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Every day we receive quite a bit of support queries regarding a range of different topics. So what I decided to do is give you the most frequently answered questions we receive as well as some formalities regarding the support system. Obviously, if you're uncertain about something, send in a support ticket. That's why it's there ;)

Losing Labor buffs
With all LP buffs that add X amount of labor points to jobs, if you cancel a queued job or you are KOed while you have queued jobs using this buff, you will not receive the outstanding uses that were not used.

Auto-extend premium options or activating premiums
Please be aware that the auto extend option on the premium services are ticked by default when using a premium service for the first time. If you use a premium service for the first time and do not wish to have it auto extend when the premium expires, untick this option.
Be careful where you click, activating automation by accident cannot be reversed. Due to these being premium transaction, support cannot undo the transaction for you. You are provided with a window that you need to confirm the activation of the service by clicking YES. And by clicking YES you have agreed to activate the premium service that will cost you a total of 50 nuggets.

Green Banner on the premium window
The green banner added to the number of nuggets is to show the percentage you get more if you buy a larger band instead of multiple times the base number. This percentage does not mean you will receive additional nuggets than the indicated amount with that individual purchase.

Placate Shaman
This premium option does not reset your skill and attribute points so that they can be redistributed again. Each time you buy a SP/AP back you are charge in-game cash, the more you buy back the higher the amount. The placate shaman option resets both AP/SP back to its base value (SP = $50 and AP = $250).

Nugget Transfers
It is forbidden for a player to log into another player's account even to purchase nuggets for them. By accessing another player's account you will be violating rule #1 and will result in a ban. Many moons ago we did have an opportunity where players could transfer nuggets to another player. Due to players abusing this option and some other reasons, the option was removed. However, the Community Managers here still offer nugget transfers.
If you want to give another player nuggets, purchase the nuggets on your account. Once this has been done, contact the support team by sending us a ticket stating you wish to transfer X amount of nuggets to player X. Of course we will check the accounts for any rule violations such as multi accounts or any agreements that player will do this and that for the nuggets (You may not trade your nuggets to players for any in-game advantages). If all is good from our side, the nugget transfer will be actioned.

Character Avatar/Class/Profession
We are no longer able to change a character avatar for you. If you do not wish to activate the new avatars and want to keep the old avatar then please do not change the avatar to the new one.
With character classes and profession, once this has been chosen, it cannot be changed. If you wish to play using a different character class or profession you will need to restart the character from level 1 in that world or play an alternate world with your desired character class/profession.

Changing of Character Names
We only offer player name changes if your current name is in violation of our rules or if you have personal information attached to your player name. If your player name is in transgression of our rules, a permanent ban is issued. In such a case, please contact support with an alternate player name so we can unban you and you can carry on playing The West.

Defeat or shoot?
With certain quest NPC characters, you are required to either defeat or shoot the NPC before completing the quest. If you are required to defeat the NPC, you simply need to win the duel. If you are required to shoot the NPC, you need to KO the character before the quest will complete.

Missing Items
Items don't just go missing out of a player's inventory. If you notice items are missing out of your inventory, you have either accidentally sold them on the market or trader or they were required for a quest.
If you have accidentally sold an item, you may contact the support team only if the item cannot be gained again with your character. For example: Holiday set items.

Collector cards
There are a number of items within the game that provide collector cards. Collector cards are used for a few achievements where these cards do not go into your inventory. If you find that you have received something and cannot find it in your inventory, please check under your achievements at your collector cards, chances are, you have it sitting here.

Weapon level too high for a player's current level
One of the benefits for being a soldier, you can wear an item 3 levels below your current character level. If you have the premium option 'Character Bonus' activated, you will be able to wear an item 6 levels below your character class level. This premium option doubles your character class benefits.

The only scripts that are allowed on are the ones a Community Manager from this community has approved. Any players found using a script that has not been approved by either myself or Desi Boukerse will be met with a ban. Scripts that are allowed to be used by our players can be found by clicking on External Sites Discussion
Some language servers allow certain scripts to be used while some other language servers have banned them. On .net we work in the same manner where some scripts that are illegal here may be approved on another language server.
If you're unsure if a specific scripts is allowed or not, send a Community Manager a PM. We will advise you the status of the script.

Script writers, by updating your script automatically sets the status of your script to "Needs approval" before releasing the script to the public. Again, please contact a Community Manager.

At a later stage, I have heard that there will be a dedicated section in the game for script writers. I'm not sure if or when this will be released but it has been mentioned and discussed.

Quest and Quests Decisions
We cannot change any quests for you. If you have accidentally chosen to complete an undesired quest in a decision quest line you will need to restart your character at level 1 if you wish to follow the other route in that quest. Support cannot complete, change, undo any quests on your profile.
A lot of the time we get queries why certain quests do not appear. Most of the time it's due to a player not completing the "Heading into a new adventure" Quest line. Before submitting a query, please research the requirements if you cannot get a quest to unlock. The support ticket system is not designed to help you complete the quests in the game, sending us tickets will only result in your being redirected to the forum and wiki. Only unless a presence of a bug in the quest line will we assist you.

Certain quests require that you have certain clothing or items equipped. In order to complete these type of quests you will need to equip the same clothing or items. For example: Heavy Labor quests.

Duelling and bounties
If you duel a player and go to sleep, there is still a 45 minute window where any player can duel you.
If you do not belong to a town and have a bounty on your head, you can be duelled. You do not need to belong to a town to gain a bounty on your head, opening doors on the advent calendar too early will place a bounty on your head according to your character level x 10.
We are not able to reimburse you any cash you lost in the result of a duel.

Market Fraud
When trading with others and have arranged an item swap or for collector achievements, please make sure you trust the player before engaging in the trade. If you lose any item that you traded with a player, this is not a rule violation and the moderators cannot take action against that player. Only unless a violation of our pushing rule will we take action against a player. Your market trades are simply at your own risk, if you do not trust a player, do not trade with him/her.

Rule violations
In an attempt to crush rule violators and dismiss them from this game, we will soon provide a reward system for reporters. More details will follow once we have everything in place.
With regards to banned accounts in-game, the forum doesn't want to hear your story. We have forum rules in place that does not allow you to appeal or discuss bans here. Due to the sensitive nature of certain bans we decided that all ban appeals or discussions can only be done via the support ticket system. Unless a gross violation of rule/s, each player that is banned does have an opportunity to send in a support ticket to appeal their ban. Contacting the Innogames head offfices will not help your case, bans placed on accounts here on .net can only be appealed through the support ticket system on .net. Innogames will direct your complaint to the Community Manager on their respective language platform.
As a support team as a whole, we try our best to assist each and every one of you with sometimes the most bizarre queries. In the event you do not agree with actions we have taken, you as a person starting a lynch mob or trolling here on the forum or in-game will result in a permanent ban being placed on your account without the opportunity to appeal this ban. We have and always will try and assist you best we can but certain aspects are not in our control and thus we can only take action where it is necessary.

On another note, banned players and the reasoning behind the ban is confidential. You may not query another player's ban nor may you appeal on their behalf. A ban can only be discussed and appealed by the player that received the ban.

Gaining unauthorized access into a player's account: Under no circumstances will we tolerate any form of hacking. If you attempt to gain access to any account other than yours, we will find you and ban you. This ban is not available to be appealed.
We urge all players that have failed login attempts on their account to please contact us via the support ticket system. We will assist you and remove the rule violator from the game.

No compensation of any kind is provided if your account has been banned for any reason.

It is forbidden to run two accounts in the same world. If you are banned for this rule violation, we do not offer migration options for you to get your second character to another world. The account will remain banned until it reaches 45 days of inactivity whereby it is deleted from the world.

Support Ticket System language
This is the International version of The West, please use English when communicating with the support staff. In a case where your English is not understandable, please write your query in your native language followed by a Google Translated version. We will make a plan to try and assist you as best we can.

Ban appeal language: Any type of profanity/masked profanity, insults or distasteful sarcasm sent in with your ban appeal will be met with a support ban. If you're banned from the support ticket system, understand that your ban appeal has been declined.
I will not tolerate any abuse on any of my team members because you got angry being caught cheating.

Innogames/Moderator bashing
We welcome all feedback and criticism from our players especially when we release new versions of this game, be it good or bad but we won't tolerate insults towards Innogames, the moderation team and the developers that code the game or even the people who approve decisions for new features to be implemented. There is a big difference between ranting and raving about something and providing your opinion about something. Action will be taken against any player that violates the rules in this regard.

Certain changes or new features introduced into the game may change in the future as this game is always evolving. If you're unhappy about something, by all means give your opinion, suggest changes. The forum after all, is meant to capture player feedback. While you may think that your feedback is not heard, it is. We have Innogames' employees browsing this board all the time and to mention, the CMs provide player feedback to the developers.

Chest/boxes/bags and items
As stated in the forum announcement:
By purchasing any of these bags or chests using nuggets or bonds, you understand that the items are random within the category they're in, we are not able to reimburse you on used bags or chests and we are not able to swap duplicate items. The purchasing and opening of these bags or chests are done at your own risk.
This above still applies. If you are unhappy with an item received, the support team cannot reimburse you or provide another chest to your account.
With the Tombola that was introduced in December 2012, the same applies. If you have used nuggets or bonds and received an undesired item, we cannot reimburse you the nuggets/bonds. We are in no way able to swap any item for another desired item in the game. If you want to swap items you will need to visit the market and speak to a player that has something you want provided the items are auctionable.

Migration to world Dakota
Due to world Dakota being opened after the migration routes were finalized, no migration in or out of this world will become available. It is possible at a later stage that a migration route may open for this world but this is unlikely.

Closure of worlds
Weighing up the funds used for a world versus the funds gained from a world, amount of active players etc... World 2 through to world 10 will be closing in 2013 with the first two worlds (World 3 & 4) set to close in mid January 2013. When it has been decided to close any other old worlds, an announcement here on the forums and in-game will be provided.
It has also been decided that no compensation will be provided to players that lose a character. If you have a character on a world that is due to close, please use the migration option. If you do not have a migration route available due to you playing a lot of characters, regrettably, you will need to delete a character.

Characters deleted due to inactivity
If you are going to be away from The West for extended periods of time, please place your character on vacation mode. If your character is deleted due to 45 days inactivity, we do not have the means to recover this data. This data is now lost and if you wish to play The West again, you will have to start at level 1. If you have lost a character, we are not able to reimburse you nuggets, bonds, clothing, in-game cash, items etc...
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