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Charlie BigPotatoes

I am on world 8, with a small town and I recieved this telegram:


Check this website:

The purpose of this website is to simplify the managing process of your shops in The West. Here you can log on, add goods to your shop, search for items and make use of the blacklist of dishonest players.

I hope this website will be useful to you.

PS: weststats dont work with Internet Explorer ;-)"

It needs a registration, which of course demands your The West password.

Of course, I did not give it my password but am curious if anyone knows anything about this site? It says you can choose what goes in your shops in town ... which itself sounds about impossible unless they have access to the code.


I've never tried it, but I don't see why it would be any better than West Stats. The spammed telegrams are obnoxious, but I really don't think this is a phishing attempt as others have claimed. If you read HOW TO use website, it specifically says "DON'T GIVE YOUR GAME PASSWORD"


I received the message too.
Personally I feel whoever is sending the spam should be BANNED, especially since it asks for game password info.
Could be mistaken, but don't believe the other sites ask for your GAME password info.
If somehow, that kind of message is NOT against site rules, it should be.
Just like that message awhile back regarding some site that pays you to watch ads & gives you money should be banned too.


especially since it asks for game password info
Where is everyone seeing that? You have to register, just like you do at West Stats to use a lot of the features, but I don't see anywhere it asks for your game user/pass. As I said, it specifically says not to use it. I'm not endorsing the site or anything. The spam has cost them any shred of credibility they may have had, but I don't see any evidence of phishing.


I received it also, in World 3. There were a lot of towns registered on the site and members also. I could not tell that the prices were any better, but I wondered where it came from. I actually think I posted a question somewhere outhere about it.:) What is the verdict? Good or bad.


I could be wrong, but believe the site is registered in Europe, possibly France.


I tried it. Clean interface, uncluttered. Strong design. Simple. Easy to use and quick.
Yet not as extensive as Weststats.


Even if it's good, I strongly suggest boycotting it until they quit spamming.


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i have gotten three of those messages from three different level 1 players its getting annoying the way that guy is promoting his site.


Ok so their method of delivering the news of their site could have been done differently.

Red Falcon

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That's odd! I did not receive a telegram like that and neither has my brother. Who sent you that telegram, anyway?


That still is alot of effort to send out mass telegrams, unless they have a program to do it for them.
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