Talisman, and The Loser (blind eagle Bob)

Arka II

Three questions:

What exactly is the purpose of a talisman? I know that there is something called a holy talisman which you get after completing two or three quests from the Ghost town set, but atleast that thing gives clear skill points. I found a "talisman" while transporting ammunition. Its purchase/sales price are 1000/500 respectively, but gives no bonus whatsoever.

Secondly, where did this "the loser" series of quests come from?? Its not there in the West Stats and Tools thingi. Its probably a good thing, first time in a long time in this game I feel "surprised" dunno what to do. PS, I am at level-40 and it came from Maya, I had to beat some Billy-blind-eagle guy in a duel, and the next requirement is to give him a pepper-revolver and then "lose" to him :S :S :S Whats up next??

And, about the new banking system : if I am a member of an alliance group with multiple cities... well, we all have this shopping pass system... now, when we used to leave a town, all our money would automatically come to us... now, do we have to carry around massive amount of cash if we want to buy something from other towns?? I will get the answer to this question in 1.5 hours time, but regardless, if THAT is indeed the case, this system has some major loop-holes... you can deposit but not withdraw!?!?!

Lord Melnkor

1. Talisman does nothing so far.

2. It was a new quest added a bit ago that leads to a secret!

3. You're money stays in the bank regardless of you being in a town or not.

4. If you use the search, you'll find threads on all 3 of these with answers. :p


Talisman = For now, unknown. Hold on to it.

New quests, you complaining? :p

Bankithdrawls were always done automatically when you purchase something. There is no need to carry cash around. Nothing has changed except that your money is always safe in the bank now when you leave a town, in addition to a small fee when depositing.

Sam L Boone

The Talisman of which you speak have no "Published" abilities. They are believed
to have special powers.
There is another thread here that speculates as to their use and abilities.
(Forger where I saw it... Did you do a search before you posted this?)

The loser Quest came along with the last update. It has not been added to the
West-Stats yet. (Along with a few other things)
(There are a couple of other threads out there on this too. Do a search.)

Again with the update, the banking system has changed. Your money now stays
in the bank. You pay a rate which is tied to your bank's level to deposit, but can
now make Deposits in ANY town. You money will be waiting when you hop to the
next town.

South Front

In the loser quest I need to get pepper-revolver which is very expensive ($2150)
Is it worth buying for this quest?


Oh my God, out of town a precise pepperbox revolver is 8000! Where am I supposed to get money for that?


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Oh my God, out of town a precise pepperbox revolver is 8000! Where am I supposed to get money for that?
I do not understand why people post things like this..
Have some common sense and move to a town that has it! It is called shopping mate ;)


I own a town and cannot abandon it.
Actually you can. Nothing binds you to a town. I understand your reticence to leave if you are the only one there but then nothing binds you to completing quests either. The choices are yours to make. Cool huh?


I now have the Pepperbox revolver, but it says I don´t fullfill the requirements...does that mean I hve to travel all the way back to the ghosttown (8hrs)? :O


Not only that but the "Looser" quest requirement is NOT Ghost Town, you may solve that quest anywhere on the map.


Oh my God, out of town a precise pepperbox revolver is 8000! Where am I supposed to get money for that?
get someone from that town to buy it for you, then tell them to put it on the market with max price of about 2150-2500