Survey about the Classic Server

Do you want to play with Classic The-West more than ~30 days?

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Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
For what it's worth, it is more complicated than anyone realises to make it compliant, the free players are the main content so we can't be subscription only, and the only version we'll probably ever get is V1, which is still better than, don't get me wrong, but clearly missing a lot of key features that made this a two time, back-to-back Browser Game of the year winner.

But subscription only and F2P aren’t mutually exclusive—sponsored accounts can get you much of the way.

So, for example,
Classic is treated as a mini game of 2.0. You have to have an active account there and affronts/suspension fall under your host account.
you are free to play up to level 15, then stop earning xp unless you have a subscription. When your subscription lapses you stop earning xp again.
Subscription is via nuggets paid on your host world. An example might be 50 nuggets per 30 days. Other players on your host world can pay for you to have n number of days of classic (all sales final)

Again this is not to suggest anything like this will ever happen.

The issue is the revenue here would not only need to cover operating expenses (that’s the cheap part) but also the development necessary to bring this into compliance as an ongoing concern AND the opportunity cost of players cutting their spending in the main game because they are active on Classic.