Hello, Nuchiha101 here, some of you may know me. I used to play on World 1, but for some reason my account was restarted, and I tried to re - register on World 1 and it said closed. So I registered on World 2, and re - founded my town of Teuton.

Teuton is currently small, and I'm the only member, my level may be small but I am very experienced, my account got restarted at least 2 times for unknown reasons.

16,436 Points

Town Hall = 3
Residences = 1
Bank = 7
Hotel = 2
Gunsmith = 3
Tailor = 10
General Store = 10
Mortician = 1


There aren't any rules yet, they'll be made soon


The unknown reason is inactivity. Inactivity for over 45 days means account deletion and restart from 0.


I logged in at least every three days though, the longest I've gone without logging in was about 24 days I believe.


I am telling you, the only way your account was deleted was due to inactivity for 45 days or over.