reach town. He wondered if there would be enough time.
Justin and the two soldiers got caught up in a firefight with the two enemy mercs. Justin decided enough was enough and he dropped his carbine and pulled out two silver peacemakers, he jumped in the line of fire and unleashed a storm of 12 bullets into the evil mercenaries. Sadly, Hansel was waiting for him to do that. As soon as the Mercs droped, Hansel walked in with his own modified mannlicher carbine, It had an extended clip so that he could shoot many, many rounds without fear of reload. He opened fire and Justin fell as first victim, then one of the soldiers fell second, and the final soldier third.
James made it to the town, he went straight for the hospital, but David was gone. He knew where they would be. He ran to the Fort, which caused him great pain, nonetheless, he had to find David. He had David's Revolver and a box of 38 ammo, and he needed to find him. He saw Natasha on his way to the fort and he called for her. "Natasha! We need to find David!" He yelled.
She called back "Alright! Follow me!" She led him to the beds and the three discussed the situation.
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