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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls

Cowboys and Cowgirls, the time has come for you to prove yourself in our upcoming spe.....

What a minute..... WE ARE DONE with the Event wuhuuuu :-D
So much have been going on with this newly speed event. It was a rocky start and mistakes where made. BUT in the end, i hope you all had a great event, and i will promise you all, the next one will be far better and hopefully 100 % "bug/mistakes" free.

But enough talk i can imagine you all want to know about the winners of the event, so here we go. :p

Now The Annoucement for the WINNERS of the Speed Event.

Experience Ranking:

  1. 1500 Nuggets & El Gringo set - Yevnar
  2. 1000 Nuggets & 1 El Gringo or Gonzales item - Llane
  3. 500 Nuggets & 1 El Gringo or Gonzales item - JWillow
  4. 300 Nuggets - Hydro67
  5. 200 Nuggets - SUPERSKOUPIDIARIS
Crafting Ranking:

1. 300 Nuggets & 2 El Gringo or Gonzales item - magwai the akeoj
2. 200 Nuggets & 1 El Gringo or Gonzales item - pameharris8
3. 100 Nuggets & 1 El Gringo or Gonzales item - Paradoxum

Duel Ranking:

1. 200 Nuggets & Gonzales set - mff1993

The member of the town where the town came out first will receive 250 bonds each. MsTaTa

The Biggest town in points will get 50 Nuggets per member - MAX 10 members from this town - If more, a lottery for the winners will be drawn. -> If more players would be in the town, the winners will be drawn at random.

The Winning town with most points is : ACME CORP
The 10 members from this city who will win and get 50 nuggets is:
Eraak - mff1993 - RO lazaradio - kilted-scotsman - Bronco69 - Vishnje - Wyatt twerp - Benike-93 - MsTaTa - Hydro67

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