Suspicious "Quotation Marks"


Or is he "Just" pragmatical. "maybe" we are all pragmatical but "we" don't know.

Lord Regal

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"I" don't think the systematic search for the "phrase" that was incorrect was quite "accurate" as a lot of people are "grammatically challenged"
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But "do" we "really" like it? Or do we just "think" we like it?
(I'm making my sentences mysterious as well)

Big John1970

I know it's not in the spirit of this thread, but I liked on Friends, when Joey was using air-quotes wrong and he said to Ross, "I'm sorry." :D
In the spirit of the thread, I also "like" this "thread". :)


I was "Spying" on my counterparts. Saw a "guest" was looking at this thread. Thought about checking "it" out.