Strengthening alliances and improved participation

Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Dan Worthy, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Recent discussions in The Gang alliance on Colorado Server got me to post my thought and share my struggles with the game. I mostly like the game dynamics however, the alliance system does need to improve in my opinion.(originally posted on Colorado Server) There needs to be different advantages for being a member and being active in the alliance rather then just ff or just camaraderie or just a place to sell products and deposit money cheaply.I have thought several times of quitting Dakota for lack of FF's there. Blame is cheap but only sours the game, wether one is right or wrong. Also, yes the Real World must take presidence (this is a game) and will never be as satisfying to our internal well being than RW adventures and struggles.

    The FF and alliance system could be improved through INNO. Each alliance would have specific benefits. Holding forts could create a resource advantage to FF owners (control of surrounding resources that are stored in the fort and available to Fort members at a lower price than on the market.) Owning forts could also cost a maintenance fee to owners so that holding too many forts outweigh the benefits. Forts could also make it more difficult for duellers to duel those near forts, representing law and order. The larger the fort the more benefit. The larger the Fort the more resource costs to maintain the fort in the form of product and labor and income. Capture a fort and capture the resources therein perhaps, or gain victory points.

    An alliance that is based on farming and producing could have a benefit of increased production, as well as be able to earn income conducting maintenance of forts for those desiring to hire the workers alliance, thus increasing the use of their building skill in the game to more than just making and abandoning towns.A workers alliance would work like a guild, setting commodity prices for items produced or farmed by members. While they would be financially strong they might be vulnerable to dueler raids.

    A alliance based on completing adventures could have certain adventures only available to those members or extra benefit to completion of adventures. Adventure alliances could have markets in the wilderness only open to alliance members selling products or items only available through adventuring.

    An alliance based on dueling could be able to increase income for their alliance through raiding other towns and through a higher duel rating thus increasing the percentage of cash seized in a duel. dueling alliances could charge protection money to towns that want to avoid being dueled often. Dullers could be able to seize items not stored in a fort or town vault as another idea.

    The other option is to make FF's more even by the system not allowing a FF to be uneven, capping the signup using some sort of algorithm. Or cause severe costs to alliances who hold too much FF power. Anything from, hold all forts and the West is civilized and thus the server ends, to large maintenance costs. Something like that.

    So those are some of my thoughts, probably wasted time but it is out in the ethernet now.
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    You are correct in your assessment and interpretation of "alliances".
    Those I encounter are butt hurt, broken, splintered, and have the outspoken minority stomping the wisdom of vet toons.
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    How to quit an alliance when you had enough of the drama?