Stone County has something for you!


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Stone County has something for you...

That's right! Stone County is a great place for settlin'. We've got something for every class, level, and style.

There are 6 fully built towns, perfect for the dude of any class that wants to have a great base to level in with great shops at his fingertips. A couple of these are even lookin' to have a new mayor so now's yer chance to run one o' these.

There are 38 more active towns of all shapes and sizes that would make you most welcome. Every town needs its gunslingers, builders, soldiers and adventurers to keep the saloons and the stores busy.

And as to be expected, there are the ghosties just waitin' for someone to turn the lights on.

So come on greenhorns on up, I challenge ya to come over to Stone County and check us out. We're nestled 3rd from top and 3rd from left on the World 8 map.

Questions? PM or telegram me in game. Comments right here are welcome too.

Laural, Flagstone Town Clerk
Stone County promotion committee:)