Special types of songs for me.

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i'm a pretty musically driven guy but there are certain types of songs, as most of you would agree, that stand out to the individual. Here are a few types that are at the top of my list.

The Change-Up is a song with an odd rest or an "off time" feeling section.
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger - two 16th note rests at 0:22.
Commodores - Easy - 5 D♭ over E♭ notes in the middle of verse.

The Pluck is a song with a pronounced pluck of a string played only once in the song.
Kim Mitchell - Patio Lanterns - at 1:46.
Mr. Big - To Be With You - at 2:03.

Melodic Chugger is a song with a guitar melodic riff or a (typically) palm muted chug pattern with a certain sound i can't describe, you'll just have to listen to figure out these sounds. These are my favourite types of songs.
Arch Enemy - The World Is Yours - riff at 0:26. (verse/lead break)
Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest - opening riff, riff at 0:07, chug at 0:21(first half of verse), breakdown chug at 2:19.
Alien Weaponry - Raupatu - opening riff, breakdown chug at 2:01. <- breakdown is a you headbang you lose expert level :D please turn on CC
Aldious - Sweet Temptation - opening riff
Asking Alexandria - The Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel) - pre-verse riff, verse riff, breakdown riffs at 2:23.
Sepultura - Arise - opening riff, riffs at 1:30 and 1:45,
As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days - This song is very special to me. i venerate every riff and every chug in this song. This song also contains the greatest breakdown in heavy metal at 1:49. Yes, i just said this breakdown is better than Pantera's "Domination". Oh HELL yeah!
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