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In 1944 Somewhere in the Middle East, David Fraggen discovered the tomb of Moses. Well, they think he did, you see, David never came back. All anyone ever found of him was his diary which had been ripped several times. The last entry stated that he had to get to the Temple of Gremsuat to find the tomb. In the same entry he mentioned a birdlike creature in Egyptian myth that was as "Big as a thousand suns." A tomb was discovered nearby and the United Nations wants several nations to come up with a single man to go on the expedition.

The nations you can choose are

North Africa
South Africa

*Note* 1 character per country sorry

Character sheets will look like this. I will use mine as an example.

Name: Sven Johanssen
Country: Sweden
Skills: (Up to three) Marksmanship, Translation, and Acrobatics
Bio: Selected by his country to explore the Temple of Gremsuat, Sven is proud to be a member of the team. Orphaned at age 10, Sven lived on the streets but was "adopted" by a wealthy government employee. He received the best education and training to become a government agent but decided to become an archaologist instead. His primary goal in the expedition is to get any artifacts that may be in the tomb and take them back to Sweden.


Name: Pieter Mulatika
Country: South Africa
Skills: Navigation, Translation, and Endurance
Bio: Pieter was a colored teen of 15 when he went to the country-wide iron man competition. He won his division and was selected, along with 3 others, to receive special training. This was where he learned his skills of navigation and translation. He was the only one to make it through the rigorous training and dreams of finding the Tomb of Moses. He is a very devout christian and brang a bible along with him on the trip. He hopes to be the first to find the tomb and any religious scripts and get the glory for his country and himself.

It is a big day for Pieter. He is going to meet the South African president Charles Swart and tell him about the expedition. This is where most of the sponsor money will come from.

"Hello Pieter, please take a seat," says Charles Swart.
"Thank you," replies Pieter.
Pieter takes a seat in a large, fancy chair and stares at the feast set before him.
"Now, Pieter, tell me about your expedition," says Swart.
"Well, sir, I am on an expedition to Egypt to find Moses's tomb. I hope to find it first andbring back the glory and artifacts to the beautiful country of South Africa. I will need lots of money and support but wish to go alone. I have trained for 10 years preparing for this moment. I know navigation, translation, and I have great endurance. All I need is $5,000 for the trip there and supplies. I hope the government of South Africa will let me have the money."

Charles Swart takes this in with a nod of his head and replies, "And what if you fail?"

"I will go back to Africa in shame and try to pay off the big debt I owe if you will sponsor my trip," states Pieter cooly.

After a long pause, Charles Swart slowly nods and says, "I will agree to sponsor you if you agree to work for the government if you fail."

"Yes sir, thank you sir, you won't regret this sir," stammers Pieter

After eating Pieter slowly walks back to his apartment gleefully. Once there, he finds a letter saying you leave tommorow and it is signed by President Charles Swarts. Enclosed is a ticket to the only airport in South Africa.
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Sorry to be corrective, but I really can't resist. Neither Russia nor North Africa were countries then, and the UN wasn't founded until 1945. Finally, this is late in WWII we're talking about. Japan wasn't getting along well with the rest of the list. Again, I'm sorry to be the killjoy here.

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alternate universes are legitimate so long as that's what the OP intends. Back on topic everyone (and by that I mean back to the RP)


(OOC: Well thats easy enough to fix, Russia becomes the Soviet Union and North Africa becomes Algeria)

Name: Michael "Mick" Young
Country: Austrailia
Skills: Pilot, Medicine, Bushcraft
Bio: Before the outbreak of WW2 Mick trained as a doctor out in the Western Territories where his frequent encounters with the native Aborigines taught him valuable Bushcraft amd the ability to survive off the land in return for vital medical supplies. Upon the outbreak of the war Mick volunteered for the RAAF where he was taught to fly Hurricanes, fighting enemy aircraft over Burma and Indoenesia where he received a leg wound that although healed quickly would prevent him from flying combat aircraft and so grounded and working as a medical orderly at one of the Austrailian air bases Mick leapt at the chance to be a member of the expedition to Egypt.
Mick shielded his eyes from the harsh morning sun as he walked down the runway towards the waiting transport plane. He wouldn't be flying it but he had been promised a plane once he arrived at his first stop in Cairo.
The Lee Enfield Rifle was heavy and hung low on his shoulder, it had been a long time since he fired the weapon on a range so he doubted how effective with it he would be but base commander had insisted he take it. The medical kit However he had more confidence in and had in fact packed most of it himself, hanging from his other shoulder in a canvas satchel, it banged heavily against his side as he walked the last few paces to the old C-47 Transport that sat on the runway like some giant, corroded pelican.
"G'day mate, hope your brought a book with you as its a long flight to Cairo" The pilot was only a few years younger than he was but seemed a pleasant enough chap he couldn't see the navigator but guessed he'd be equally young they all were.
"Don't worry about me mate just you concentrate on getting this bucket of bolts down in the air" the pilot smiled at Mick's retort "You fighter pilots are all the same, buckle up and i'll show you what this baby can do"
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Sven turned to say goodbye to his father. His father returned the gesture with a stiff nod. Then, Sven stepped into the helicopter and began his non-stop flight to Egypt, where he would begin the search for treasure with his "teamates". Sven hoped to god he would return, because then he could see his precious Ingrid. He could imagine her now, standing tall, graceful, and beautiful. But she was another thought. He had to start thinking about something else, his mission. Sven tried to start a conversation with the pilot but to no avail. The pilot didn't even reply so Sven tried again. Nothing. He thought the pilot was being rather rude. Suddently ther pilot said, "So your the one our country chose."
"Yes, I am the one." Replied Sven,
"Listen here, I am going to tell you something, whispered the pilot, "If you have the chance to get treasure, get it! If you have to slice open someone's throat to get it get it! Be the one who gets the glory! Understand?"
"But.....But....." Sven looked horrified, "How could I do that to my allies?"
"Listen here!" Said the pilot, "They were told the same thing. I know it!"
"I'll see what I can do." Replied Sven quietly.


As the clumsy transport plane lurched through the air, its twin engines thundering loudly Mick went over his orders once again.
He was to obtain any valuable artifacts uncovered and return them to the commonwealth, preferably the British embassy in Cairo. The discovery of David Fraggen's whereabouts and condition was strictly a secondary objective and should only be unertaken if it it didn't prevent the primes completion, in short the mans life wasn't important they only wanted the treasure. He was also told that should any of the other members of the expedition obstruct the completion of his prime objective then he was fully authorised to "Take whatever action was required".
Mick wasn't a spook by any means but even he could read between those lines and they made him extremely uncomfortable.
"We'll be in Cairo in little under an hour mate" the pilot shouted over the racket of the engines. Cairo, there he would meet the rest of the expeditions members and start his adventure. Settling back in the uncomfortable chair and pulling his slouch hat down over his eyes Mick slept and dreamed of treasure and glory.


As Pieter boarded a small 4-seater plane, the only one that could be found, he imagined the cheers of the crowd as he returned with the treasure and artifacts. Pieter Mulatika would not be an unknown name for long. He knew that his future rested solely on Moses's Tomb and the things he hoped to find. He could care less about the others he knew were coming. He would do anything to get the glory. Suddenly, a voice interupted his thoughts.
"Are you going to geet the treasure?" said the pilot with an accent Pieter didn't know.
"Yes, and claim the glory for the glorious country of South Africa!" said Pieter, almost yelling.
"You reealy think you can win theen?" replies the pilot in astonishment.
"Why yes. Of course, says Pieter in a confused voice, what do you mean by that?"
"Weel, you think Ameerica and Austraila and Japan are going to have just a leelte prop plane like this and some basic supplies? No siree, I can tell you that now, fancy equipmeent and fancy food all thee way to the tomb. I see no chance for our country of South Afreeca. None at all," says the pilot almost joyfully.
Pieter spent the rest of the trip in silent confusion, realizing that maybe he could never achieve what he sought out to do......


The flight had been long and uncomfortable but at he'd at last arrived in Cairo. As he walked the dusty runway, an Egyptian ground crewman leading the way he pondered what kind of aircraft he'd been given he was in Egypt after all.
The short Egyptian man babbled constantly in his native language either oblivious or uncarring of the fact that Mick couldn't understand a single word, he'd given up trying to tell him so and instead just let it wash over him like the warm Egyptian sun, nodding when it was required.
Turning a corner they approached a row of dilapidated hangers built from corrugated iron. Crude roundals denoted their original purpose though the majority of the Hurricanes that had served here had now been shipped home to fight over Europe. It was in one of these hangars that walked in and there stood in the very centre was his plane.

The Westland Lysander stood in the centre of the deserted hangar in immaculate desert camoflage, it was clearly a much loved aircraft. Mick gently whistled in appreciation despite it only being a mark I it was still a good plane capable of carrying up to three people and a pilot. Mick noted that the rear machinegun had been removed to accomdate the extra passengers, not that he'd need the weapon anyway.

After studying his plane for a few for minutes Mick left for the hotel where he would meet his colleagues for the first time.
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