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I was looking at the statistics today in the game and found that I have never

"Slept in one go"

How does one go about getting this statistic fulfilled?

Thanks for any info, and if this is a spoiler then please PM me so no spoilers are discussed etc.



Sleeping once doesn't count. If you checked the achievement (assuming you didn't have it) after the second sleep has begun, it might show as "1/2", but that's the only time it should.


Slept in one go: 0

I've slept uninterrupted for over 2 weeks straight before.

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I only have it as occurring once on my w9 character. I have apparently never done it on my w4, w10, w11, or w12.

I know I've slept for a continuous stay in the past to either avoid camping duelers and for the sleepyhead achievement medal.


I don't know, maybe it has to be a foreign hotel, though barracks do count towards that achievement and I've also had long stretches there on Beta.

[I thought maybe it was related to the old badge and not the achievement, but no, I don't have it on a couple worlds where I know I had the badge.]
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Ok I did some tests yesterday and it looks like as long as you queue 2 sleeps together and do the full 8\6 hours in the hotel\fort it gives you credit.

It must not take in to count past sleeps prior to this slept in one go stat being created. because I know Elmyr and myself did sleep testing to get various achievement medals to see if there was more to the sleepyhead medal set. As before there were only 2 sleepyhead achievements, and I bet he wanted to see if there was a hidden 3rd by sleeping for 2 weeks.

edit so I don't double post- looks like unlike the sleepyhead medal that this one requires you to have a "go" or 2 in one motion sleep 6\8 into another 6\8. Walking to sleep in a foreign hotel breaks the cycle. I tested 2 fort sleeps as well and it counted up.

I'm just surprised that I hadn't gotten this before with the fort sleep. I know I've gotten to a fort 18 hours early and just had him sleep several times so I wouldn't be dueled. I'm still leery of that old fort gate bug that allows you to be dueled... seems to be fixed but I don't like to take chances.
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So I just had to check and see if I had any after reading this and what do you know, I'm pretty good at sleeping in one go. :p

Slept in one go: 104