Standardize Equipment Manager Window


Make the equipment manager window similar to the other in-game windows. Specifically make it that you can use the equipment manager window at the same time as other windows, like the rest of the game

Currently, when using the equipment manager window, you change your clothes, close the window, queue the job, open the manager again, choose some clothes, etc.. In other words, when the EM window is open, you cannot access the rest of the game.

This proposal is to make the EM window work like all other windows in the game, specifically that you can keep these windows open while working in other windows.

Current Workaround
Open the EM window, pick some sets (say travel), close it. Maybe open it again for a specific job, close it, etc...

Abuse Prevention
None needed

Visual Aids - N/A

The EM window limits certain aspects of gameplay. It's in some respects a slight inconvenience, so this is to help fix that minor inconvenience.

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A very nice idea Supraxus. I've found the equipment manager to be irritating in the past, but had never really thought much of it... Being able to open other in-game windows whilst having the equipment manager open a separate one would be most useful. You have my full support for this idea.


Thanks Apelatia, I appreciate the compliment.

Anyone else have thoughts/opinions on this idea?

Kidd Kalypso

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I actually like it. I have never really thought about it until I read your proposal. I think it would be a good benefit if it gets approved. Kudos to your submission.


I would never think about that being annoying but it kind of makes sense. I reckon the reason you cannot move it is because it is in effect a PopUp dialog.

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I don't understand what do you mean by equipment manager. Is it the inventory? If so, I don't think there's a problem with it... I can normally open other windows while using that inventory.
If it's not the inventory, what is it?


It's that other link, next to the traveling merchant icon, that you can click on when you go to your inventory.

z3dno - It's not that it's annoying per se, but it's... 'unhelpful'. Sample flow:
Find my job on the window
click on EM to change to travel clothes
Cannot change to work clothes unless it's one of the sets I;ve saved so
Close EM window
Change to work clothes

Now suppose I want to go to a second job but somewhere far enough away that I desire to change into travel clothes, repeat the whole process.

So why not make the EM window operate like the other game windows, where I can keep it open and dip in and out as necessary?


Frakly supra, if we propose this it will never be implemented. Reason: Possibly too big an effort for something minuscule. Devs do not like to complicate their lives, what works should not be messed with. Then it's the matter of work clothes...each job has them, which makes the equipment manager useless for jobs and therefore only useful for fast travel between activities.

I know little about web development, but it might be possible to fix this with a script, so if you or someone else brings the solution forward, I'm reluctant to submit this proposal. Reason is ... well you know how often our proposals are implemented, I might as well send them only the critical ones. This one certainly falls in the minuscule importance category :)


Well when you put it that way... Who are you to say my idea is miniscule!?! ;) <-- Just kidding.

Yeah, I can see how it would be preferred to send in bigger/badder/bolder ideas, since I agree with you, little enough is implemented anyway, why distract them. But this is the 'ideas' section. :) You ok to leave it a day or two, see how many more people pipe up?


I'm not even allowed to shut a thread down just because I don't think it will be implemented. So of course it will stay open. And for the record, if you do not agree with me, I will submit it. It is your idea and your effort. But I'm glad you agree with me :)


I stumbled upon the information that in jQuerry you have modal dialog boxes which are basically customized popup boxes with the property to deny you access to any underlying elements. A single property makes such box modal or not. Therefore if our culprit is generated with such method, I'm quite happy submitting this.

If you have no complaints, by the end of this week I'll submit this proposal.


Cool and interesting find zd3no. Sounds like a potentially easy fix if it pans out the way you mentioned! Personally I have no complaints (why would I, I submitted the idea!), so barring any others, yeah, would be great to have it submitted.