Story & Character Building Exercise - RPG

James the Hunter

Hello everybody. It's your good friend James here. I've been working on this idea for awhile here and thought, what the hell? I'm gonna tell you all about in the next few paragraphs so listen up peeps.

The Idea

The idea. The idea was to create an RPG that helped with creating a story and a character we could ALL work on and build. A sort of...exercise for everyone to work on their skills. That's the idea.

The Story

In this, I'm going to make a character. This character will be the focus of this story. Anyone and everyone can post and add to the story of this character, working on ideas, tossing them around, and hopefully making a nice story that we can all toy around with.

The Character

I created a guy we could all work with. It's name is Alex. Alex is a stick figure. It's neither a he or a she, so need to argue over that little detail. It lives in city called, you guessed it, Stick City. It lives a life like any other person, but it's life isn't set in stone. It's personality isn't set in stone. It is whatever you want it to be. A crazy musician who suffers from depression, a recovering alcoholic, a hit...person for hire, it can be anything and everything you want it to be.


I have only two rules.

1. Don't Ruin the Fun


2. Have as Much Fun as Possible!

Simple eh? Well, with that, let's get this show on the road!


It was around 8 AM. The alarm clock in it's room was ringing. Alex's eyes opened, yawning as it did so. It's hand hit the alarm clock, shutting it off. It yawned one more time before getting out of bed. It grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the counter next to his bed, going towards the window of his apartment. It opened the window, and lit a cigarette, breathing it out the window and looking at the city he lived in.

It breathed in a haul, looking down at the street. It saw it's neighbor Charles walking his dog Buddy down the sidewalk. It saw a homeless man crawling out of the cardboard box he lived in, who lived in the box in an alleyway across the street. Alex smiled, and took one more haul of the cigarette.

Alex flicked it out the window, closing it as Alex did so. It turned around, looking at the clock.

Crap, it's 8:17. I gotta get to work in 13 minutes!

Alex ran to it's dresser, changing quickly. It rushed into the bathroom, brushing it's teeth quickly then rushing out the bathroom and out of his apartment after putting a pair of shoes on.

Gotta get to my job at...

(This is where the next person takes control of Alex. You decide it's job, how it get's there, and whatever else you feel like. Alex's story is now in your hands!)


Gotta get to my job at H.R. Wilson Co. as a temp assistant. It is a good enough job, but it doesn't pay very well. Oh well, promotions will be handed out tonight, maybe Alex would get a permanent position with real pay.

Alex calls a coworker on the cellphone. "Hey Stu, can you punch my timecard for me? The bus is running late." Stu chuckles and responds. "No way man, I've punched it for you three times this month, and it's only the eighth. You have to wake up sooner." Alex hangs up the phone in anger, and waits around for the bus. 8:24, the bus arrives, and Alex hops on, telling the driver to hurry. She gives him an evil stare as he sits, and drives extra slow.

At 8:42, Alex reaches his stop, and gets off, running to his work. He arrives at 8:46, preparing an apology to his boss. At the timecard station, he finds his card is already punched for 8:28, a curiosity. He walks up to Stu and asks if he punched it for him. "I told you Alex, I won't punch your card for you anymore. I don't know who did it."

Alex shrugs and walks to his desk...

(Next person's turn)


...Entering the large open plan office Alex made his way to his desk and the waiting pile of paperwork. "Morning Alex late again I see" Penny said smiling at him, she was a fellow temp with a sunny dispostion and short auburn hair "I've left a cup of coffee on your desk" "Cheers Penny thats sweet of you"
Alex watched Penny walk back towards her desk, so it was you who punched me in? Alex thought to himself, he'd have to summon the courage to ask her out some time.
Sitting down at his desk and the mountain of paper that occupied his IN tray Alex was startled by the phone as it started ringing insistantly Who on earth could be ringing him? did they know what time it was?


It answered the phone. There was a deep voice at the other end of the line. It reminded him of Doctor Claw, geese he missed watching Inspector Gadget... It was so fun as a kid to watch the show and- "Alex I will get you." Huh? The phone went dead. Alex paused a moment. Apparently Alex's daydream had gotten him lost. Oh well, not important. Then it looked at its pencil, what a nice pencil with a nice pointy end, it reminded it of it's birthday where it popped so many balloons with a pencil. Then Penny dropped a letter on his desk. "Here you go Alex." "Thank you Penny." What a nice pretty person. Alex looked at the letter it was sealed with wax and had brown stains all over it. It sorta reminded it of something out of an olden movie. It opened the letter.


You thougth you were getting a promotion didn't you Alex? The letter said. Wrong! If you're smart enough, which I doubt, you know who I am. You've gone to far Alex and in the next few days you'll find out what happens to those who dare to oppose me....
It looked at the letter again. It wasn't typed nor written on the greasy paper. All kind of different colored and shaped characters had been pasted on it. "Penny? Who brought this to you?" Alex asked with big eyes and a pale face. "I dunno. Some guy with a hat and a brown raincoat." Alex sighed. It felt very Hitchcock like or maybe some old film noir. Before it turned to it's desk again, it looked out the window. A terrifying sound had drawn his attention.
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He ran to the window and saw a man being beaten up by two guys.
"Hey you!" it called out "Leave him alone" one of the men drew a pistol and Alex ran inside. He punched into the security button and said "There's a man being beaten up outside. Go help him out!" Then it ran off down the stairs to go help the man himself and just as he reached the bottom a security guard stepped out...

(Continue story from here)
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Red Falcon

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A security guard stepped out...And pointed a very powerful automatic laser machine hand pistol at the two men beating up the innocent man. The guard shouted: "Halt You two are under arrest!" But the men were both armed and dangerous with Explosive Dart Guns. They replied: "No way are you going to ruin our fun!" The security guard was shocked at their reaction to him. He turned to the Stick Person and said: "I think we're gonna need some help here with these mobsters." The Stick Figure smiled and replied: "Not to worry! I think I know how we can stop those two fools!" And without another word, it ran off to look for some...

(Story continues from this point)


...Twinkies. It ran forth with two golden bars of trans fatty goodness. Recently the inhabitants of the town had declared a ban on trans fats. Upon seeing the golden illegal trans fatty goodness they dropped their weapons and siezed the Twinkies. They ran away laughing hysterically. The guard was stunned and it smiled. Black market Twinkies were quite powerful he would have to intercept an illegal Hostess Snack/Little Debbie Snack shipment tomorrow. As he proudly ambled back to his office to ponder the odd letter the security guard spoke into the radio. Unknown to it.