Tainted Duels


Hi Everyone I am new to the game as a matter of fact I been playing a whole 5 days and of them days I been building a new town with the Alliance and I am probably putting a target on my back but Whatever This whole Dueling thing ya know when i first seen the Ranks of some of these guys I was impressed I started fighting NPC's 3 to 4 in a row I wanted be like that ya know, and I started researching clothes and weapons an picking targets of I thought would be good fights I was ready.....but how to Pick a Fight What is the Proper Etiquette Well I am sure by the time i walk 10 mins they'll know and be ready and know a fight is comming NOPE because the Punk Ass Coward what handed me my first loss was level 32 against my 22 his Duel level was 8 lel=evels higher then my 23 Duel level I spent good money on my "Gun Sling'n Set" and was shot down while I was working....Alll the sudden my health dropped dramatically, How do ya brag about that now I think Big Deal 100% damage in One Shot you shot the person in the back while they were Picking fruit (not to take away from you or Disrespect your accomplishment because that Is Fricking AWESOME!! )something ya know what i mean I never want t be questioned I want l my wins and duels straight up I will send ya a message asking 9f you are up to a "Friendly Duel" not come from behind and shoot ya in the back or use what i have deemed to be "School Yard Bully"tactics win or lose I dont care It's honest and it's the right thing to do maybe I am taking it TOO Seriously but ya know this PUKE is out bragging what a Bad Ass he is when in actuality I'd have probably and because i seen the end report as did he I'd have Beat'n him had i been dressed for the Party


There's really not much to say apart from that you're in for a rude awakening if you're expecting duels to work like that. Sure, your way is more honourable and it would be great if it were possible for a system like that to work, but if you plan on being a dueller, you're better off just accepting it or you'll find it hard to compete or enjoy the game.


Yessir, You are Correct

And I know from playing other online MMORPG games that it just Pipe dreams and all but it'd be nice if we as a group or community had that Desire to be better and have that level of Integrity and Honor But then again this isn't the 14th century an We aint Samurai So if that is how the game is played then I guess I'll just get used to it and conform or Dont Play I do want to say Thank You , your reply was not insulting, condescending and/or uhmm I guess for lack of better term Troll-ish, Take it easy Pard See ya on the plains