Survey about the Classic Server

Do you want to play with Classic The-West more than ~30 days?

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Aight, you know me very well, and you know I'm not doing this so often. The survey is made for having a clear vision how many of you want to keep the server and play there longer, and how many of you thinks the current end date is good enough.

Don't come here and vote no because you hate the current update in normal game. I don't give a **** about it, I'm here because of the Classic Server. Also keep it in mind, that later versions of the game isn't an option for now. Let's hope it could be once but now we are speaking about the v1.0.

Love ya all



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i voted no cuz i see no point in it, but if people want it, i support making it permanent. maybe if forts are added i'll consider it some day


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Well idk what's the point of voting to something one doesn't play but whatevs.

With some updates Classic could offer a fun long-term play for sure.
Being release version it surely has things that were/can be fixed/changed anyway.


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we need the classic servers, up to 2012 when the pants and forts were introduces. Indian, gentleman, Quaker and Mexican sets are more than we need to play this game from skills and not depend on super extraordinary sets that will just make the gaame boring AF


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i voted no cuz i see no point in it, but if people want it, i support making it permanent. maybe if forts are added i'll consider it some day
2012 version, you will have character class, pants and forts + golden guns and sword and a couple relevant sets,farmer quaker gentleman...etc

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Personally I like classic mostly as is. The changes I would want added to it:
Fort battles
Limited market (you sell items to it for a fraction of what you get when you sell it to shop, it then makes that specific item [i.e. only one available] available at a multiple of the shop price)
100% Motivation regen when you complete a _full_ sleep.
Duel sleep protection lockout (i.e. if you duel then sleep you can still be targeted for 30 minutes)

I even have thoughts for making it economically viable and regulatorily compliant, but wont share here lest players interpret it as a suggestion this might actually happen.


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Vote to select people to code + give them access to v1 and dedicate a server to it + select the west team member(s) to approve PR's. It's not that complicated


For what it's worth, it is more complicated than anyone realises to make it compliant, the free players are the main content so we can't be subscription only, and the only version we'll probably ever get is V1, which is still better than, don't get me wrong, but clearly missing a lot of key features that made this a two time, back-to-back Browser Game of the year winner.