The Bandits - Recruiting


The Bandits are recruiting in El Dorado.

Currently we are in the 'Lost Boys' alliance which consists of The Bandits, Kona, Shadow, and The Gilded Ones. We have a few forts but the main one we have is the large fort in County 1/The Bandits county.

The town is fully built so builders looking to do anything other than church or fort building would probably want to hit a new town.

I'm looking for players who are more active on forums/chat. New players are more than welcomed, I've got a few guides for newer players that should help them out.

For recruitment just contact 'Archibald Hudson' and we will get you all set up.

The one downfall for us is that we are located all the way in County 1 (far west of the map) which sometimes can be time consuming when you are traveling for quests, FFs, Market Items.