RP Discussion The 39 Clues


First post in this thread is a question I want answered by you guys. Have any of you ever read the seirres (how do you spell it I'm drawing a blank, major brain fart, anyway...) called The 39 Clues? (Yes this is important to an RP I'm thinking of doing.

Justin Michael

I read it because I was over at a friends house and his daughter had it on the coffee table. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. Sometimes children's books are fun to read. :D


Thanks guys even if you've never heard of it if you just look it up on google you should get a good overview.


Okay now hopefully you've looked at up at least I want know:
What do you think?
Could it be an RP?

Lord Regal

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Hey guys, please avoid one liners. While you are getting your point across, one liners are best sent through PMs, as otherwise it could be seen as you trying to get your post count up. Pieboy, any reason for this to remain open now?