Socks goes International


Hello everyone,

as many people will probably know, we from Socks in Sandals came here as a group from the German server.
So far we have mostly stayed for ourselves for a large part of the server.

However we have realized that a strict division into nationalities and language groups is definitely not the best way to experience an international server.
Therefore, we have decided to open our alliance to players from every nationality and every language there is.
Communication will of course be in English!

For this purpose, we have now founded the town Socks International to add to our alliance Jägermeister.

If you wish to play and experience this server as one of us, please send a message to Mdm Azella Danai or TonyMelony
I will also be available for any questions you might have.

Best regards,
from the Hanseatic city, in Germany,
and from the alliance "Jägermeister",