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All the jobs and for a signle character.. I think that it would be great to add some jobs for a team of players, for example

1. Robbing train
2. Fighting with Indians
3. Robbing bank
4. Attacking fort
5. Chasing a gang

Technically I see it that way: There is a spot of a job (like now), but you have to choose between starting your own job or helping the other character. If the number of characters is equal to the requirement of the task... you start doing it.

This would encourage cooperation and communication between players.

sdjx22 said:
Here is how I see it:

People wish to have more teamwork involved in the game.

Current Solution
They can join a town and help the town to grow, or help defeat enemies. All well and good, but the potential on this game is more than just that.

The Proposal
That 'Team Jobs' are created.

How It Could Work
  • Team jobs are created (see 'Example Jobs' below for ideas) and placed on the map as per any other job. It would be very similar to current 'single-player' jobs in that there would be 5 skill requirements and a difficulty rating. These would be significantly high. There would be two main differences though:
    1) It would only have an option to work for two hours (to keep it simple). And
    2) It would have a minimum requirement of 2 players needed to do the job.
  • The job would have to have a 'Walk To Job Site' button, much like the one in towns, and the work confirm button could only be used once there, much like banks/shops in towns (Re-use the same code, maybe?).
  • PLAYER A would have to walk to the job site and queue up a 2 hour job. He would have to have no other jobs/sleeps/walks queued BEFORE the job, but can queue them up for after. It would go into his work queue, showing 2 hours remaining, BUT WOULD NOT START. PLAYER B would then come along. He would see that there is already 1 person waiting to do the job. He would see the skill points needed, and would also see how many have already been accrued by PLAYER A. He could then join. If 1 labor point is reached, then the job starts automatically. If not, then it is queued the same as PLAYER A until PLAYER C comes along....and on and on.
  • Any player could cancel the job from their queue at any point before the job is started, but not after.

Experience and Money
It could work in 1 of 2 ways:
1)Each player recieves the same amount
2)It is scaled according to skill level i.e. the player with the highest skill points for that job gets the most, and the one with the lowest gets the least.

  • It would be nice if a luck value was added for items too. Then, if an item was found in any of the 30 minutes, it would be randomly given to one of the players. Technically, one player could get 4 items, or there could be no items found, or 4 players could get one each. This would add extra dimensions to town politics too. Would you town founder demand that items found on team jobs be sold and the money donated to the town treasury?
  • Reports could go one of two ways:
    1) Each player gets his own report. Items found (and money and Xp should option 2 from the XP and Money above be chosen) would be hidden from other.
    2)One big report is sent to all players, it shows who found what items (and money and Xp should option 2 from the XP and Money above be chosen - this would be interesting!)

Example Jobs
Robbing Trains
SKills needed: Appearence, Tactics, Hiding, Toughness, Stamina

Building A Bridge (Because let's face it, its a big job!)
Skills needed: Construction, Leadership, Repairing, Swimming, Tactics

As you can see, I think it needs to include a range of jobs that includes jobs suited to everyone. I have not worked out the skills and such, but hopefully there would at least one team job that everyone would be able to help with. It would be nice if a job could be created for mixed skills, such as:

Build and Guard a Fort
Skills Needed: Construction, Repairing, Aim, Tactics, Reflex

And others like it. Basically, a wide range of jobs that would need different types of teams to do.

Closing Statement
This would obviously be better suited to town members, as they could organise a team together and plan a time to go to the job site and start work. But, this system would ensure that it remains flexible enough for other players to join in the fun too. A townless adventurer could join the same job as a group of people from one town. It would just be harder for the 'loners' as they may be sat waiting at a job site for a while, waiting for other players to arrive and join.
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Yes I like this idea.

Some variations of this have been suggested before but it is a simple idea, easy-to-implement and would add quite a lot of fun to the game without the complications (that some other ideas have).

I hope the devs take this up and implement it in an upcoming update soon :)


It's definately a good idea.

I don't think it should be that you need enough players to do it, but you need enough labor points between you.

It should need a lot of labor points, made up from different skills. I don't know the figures, but it should make it difficult to do unless you have like 5 people doing it.

Then you really would have to plan it out in your town forum and stuff, not only for timings, but for who's skills would enable you to do the job.

Violette LeDrunc

Yup, fun. Cos at the moment, the only team thing you can really do is gang up on people who've been attacking your town.

Not that that isn't fun, of course. ;)


But if those jobs would be good, like give a lot of cash or luck, then there would be peole who abuse it. Creating multi-accounts.


But if those jobs would be good, like give a lot of cash or luck, then there would be peole who abuse it. Creating multi-accounts.
That is a good point. But what is there to stop multi-accounters sending all of thier characters to work the same high end jobs once they have the skill points now as the game is?
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John Rose

Very good point there. Abuse possibilities are obvious that way.


why not just make a rule like they have whit duels?
you cant do a "team job" if you are on the same internet connection.

that whould make it hard for any to multi acc on the "team jobs"

i whould love to see this idea come to life:)


I think every suggestion may be abused by multiaccounting; for example running city of five characters by a player managing five accounts... This is not the point to avoid cheaters, sadly I must say it is nearly impossible, but to encourage communication and cooperation between players. Right now a player is independent and is able to play even alone in the server....
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But creating 5 accounts to run a town isn't very profitable and im usre you won't get anywhere near the top.


and if its only one person that is allowed to do a team job pr. internet connection then you whould need to have 5 internet connections!?

and as said before he chould also do the same "normal" job whit 5 players.

so it whould not really help a cheater that much.


Perhaps it would require not just skills but classes as well, the better the skills, however, the better the outcome.

So Robbing a Train would require at least, one worker, two soldiers and one dueller, at a minimum, however I think the maximum should be unlimited, the skill level high so a large group of low skilled classes could do this with a large but spread outcome.
Where as 4 at the minimum would receive a similar outcome but in a larger amount since there was only 4 apart from xx.

1. Robbing train (1 Worker, 1 Dueller, 2 Soldiers)
2. Fighting with Indians (5 Soldiers, 3 Duellers, 1 Adventurer)
3. Robbing bank (1 Soldier, 3 Duellers, 2 Workers)
4. Attacking fort (5 Soldiers, 4 Duellers, 3 Workers, 1 Adventurer)
5. Chasing a gang (2 Adventurers, 3 Dullers)

Something like that, obviously there would become large amounts of low levelled and low skilled players all on one Job, which is more realistic in the given task.
But the ones able to do it at the minimum amount of people are the most highly skilled people, as it were, so the logic works well.

Saying 'This is abusable' about everything with no actual way of abusing, or just something exactly the same as the rest should be counted as spam because it's really said WAY too much and shouldn't be a reason if it's just multi-accounting abusable.
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Very good :) I see that idea may me further improved. Very nice madkill. So to complete a task you take a sum of skills for all the players decided to participate in this? I like this solution..


I must ask about characters below level 10. They do not have any class so let us make a little update from

1. Robbing train (1 Worker, 1 Dueller, 2 Soldiers)
2. Fighting with Indians (5 Soldiers, 3 Duellers, 1 Adventurer)
3. Robbing bank (1 Soldier, 3 Duellers, 2 Workers)
4. Attacking fort (5 Soldiers, 4 Duellers, 3 Workers, 1 Adventurer)
5. Chasing a gang (2 Adventurers, 3 Dullers)

1. Robbing train ( 6 characters at least: 1 Worker, 1 Dueller, 2 Soldiers)
2. Fighting with Indians (12 characters, al least: 5 Soldiers, 3 Duellers, 1 Adventurer)
3. Robbing bank (8 characters at least: 1 Soldier, 3 Duellers, 2 Workers)
4. Attacking fort (16 characters, at least: 5 Soldiers, 4 Duellers, 3 Workers, 1 Adventurer)
5. Chasing a gang (7 characters: 2 Adventurers, 3 Dullers)

This means for robbing a train you need al least 6 characters, 1 on them must be Worker, 1 must be Dueller and 2 Soldiers.. those two more are any class (or Greenhorn). :)


Cant you see the big flaw in here: all those jobs require so many soldiers but most of the players are adventurers

Oakley Jones

I don't like it requiring classes at all . If this gets implemented , it should be based on skill points like any other job . "Robbing Train" requires horse back riding of 350 , and the like . A job can't begin until enough people join to exceede the base requirements .
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