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Please do not discuss here bans and punishments, this is the feedback topic of March(ing) events. All comments which are unrelated should be removed.

We answer happily to all of your support tickets, feel free to contact us! :)

roland jacobs

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If you have complaints about sanctions, please do so at support, not on the forum.
many times support mods have a bias and will act according to their desire. i think those actions need to be called out instead of suppressed by tickets.

also "in game supporter" sounds like a biased position supporting whatever inno and the mods say.

i think these events and the game are turning into "mod rule" (yes a play on mob rule)
mods decide on speed worlds, handing out gringo to their connected players.
chars that have been playing 10+ years have no chance to get gringo unless they play these stupid speed world events.
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Dr Roth

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chars that have been playing 10+ years have no chance to get gringo unless they play these stupid speed world events.
No player, no matter how long they have been playing can get Gringo if they don't partake in speed worlds. It's the same for everyone, seems fair to me.


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When you join a community, whether you want to or not, you must respect the rules of that community. The purpose of this topic is discussions related to the world March(ing), any problem related to the game and sanctions in the game are discussed at support or in other topics on the forum specially created for this (eg: bugs, proposals for improving the game, .. .), we do not do the public judgment of the sanctions.

From this point on please stay on topic.

Clever Hans

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Something that would be nice and that happens on other TW forums, is if the new support members would briefly introduce themselves (or get introduced by the CMs) and share a bit about their experience with moderating or game experience. Otherwise, seeing new support names just popping up every few days and posting is quite confusing and hard to follow.


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My feedback.

I really liked the ideea of the event, but the rewards are trash, with a better rewards I think this type of event will be a full success.
The GM of the speed event should post with like 1 month before the event start(3 days is too early)

Let's start, I really wanted to be a leader to dodge some situation with players that want to play for themselves, I tried to talk with like 90% of the players from south to explain them why is better to select just 3 classes and to not select the worker class, some of them understand, some of them were moved because they really wanted their worker class to do damage( right now proved the workers are really useless at level 150 without sets) .

When I saw the leader poll, I didnt heard about 2 people leading battles/town , one name I recognized but that's all, I think for the next events, the leaders should sent a ticket on why they want to be a leader and with some points and the admins should create a topic with the leaders and their explanation in the forum, because when we start ,players (some of them )would know who to vote .

The helping of Luka and Matori with crafts and products was really appreciated because I really started to burn out after speaking with like more than 35 players to select a different class than what they wanted.

Building forts is just trash, I didn't build a fort from 2015, I didnt know the products I need until Lilly sent us a sheet that helped us. It's a good activity for the team, but building and getting money , it is very hard :)

Everyone know the strategy now, but not everyone know how many people were complaining about the Dexterity HP dueller in first def, and how much time I took in the battle day to talk with every dueller(well not everyone, majority) to put them in HP clothes and check every player in the first def, a lot of time you need to do that, anyway, the first def was a real success, some of the players said was boring, some of them didn't want to play Hp dueller, but it is what it is. For this I really want to say if the players are complaining when the battle is won, and they don't want to play like the leader said even if the strategy was top notch, I probably propose to get the player out of the event.

Unfortunately after the first 2 battles, the event was over... and without competition the events are boring. Next time, try with 3 teams /4 teams and small forts.

In the South Town I had the luck to see some familiar faces from Colorado(well I think the majority of the players from the event play colorado) , I really enjoyed to play with like 95% of people in the town,but 5% were really a pain in the ass, but me, Luka and Matori deal with them, I hope in a professional way.

The event was good, the competition was bad, and at the next event : KEEP IN MIND, DUELLERS AND SOLDIERS DON'T WORK FOR ALL TYPES OF FF EVENTS


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Awesomia battle?

what is this now and why?

End: 29-03-2023 12:00
how battle will be after server close?
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Goober Pyle

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when will the reward of random people online 8 FF be declared?
While it may will happen sooner…
“The winner will be ascertained and notified, and the prize will be awarded within one month after the participation period ends unless the process is delayed due to reasons mentioned in Art. 5, Art. 7 and Art. 8 or unless stated otherwise.”


Totally agree with Darkuletzz,those who pushed their personal preferences on how to win a team competition they could have stayed in homeworld.
I had a similar problem convincing some that reskilling after each battle ( hiding <>setting) with only 250k + hp clothes maximizes their help to the team.
Of course some children prefer to see their damage high. They found this mentally challenging.Leader didnt take part on this.
These players should not be in such events in my opinion and the event team should introduce more conditions that count efficiently team contribution
of each member,that take into considaration leader's choices,team contribution ,activity.This can be easily checked by achievements.

At the same time,
leader candidates should be appropriately checked by the event team,and kindly suggested to write their lead plans in town forum.
Please restrict yourself from leader candidate if you don't know/have time to lead, organize, or give orders in team message, or if you feel too soft to do it.

Looking forward to be asked about screenshots for reporting afkers and soloists, by leader Dodgez.....Since he asked to lead it is his responsibility.
He failed to read the game , to lead battle ,to craft until 5th battle which is done by others , and most important failed to keep team players active.
At least report those who are more responsible than you in these failures ,or resign from rewards with pride..... 29-0

They don't even worth the 100 bonds


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As an Event people FAILED miserably to understand that this was A TEAM event. People had to work TOGETHER to achieve victory.
The reasons people failed to do so are:
1) Some players were adamant on playing one style like they do in their regular words (aren't they bored?)
2) Leadership didnt had concrete plans from the start
3) Even after leaders were elected and plans were made they refused to follow their leader orders (changing class or skills or clothes ) in order to play their own way .

RECOMANDATIONS for the future:
1) LEADER participation should be done in the game forum 2 weeks before the server stats at least. This will give time to the participants to see who is offering to lead a town and see what their plan is.
2) Game Mods should divide leaders with concrete plans equally (hence the need of the early forum to make all our lives easier)
3) Small battles were people left out is a strain for the rankers and leaders ( i didnt want anyone to be left ,when i ranked in that small, out in an event we were all meant to enjoy) , hence i thought they were a bit unnecessary.
4) people that signed up for the event but didnt even cared to log in should have a future penalnty in the next speed worlds.
5) REWARDS <---- 200 bonds and a t-shirt didnt catch the attention of many people. so the event didnt fill.(may i suggest 14 days premium extra for the winners and 3 for losers? Your choice)
6)PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD remove THE TUTORIAL in a server that isnt meant for begginers . Its a good waste of 10-20 minutes and had no meaning at all.
7) CHANGING classes should be done at any time with a ticket BUT there is a catch , -5 levels. Lily was offering to do it for free at the start so why not charge for it ,after some time? (can it be done? i don't know but i think it is fair) <---- this will give options on leaders on the next event.
8) people refuse to work with a team(even if they didnt vote for that leader) should not receive any rewards in any TEAM based events.
9)Endlesly spamming events take time ,most of us dont have <---- maybe add an extra $$$ bonus when someone does 1hr jobs?

The event wasnt as competitive as expected,but was a nice escape from the constant drama of regular words.
Building forts from scratch brought nostalgia feelings back from 2012-13 (yes i am stuck with this game :D),so i disagree with darku above(my opinion dont kill me).
I wasn't as online as I wanted and I missed all the event drama(very happy about that). <----stay out of saloons people