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I also don't understand when development resources are being allocated, why we work on a crafting update instead of fixing broken core gameplay, but whatever, I don't actually know what the devs are working on because theres no published plan.
How many devs are there anyway? 2, 3? And I don't think the devs can do much about the situation of the game anyways. Its all up to the product manager of the-west. I believe he/she/it would have to answer to revenue margins that are satisfactory to their envision. I don't think anything would change unless you had connection to management, and show them an actual report that would claim. Hey, you can get more profit if you do this and that......

The claim would be a comprehensive study on how it would improve their margins. One of the options, I would think innogames would act.

If the status quo is being supplied. The company will not try to change anything. If the-west posts a loss, the person in charge of product management would get heated.

So, what are the devs working on? I think they are working on maintenance, new tambolas workout(items for new sets etc) But again, I don't think they have a choice on the matter.

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We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.114 on Tuesday, November 26th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change .

Day of the Dead items
The Vaquero's and Musical cowgirl's items are now upgradable, auctionable and tradable.

Musical Cowgirl belt improvement
We have added one more skill to the musical cowgirl belt item bonus.

Small quests improvement
Repeatable Halloween and Day of the Dead quests had a different time requirement from the main stories: "A western nightmare" and "Day of the Dead".
Baker's shirt is not auctionable
The item Baker's shirt wasn't auctionable.

Landing page
It was not possible to register an account on one of our landing pages.

Wrong quest hint
The quest "Get ready" (The Headless Horseman) hint guides player to Burnham City, but next quest is available in Jacksonville.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback


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I'm not sure if I'm remembering this correctly, but weren't nuggets introduced in a way that made things feel P2W? Perhaps if the paid features had felt like nice additions rather than affecting the core of the gameplay there would be a group of long time paying members. There was also the way new worlds were opened. I think people in this game are more attached to the world they play than in a game like Tribal Wars (which was a huge Innogame game), maybe merging or resetting the worlds would have been better. Also, I'm not sure what was up with the long list of different language servers, did that spread the community more thin than it needed to be?

In my opinion they have too many different websites for their games and no nice central hub to join everyone together. I've only just found about Tribal Wars 2 from reading their corporate website. That's not really friendly and immersive for gamers, there's no messaging features, moreover to join the game I'd need to make a new account.

So while rambling I've started to think that bringing everything together is the only business-sense way to revitalise the old games.


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Ps. Lack of "Mobile version" is also a big issue while there is a really high demand.
This is the main problem now. At least one app to play Fort Battles and Adventures.
The company has tried some new things in the past till they have found de gold mine the Events. Now they don't need to do a lot to make some profit. I thing that TW is on mode "make some profit till the end and close".


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I am wondering, if Inno allows you Admins/Mods to change the max numbers of Fort Battle sides, like they are in Beta, according to the servers' own needs/situation.
(Mainly by lowering the difference between Attackers and Defenders)

I mean, ideally, there HAS TO be some mechanical changes (formulas, rewarding etc) , server merges/migrations and all that as I/we already said thousands of times, but since Inno be like "we could, but we are not going to" , AT LEAST can we have this to enjoy Battles even A LITTLE BIT?

I would love a non-Nugget Set Private server of sorts with Subscription payment or so, but yea.
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