Welcome to the town of Stanton, a town that has been under mafia occupations, crime, and disagreements. But many people work to make stanton a better place.

Buildings :
Post office
City hall
Fire station
Police station
Quick fuel gas station
Dans used car lot
Mom n pops ice cream shop
Sugars grocery store
Stanton city bank
Richies bar
Multiple homes

Government official
Mayor ( will be elected )
Mafia (make your own mafia or join someone else's)
Small business owner

Rules: basic forum rules, no killing, guns can be used but can't kill

Business: (if small buisness owner)
House: (apartment, etc.)
Vehicle: ( please be realistic no things like tanks etc.)

This rp may not be perfect. Don't criticizes and instead just point it out and I'll fix it. Be creative and have fun


(Any plot behind the RP or is it make it up?)

Name: Roger Casement
Age: 27
Traits: Intelligent, Athletic & Friendly
Business: N/A
Appearance: 6"6, close cropped jet black hair, lean muscular body, stern, but friendly face & blue eyes.
Job: Detective
House: Cottage
Vehicle: Coupe Sedan


( Make it up! This is like a rp sand box and all I did was add the setting and jobs)

Name tim bellia
Age 35
Job: mafia ( leader of the bellia mafia)
Traits; smart, good with gun
Appearance; jet black hair medium build
Business: N/A
House apartment
Car: corvette

(Rp will start after 2 more people join)
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Name: Jack.
Age: 31 .
Traits: Cunning, witty, quick, good gunman, courageous.
Business: N/A
Appearance: Tall and lanky with long brown hair and bright green eyes. Dressed in a fancy black coat and a black Stenson with black boots. He also caries a pistol with him at all times.
Job: Cop.
House: Mansion.
Vehicle: Mustang.

Lets just start this now. Other people can join later.
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Name: Isabella "Izzy" Brassi
Age: 19
Traits: Friendly, good sense of humour, intelligent
Appearance: 5'2" Short black hair tied back into a ponytail, dark brown eyes and an athletic build. she has a tribal style tattoo on her lower back.
often seen in motorcycle leathers with a red vest top underneath.
Job: Courier
House: Apartment
Vehicle: Red and Black Honda VFR


Tim woke up from the ring of his cell phone. He picked up to find that one of his gun smuggling deals has gone according to plan. Tim was going to receive over 100 guns for sale or use in his mafia. Tim had men all over the city. He was not worried about police, in the past, police have only been a small threat to the Bellia family over the years. Tim got up and got dressed. He had to be at the warehouse in a couple of hours.


It was monday morning and the sun was shining brightly in the sky as a Red and black Honda VFR roared around the corner to stop outside the Black Horse Couriers depot, killing the engine the rider dismounted gracefully before removing her helmet to reveal a cascade of shimmering black hair.
She smiled and waved in greeting to the postman as he left the post office, which was right next door to the small couriers office.
Entering the small office in a cheerful mood Isabella or Izzy as she was more commonly known made her way towards the coffee machine only to be intercepted by her boss "Izzy theres somebody here to see you" he spoke, clearing his throat nervously causing Izzy to frown it wasn't like Frank to be nervous, he was a big man and an amateur boxer to boot "Who is it Frank?"
"He wouldn't say he just said he wanted to speak with you and....I don't think he'll take no for an answer" Placing her helmet down on a desk she walked over to Franks small office, she didn't like this something just didn't feel right to her.
Pushing open the office door Izzy froze in shock upon seeing the man sat behind her bosses cluttered desk "What are you doing here?" she spoke through numbed lips.
The man was around 6'2" and built like a brick shed, his once lustrious black hair now heavily streaked with grey as was his small neatly trimmed mustache "Now is that any way to greet your uncle, Isabella?" he spoke kindly to her, he always spoke kindly to her, however she knew full well what her uncle Giovanni Brassi was capable of "Sorry uncle you...suprised me thats all" Izzy apologised, shutting the door behind her "What brings you all the way from Chicago?"
Her uncle studied her face for a few moments befoe reaching into the inside pocket of his expensive Itallian suit, for one scary second she thought he was going to shoot her Don't be stupid Izzy he's your uncle even gangsters don't shoot their own they get someone else to do it for them.
Removing the small package and placing it on the desk before him Giovanni made his request, a request that Izzy would later regret accepting "Isabella I would like you to deliver a package for me"
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Name: Kirsten Foster
Age: 25
Traits: Alluring, Kind, Humorous, Attentive
Business: Contracted
Appearance: 5'5, brunette, slim build, sharp features. When not performing, dresses in comfortable clothing. Jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts. When performing, depends on venue.
Job: Professional Singer
House: Hotel room
Vehicle: None


Kirsten sat in the dark corner of "District 36", one of the hottest nightclubs of Stanton. She ignored the staff that were bustling around to prepare for open. She was dressed in one of her favorite black numbers, and felt radiant. She brushed her fingers across the pages set out across the table, and listened in on the banter surrounding her.

Her agent had landed this gig for her, and she was two months into her six month contract. It was an ideal job for her. She was an up and comer in the music scene, and this place was one of the jumping boards into the real time. As long as you could get along with the shadier types of the area. The ones that wanted to be her "new representation", and drive her career.

As her thoughts dwelled upon that, her senses were overwhelmed by far too much British Sterling cologne, which meant Jimmy was nearby. She sighed, and gathered her papers together as she heard his grating Italian accented voice greet her. He said, "Yo Kirsten! Good ta see ya again. You been thinking any more on my business proposal?" Kirsten smiled in his direction, nodding as she pushed the dark circle rimmed glasses up against the bridge of her nose, as she said, "you know it Jimmy. The answer is still no I'm afraid. I'm really happy with my agent Barb, even with the outlandish monetary offer." She stood up and tried to move passed where Jimmy stood.

She felt the short Italian man place his fat fingers on her slender wrist as she heard him say, "Yo Kirs... you'd best really think about this offer. There's nobody what can match it babe." She sighed and nodded. She said, "I'll give it more thought I promise. Dutch is calling me." Jimmy released his hold on her arm and she shook the folding cane she carried out. It straightened to its full length, and she held it in front of herself as she maneuvered through the tables and chairs, avoiding anything her cane bumped before she did. She got up to the bar and sat. She smiled as the bartender, Dutch, asked her if she needed anything. She shook her head and said, "Nothing... unless you can keep Jimmy outside." Dutch laughed, and she joined in. Everybody knew his boss owned the club, and that wasn't happening.
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Name: joseph
Age: 36
Traits: athletic, Friendly with peds, Doesn't fear anything.
Business: N/A
Appearance: he wears his police uniform most of the time but when not working, he wears a black tank top, camo pants, and a cowboy hat, and boots. Hes 5 feet and 7 inches, and stocky.
Job: COP
House: (apartment, etc.) a house in the woods.
Vehicle: ( please be realistic no things like tanks etc.) 2005 GSXR bike and a police car.


Tim entered the warehouse at 12 with one of his made men. The deal was about to go down. He has been waiting for this moment for a week now. He go on his cell to make sure he had extra men just in case the deal went wrong. He met with his contact. He had a bag of money. He open the bag and his contact showed him the guns. 50 AK-47's 20 uzi's and the rest a arrange of weapons. They exchanged goods then left.


Izzy watched the small brown paper package as if any moment now it would leap up and bite her "What...Kind of package?...Also i thought you had your people for this sort of thing" she asked nervously her eyes never leaving the package sat on the desk "Best you don't know whats inside Izzy all you need to know is that its very sensitive thats why we agreed that you would take it" Izzy battled the anger rising up within her, the arrogance these people had.
Forcing herself to calm down she looked up at her uncle "Ok...where does it need to go?" she wanted nothing to do with the package but it seemed she had little choice in the matter.
She had moved to Stanton in order to escape the family business as the people within called it, the rest of the world knew it as the Brassi crime family, their influence covering the entire of Chicago. It had taken Izzy a long time to get away from them all but now it seemed they had found her again.
"There is a warehoue on the edge of the industrial estate...used to process shrimp or something do you know it?" she knew it, the place had been deserted ever since the Belli's and burnt it out three years ago "Go inside and place the package inside the second drawer of the reception desk someone will pick it up later any questions?" Izzy shook her head it all seemed straight forward enough which begged the question why are they getting me to do it? she didn't ask the question instead she picked up the package and slipped it inside her jacket pocket and turned to leave.
"He misses you, you know?" Izzy stopped with her hand on the brass doorknob "Yeah I know" she sigh heavily "Talk to him Isabella... how long can you stay angry at him, its eating him up inisde" she hadn't spoken to her father in three years now, she'd known what he did for a living ever since she was a little girl but some things were just unforgivable "He should have thought about that before he killed those people" and with that Izzy walked out of her bosses office and straight out of the building without another word, perhaps today wasn't going to be such a good day afterall.


Kirsten waved her hand out in front of herself, until it brushed against the microphone stand. She grasped it, and waited until she was introduced to the full house. After her introduction, she smiled widely, and stepped forward. She listened to the band members behind her, as they played a jazz beat. She swayed her hips into the beat as she began to sing with her soft, sultry voice. The song she opened with was an obscure, slow beat, but never failed to enrapture the audience.

She continued to sing through her first set of the night, mixing just the right amount of slow to upbeat songs. District 36 generally used a DJ, but the night she took stage, never failed to sell out since her name began to get around. After her first set was over, she was led off stage by one of the sax players, and she headed over to the bar. Dutch handed her a glass, and she smelled the water within it, and thanked him. She smiled at the few patrons that approached her and thanked them for their compliments. She turned toward Dutch, and pushed her dark glasses back up against the bridge of her nose.

She listened to the conversations around her, as she drank her water. Soon enough, it was time for the final set of the night. She climbed onto the stage, and began to sing once more.


While driving around in the city, and making sure that things are going all right, Joseph was singing, "I like big butts and I can not lie! You other brothers can't deny! That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist, And a round thing in your face!" Then He saw two guys talking behind their cars at a ghetto. One of the cars was 1967 ford mustang and the other was a Honda civic.

" Let's see if these guys are clean" He opened his cars laptop, typed the cars plate number in, then said, " yooooooo mama! Honda is clean, mustang is not! Let's go say hi shall we?" Then he got out of his car, reloaded his gun, and walked to the guys, " is there a problem guys?" Then one of them got in the Honda and left but, the mustang guy got out his gun and started firing.

Joseph yelled," Sir no one want's to get hurt! put the gun down!" The guy kept firing but he got shot in his left shoulder bone and got arrested, " Now Now, If you didn't resist that wouldn't have happened!" Then he took the guy to the police station.
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It was four o'clock before Izzy had chance to make the long ride out to the industrial the package weighing heavily in her all the way Why do i let myself get talked into these things? she asked herself as her bike shot past the line of wharehouses flanking either side of the road, some abandonned some not so.
It was as she was searching for the turning that would take her to the drop that a little voice deep in her head answered seductively Because you enjoy it....and you want to be in charge...No! I don't want anything to do with the family business...I don't want it! she screamed back in reply yet deep down knowing that part of it was true.
The Bubbagump Shrimp wharehouse stoood at the end of a cul-de-sac, a burnt out shell of its former self. Parking the bike just outside Izzy cautiously approached the boarded up visitors entrance to find the door already open, kicked in a by local thugs. Thats ok she thought just one less thing i have to worry about which currently was a lot.
Crossing the threshold Izzy was instantly hit by the stench of smoke, so strong that it made her cough loudly as she approached the reception desk in front of her.
Placing the package inside the desks drawer Izzy left as quickly as she could anxious to get out of this place and away from the package. Had she been a little more cautious in her retreat then she probably would have spotted the Black Lincoln parked beside the adjacent building but as it was....she didn't.