Sick One


21st May 2023
World leaders from the USSA, EF, RF, AU, OA and CE met at a summit in Geneva today to discuss a peace treaty, the details of which have not been released. Francis Jonston, the president of the European Federation however has commented that if the treaty is successful then humanity could enter a new age of peace and prosperity.

9th November 2023
Peace talks in Geneva ended today, with the world leaders departing, having agreed on a treaty. The peace talks, which have been going on for nearly six months have purportedly been aimed at creating a new age for the Earth.

11th November 2023
Today the USSA, EF, RF, AU, OA and CE jointly released press statements stating that all six governments would combine to form the Federated Unity. Humanity’s first planetary government. The press statements each stated that Earth would be treated as a single country, with as few borders as possible. Humanitarian groups have welcomed the news, saying that the new single worldwide government should be able to all but completely abolish racism.

15th November 2023
At a ceremony today in Geneva six governments merged to form the Federated Unity. Since the overall territory governed by the Federated Unity far exceeds that of any other government, the Federated Unity have been declared by the UN as the official planetary government.
Additionally the UN announced that in light of the merger, it will dissolve, having little purpose. However some states have opposed the union and have stated that they will fight any merger attempts.

29th August 2035
Today the Federated Unity declared war on multiple opposing states, who have repeatedly refused to merge on grounds of ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’.

30th August 2035
Federated Unity troops attacked several radicalised opposition states today, smashing through borders due to massively superior firepower.

3rd March 2036
The final opposition state capitulated today due to military pressure applied by the Federated Unity Now the Federated Unity is the sole government of Earth. However fringe terrorists from formerly defeated states have announced their intentions to fight on against unification.

4th July 2055
Massive explosions and gunfire were heard in the centre of New York today, coming from the headquarters of public protection group the Department. Federated Unity representatives have yet to comment.

5th July 2056
Disturbances yesterday at the headquarters of the Department have been revealed to be down to terrorist activity. A group of radicalized former Department Operatives have gone mad and subsequently attacked unarmed staff in a massacre. The terrorists have since released a message, calling themselves the ‘Freedom Foundation.’ In a message of hate posted on the Cortex today they say that ‘the world has become enslaved to the Federated Unity. The public has no freedom’, and that ‘they intend to bring about the downfall of the Federated Unity, and the liberation of humanity.’
Federated Unity representatives have condemned the group as insane terrorists, wishing nothing more than mass murder and anarchy.

Edaphic walked through the bustling crowds of Brooklyn. No-one noticed their inconspicuous profile, of course, Edaphic wasn’t their real name, no-one in The Department used their real name. In fact some said that some of the Operatives had been working for The Department for so long that they had forgotten their real names, of course, that was only if they survived long enough to forget.
Abruptly turning, Edaphic moved down a tiny deserted alleyway which eventually widened out into a small side-street, one side of which was taken up by a large concrete building surrounded by shockfences emblazoned with WARNING; UNSTABLE STRUCTURE holosigns.
Making sure that no-one was watching Edaphic moved over to a man-sized gate, taking out a passkey they swiped it against the lock, which turned green as the gate clanked open.
Edaphic moved through the gate, locking it behind them, moving quickly up a set of stairs they moved through a wide and open doorway and down the main corridor, on the walls to their left still lay the fading orange paintwork declaring the building as the BROOKLYN RE-EDUCATION CENTER.
They moved quietly, their footsteps making as little noise as possible as Edaphic wound their way down several corridors, up a flight of stairs, right along a corridor, left down another, then right, the labyrinthine corridors of the former Re-Education centre seemed to go on for ever.
Eventually Edaphic stopped outside of a bright orange doorway labelled DEPARMENT LIASION OFFICE, no noise came from inside. Edaphic turned the handle, it was unlocked, pushing it open they stepped inside. Beyond the door lay a deserted room, completely bare.
However, a lone figure stood with their back to the room, looking out from the small window, their body blocking the faint sunlight filtering down through the reconstructed ozone layer.
The figure was 5’8, male, and dressed in an immaculate black pinstriped suit. Edaphic had never seen their face, not that they needed to.
“You’re late.” Said the figure in a crisp, clear English accent, not flinching from his position.
“The journey here took longer than expected.” Edaphic replied.
“Naturally, the Subway grid has never been the same since the rebels destroyed half of the Queens line fuel centre, you should know that and have factored it in accordingly. But that is of no consequence. Are you inside?”
Edaphic nodded, “Yes, the rebels suspect nothing.”
“Good.” The figure replied. “Go and join in with their little circus, and get some results, the ‘Freedom Foundation’ have to be stopped soon, you may leave now.”
Closing the door behind them, Edaphic moved back down through the corridors, leaving the Englishman in his room. The Freedom Foundation had no idea of who was in their midst, that person would destroy them.

The year is 2069. By now mankind should have expanded out into the stars, however this is not what has happened. Forty-three years ago, after the Third World War, the United Socialist States of America, the Russian Alliance, the African Union, the Oceania Association, the European Federation and the Chinese Empire realised that if their superpower status were to be retained, something would have to be done. So the six governments merged to create the Federated Unity, humanity’s first unified planetary government. It was a joyous day for the citizens of the Earth, no more war, no strife, no racism, a breakdown of borders…unification!
However, whilst outwardly projecting a façade of democracy and justice out onto the unsuspecting population, the unchanging leadership of the Federated Unity were the real powers. They made sure that the population were kept docile whilst the elite retained their immense power, as well as ensuring that all development out into the stars was blocked to ensure that all of man’s now stagnated development could be kept under close observation.
But things went wrong, sometimes, members of the population figured out the Federated Unity’s true motives and were vocal, staging protests, exposing incidents, trying to bring the Federated Unity down. So of course they had to be stopped. Thus, the Department was founded, a division of political police staffed only by the most skilled and dedicated members of the police and military. They hunted down protesters, doing whatever was necessary to silence them.
So, the situation was stabilised, until…in 2055 a sect of Department operatives went rogue and formed the Freedom Foundation, an organisation dedicated to bringing down the Federated Unity at all costs.
The Freedom Foundation recruited its members from protesters, and as the movement grew in the underworld they made daring attacks on political prisons, Department offices and the like. Using the attacks as an excuse, the Federated Unity introduced gradually more severe security restrictions, slowly turning the world into a police state. The FF fought back, and for the last fourteen years the guerrilla war has raged, with neither side gaining any ground, until now…

You are all members of the New York arm of the Freedom Foundation, fighting to free the world from the Federated Unity.

I’m going to be using Braet’s attribute system from BAZ, so here it is;

Each participant starts with five points with which to place on skills, each skill can only have a maximum of three points on it and the choice of skills is entirely up to you and can be as broad or narrow as you wish (though anybody choosing ‘everything’ or ‘ability to recite the hit songs of Queen in reverse chronological order’ will suffer a slow and painful death) this is how the levels work.

Lvl 0- Basic - This is a completely free skill and you may have as many as you like (within reason) these skills represent bare bones knowledge such as very basic first aid or kung fu learnt from playing Street fighter and as such are not to be relied on.

Lvl 1- Trained – This represents either some kind of formal training or natural talent for instance a paramedic would have a lvl 1 in first aid and a soldier would have a lvl 1 in small arms.

Lvl 2 – Advanced – Not only has your character had formal training but is in fact pretty good at this particular skill and so stands a high chance of success. This would probably be either a doctor or a surgeon though it would also be just as appropriate for an Olympic runner.

Lvl 3 – Expert - you are one of the best in your particular field and although failure can still happen it isn’t likely for instance a veteran marine sniper would have a lvl 3 in Marksmanship. People like Jimi Hendrix and Albert Einstein would also fall under this category for their own particular fields

These work in exactly the same way as skills albeit in reverse (-1 minor, -2 major – 3 Crippling. For obvious reasons there are no lvl 0 flaws) and as such are completely optional. However for each -1 flaw you take you may take an additional 1 skill point. So for instance if I was to take arachnophobia as a -2 flaw I could then spend an additional 2 points on something else the down side being that should I ever encounter a spider my character would run away like a schoolgirl which is rather embarrassing for a veteran marine sniper.
Flaws cover everything from disabilities, phobias, character flaws and being just plain rubbish at something.

RULES: All campfire rules apply, no god-modding, no killing off player characters without prior permission.
This RP is player-run, although I will have a guiding hand, the plot will chiefly be dictated by your words and actions, so Ill be lenient, but if you do something that is completely unacceptable I will ask you to change it.
This is near future sci-fi, so no lightsabers, laser guns or teleports. If you are unsure whether tech is right for the setting, then contact me.
And finally, a quick warning, characters can die, and will die if they do something phenomenally stupid. If you’re Too Dumb To Live, then well, you know the rest.
Any PvP combat will be jointly resolved by me and the players in question. Any actions that do not fall under the remit of the players or the plot will he handled by my trusty polyhedral dice set.
This RP is all about deception, you will be trying to deceive the Federated Unity, and occasions may arise in which you also have to deceive your fellow players. If you are planning to deceive, and/or assassinate a PC (whether this be for your character’s personal gain or for the good of the FF) then PM me with the details of your plan.

Character sheet:

Name: (And before anybody asks, you CANNOT be Princess Leia or Admiral Ackbar. This is NOT the Rebel Alliance.)
District Of Birth (nationality):
Former occupation prior to joining the FF (if applicable):
Personal items & equipment: (keep it within reason here folks, generally items in this category shouldn’t take up total space of more than a couple of large holdalls at maximum)
Personal history (including the how and why of your joining of the FF):


2- Doctor (MD, specializing in Psychiatry)
2- Hypnotist
2- Taekwondo


-1- Corrective lenses (eye glasses)
-1- Indecisiveness

Character sheet:

Name: Doc

Gender: Female
Age: 35
District Of Birth (nationality): USSA
Former occupation prior to joining the FF: Forensic Psychiatrist, working in Risk Management. This began with the attempt to predict the likelihood of a particular type of offense being repeated. More recently, the aim was to move away from prediction to prevention, by identifying and then managing risk factors. Forensic Psychiatrist are also involved in the care of prisoners, and in the care of mentally ill who have committed criminal acts (such as those who have been found guilty by reason of insanity)
Appearance: Brown hair, medium height and weight, loose fitting comfortable clothing, hair usually pulled back in a tight bun, and eye glasses)
Personal items & equipment: Latest version PDA and tablet, flash drive, spare clothes, makeup, small metronome, and 2 spare eye glasses.
Personal history: After years of predicting potential terrorists’ moves, identifying and preventing their acts…After years of hypnotizing, and trying to reintegrate them into society for the Federated Unity, Doc slowly learned how much the prisoners believed in what they did. That this was not criminal acts of the insane, but acts of those that truly believed in their cause. As Doc became more sympathetic to the FF, she was able to help them in small ways. Through hypnotherapy, she became successful in helping them seem rehabilitated, and let back into society. Apparently she helped someone important, as one day she was asked to join them.


Name: Vincent Nelson Gandhi
Gender: Male
Age: 33
District Of Birth: Kampala, African Union
Former occupation prior to joining the FF: internet shop owner, specializing in objects of historical value, including colonial items
Appearance: fairly tall, about 1.9m and about 90 kilos. Long, straight, black hair, with brown eyes. Skin is tanned golden brown, sports goatee. Wears 2 piece business suits
Personal items & equipment: classic pocket computer, pen and paper, an old Modular Handgun System pistol, occasionally seen with a Martini-Henry
Personal history: In 1972, after hearing the fateful message of President Idi Amin Dada, Vincent’s ancestors left Uganda and settled down in the United Kingdom. Though hardships and turmoils, the Gandhi family was able establish a business, buying and selling antiques. As time marched on, the Gandhi family believed that the time was right to move back to the ancestral home of Vadodara. Finding this area torn by war, Vincent’s parents made the same journey their ancestors had, and settled in Kampala, by now part of the African Union. Vincent was born and raised in Kampala, and was given his company by his parents when they passed away due to a flu, when Vincent was 25.
After a few years, Vincent was accused of smuggling illegal items into Kampala by the Federation. This caused him to lose his business, his citizenship, and nearly his life. During this low point in his life, he was approached by the Freedom Foundation for his connections to important and skillful people throughout the world. With safe passage to New York, Vincent was introduced to the world of rebellion, and helped out when he could. Vincent, however, is still recovering from his expulsion, and prefers to remain excluded from the outside world, and is very mistrul of strangers.
Skills: historical knowledge – 2
Negotiation and haggling – 2
Business management – 2
Economics - 2
Pistol – 1
Rifle – 1
Flaws: Afraid to enter the wide wide world – 2
Afraid of strangers – 2
Occasional fear induced paralysis - 1


Name: Seraphim “Sera” Douglas
Gender: Female
Age: 27
District Of Birth (nationality): Scotland (British)
Former occupation prior to joining the FF (if applicable): Lab Tech
Appearance: Sera is 5’ 7” in height with silvery blonde hair which is tied in a loose ponytail using a scrunchy and deep blue eyes that are almost violet in colour, she also has a small scar on her forehead just below her hairline.
At work she usually wear’s a pair of pink, rectangular framed glasses, a charcoal grey skirt and a blouse (normally in some kind of pastel shade) and a lab coat though when not at work will generally wear jeans and a t-shirt.
Personal items & equipment: Data Pad, bobby pins, Encrypted cell phone, security key card, small tool kit, USB flash drive
Personal history (including the how and why of you’re joining of the FF):
Sera always thought something wasn’t quite right, the way things would happen that only she seemed to notice like the sudden disappearance of her mother after a protest rally they’d attended when she was only five and then much later the sacking of her secondary school history teacher.
However despite or maybe even because of the unsettling things she seemed to notice happening within the world she lived in Sera managed to live a pretty normal life, leaving university with a Chemistry degree and a job working for one of the large corporations as a lab tech, producing new pesticides.
Despite harbouring her doubts about the regime and the inexplicable insanity of the terrorists it wasn’t until she witnessed a so called terror attack that had used the very same agent that she and her colleagues had only just finished the week before. Sera was sick to her stomach. After putting two and two together and coming up with only one apparent answer Sera did what any other sensible person would have done and got incredibly drunk; raving drunkenly about her discovery.
She awoke the following morning with a pounding skull in a strange bed and with a strange man sat beside her. After telling her that she had been extremely stupid the man had promptly inducted her into the resistance, Sera only too willing to join after her recent discovery.
By the end of the week she had gotten herself transferred to the R&D section of a munitions factory in New York, her new friend getting her in contact with the New York cell before she’d even landed where upon she started sharing all the information she could safely give them and even build them a few bombs of her own.

Skills/Flaws (5 Points):
Explosives (2pts)
Chemistry (2pt)
First Aid (1pt)
Long distance running (1pt)
“Expert” knowledge on Factories (1pt)
Picking Locks (0pts)
Fear of the Dark (-2pts)
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jonduan]Name: Ethan
Age: 36
District Of Birth (nationality): Irish
Former occupation prior to joining the FF (if applicable): Marine
Appearance: Ethan stands at 6 feet, and has deep brown eyes. He has a marine dark brown mohawk.
Personal items & equipment: None apart from his weapon. An m16 with a fold-able stock (if the link doesnt work, just refresh the page or click the link and press enter)
Personal history Ethan joined the EF marine corps at 17 after dropping out from school. After two tours he realized the Federated Unity's true intentions and decided to make a stand. On his own he couldn't do much so he decided to join the FF.
Military close combat.3
Long range shooting. 2
Shooting. (both handguns and assault rifles) 2
Fitness 3
Parkour (free running) 3
Sneak 2

Lying -1
Patience -2
Melee weapons -2
Archery -3
Imagination -2


Name: Maya Voril
Gender: Female
Age: 25
District Of Birth (nationality): Russian
Former occupation prior to joining the FF (if applicable): Department Agent
Appearance: Maya stands just a little taller than the average female, blending in with long brown hair and hazel eyes.
Personal items & equipment: Five-Seven with a laser sight, Blackhawk Concealable Knife, M16A1 with scope, M4 Assault Rifle (the last two generally stay at home unless required)
Personal history (including the how and why of your joining of the FF): Maya had joined the Department aged 20, wanting to help make a difference in the world. She was on a protection squad that did assassinations and large-scale fights when necessary but she realised shortly that they were not helping the people but instead suppressing them, so when she heard of the FF she joined them on the pretence of being a double agent but revealing herself to them and then joining up. Over the past four years she has turned into a hardened killer with a disregard for human life, except those of her team-mates.

Martial Arts (2)
Marksmanship (Ability and Accuracy with guns) (2)
Reaction Speed (2)
Melee Weapons (1)
Physical Fitness (1)
Driving (0)
Fiercely Loyal (0)
Sociopath (-1)
Disregard for human life (-2)
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The Englishman stood facing the cracked and chipped concrete wall of the abandoned subway station, still pockmarked with the scars of a firefight. Behind him stood two men, one dressed in a casual grey suit with a fedora, the other in biker leathers and helmet.
Three pairs of footsteps approached, the Englishman didn't move, but the other two men turned to look.
Walking along the subway tunnel towards the platform were three figures, the first wore jeans, T-shirt and black kerchief and casually carried a sawn-off shotgun. The second was wearing grey and black fatigues complete with a gas mask, and was continually shoving the third figure forward.
"We got him boss!" Said the man in the kerchief in a pronounced West German accent. The third figure wore a considerably ruffled black business suit, but had a black hood over their head zipped tightly shut, and their hands were cuffed around their back.
The man in the gas mask and the man in the kerchiefs forced the hooded figure in the suit up onto the battered platform.
The Englishman still did not move. The three figures moved over to where the Englishman and the other two men stood.
The man in the gas mask abruptly pushed forward the hooded figure forward, the figure stumbled, and fell to its' knees.
The man in the fedora stepped forward and pulled off the hood, revealing the bruised and fearful face of a middle aged Caucasian male. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the light, which was provided by a single portable spotlight set up a few yards away, all else was in darkness. His eyes flicked around the room, at the bulletmarks, the spent cartridge casings and the bloodstains, and lastly at the Englishman.
With his face still fixed on the battered wall, the sharply dressed English man spoke, his voice permeating the near silence. "I don't know why my men over there bothered to put a hood on your head, because you already know where you are, don't you, Mr. Alison?"
Mr. Alison didn't speak for a moment, but eventually replied in a hoarse American voice with more than a hint of fear. "The Queens line."
"Good." Said the Englishman. "You remember that day don't you? What was it, five months ago? My how time flies Mr. Alison."
Mr. Alison remained silent, but the Englishman continued. "At precisely 5:34 AM a group of sixteen members of the 'Freedom Foundation' broke into the Queens fuel centre and detonated charges placed on over half of the generators. The blast severely damaged civil infrastructure and killed four civilians. Pursued by the police, these 'freedom fighters' fled into the subway tunnels. Eventually the police caught up to the sixteen rebels right here in this station. Recognize the story Mr. Alison? I think you know what happened next."
"Eight people died." He croaked in reply. "Three rebels and five cops. Two rebels were cornered and captured here, the other eleven escaped."
"Yes, Mr. Alison. Since then six of the rebels have been hunted down and removed. Four still remain at large, and then there is you Mr. Alison. You were here that day weren't you? You yourself killed a policewoman."
"With a machine pistol." The man in the fedora added. "The bullet went through her sternum and pierced her heart, she died within seconds."
"Yes." The Englishman continued. "Since then you've continued to work for the FF, handing them information from within our system, in particular about certain industrial facilities."
Mr. Alison fixed his gaze on the back of the Englishman's head. "You lot are going to kill me, aren't you?"
"Yes Mr. Alison. In a minute's time you will be dead, in thirty minute's time your body will be thrown under a passing train. In thirty-one minute's time you will just be a splattering on a rail, and in a month or two's time, all your rebel friends will have been removed. Goodbye Mr. Alison." And with that the man in the kerchief stepped forward and placed the barrel of the sawn-off shotgun to the back of Mr. Alison's head.


The white van sped along the street, it was 15:47 PM and the roads were fairly quiet in the Industrial district that lay on the northern edge of New York City. The van's route weaved through the grids of warehouses, small factories and depots.
In the back of the van sat Ethan, Doc, Sera, Vincent, Maya and Katy O'Heaney, a prominent FF cell leader and outlaw. After tying her short brown hair back Katy checked and rechecked her SMG. After setting it down she turned to face the group.
"Okay, you all know why we're here, and you've all got an idea of what we're doing." She began in her brusque Irish accent, and she was right. They did all have a rough idea of what they were going to do. They were heading for a small factory that was supposed to be making fertilizer for Army ration food plants. However that wasn't the entire story. "According to data supplied by Mr. Alison," She continued. "The fertilizer is just a smokescreen, they're supposed to be making or storing something, Control says we need to find out what, and if needs be, take it. It should be a simple smash and grab." She leaned in. "This is the plan. First we ram the gates, after that we split up." As she outlined their tasks, she looked at each of them in turn. "Ethan, you and Huang (she gestured towards the driver) take out any security the facility has. Everyone else moves inside the building, once inside Maya and Eddie (she motioned towards a pug-faced man sitting in the front passenger seat carrying a machine pistol) will handle crowd control, get the workers lined up against the wall and watch out for any wannabe heroes. Doc will go and try and weed information out of the foreman. Vincent you check out the offices and go through the records, look for anything suspicious. Sera, you and I will look through the production lines, Mr. Alison thought that we should be looking for toxins of some kind, so we’ll do that. Everyone got that?"

(OOC: Sorry if throwing you all together like this at the start looks a bit clumsy or inappropriate, but it does make sense, you will all see...)


They were nearly there, Maya smiled as she pulled out a duffel bag from under her seat, she flapped back her trench coat and pulled off her t-shirt and trousers to reveal a skin-tight black Lycra suit with holsters and a knife sheath. She unzipped the duffel bag and pulled out her Five-Seven and knife, sliding those into the sheath, the five-seven had five spare magazines. She pulled out the M4, which was in three parts which she slotted together with the ease of someone who had done this many times. She slid it into the holster across her back and produced five spare magazines, then stuffed the t-shirt and trousers into her bag, pulled off her heels and put on some trainers and then slid on her trench coat again. She tied back her hair and prepared to move out. She nodded to Eddie and said "When we arrive, follow my lead." Her Russian accent was barely noticeable these days but anyone who knew it was there could still hear it.


The van was definitely going past the speed limit, Ethan smiled. He liked speed. Katy, an irish like himself was giving them the info on the location and what they had to do. ""Ethan, you and Huang (she gestured towards the driver) take out any security the facility has." she said to Ethan. "Right, no bother" replied Ethan with a thick southern Irish accent. One of the passengers, a girl, pulled out a duffel bag and started arranging her weapons. A five seven and an M4 which she assembled easily. "Jaesus, that M4 is a sound job" commented Ethan before pulling out his weapon. An M16 with a foldable stock , he unfolded the stock and put in his mag, he had three mags, each with thirty bullets in them. The mag slid into the weapon with ease and a soft click. Everything ready, Ethan cocked the gun, it was ready to fire. "one question, we going in silent or loud." Ethan asked Katy, a silencer in his hand.


Sera's hands flailed for purchase against the smooth metal wall of the transit van as it took yet another sharp corner far too quickly. As the van settled back onto its far from adequate suspension Katy relayed her instructions to the rest of the group all of whom with the exception of Katy who had been her contact and handler upon landing at JFK around three months ago and Doc who had given her some kind of psych evaluation which she assumed she'd passed, she had never met before.
Watching as a dark haired woman stood and quickly stripped out of her clothes to reveal some kind of skin tight lycra Sera is overcome by a mild sense of panic "oh gee, err I didn't realise that I needed anything special...I so don't have one of those...or one of those" she says with the slightest hint of a Scottish accent as she watched Maya assemble an assault rifle with blinding speed, another man; Ethan commenting on the weapon as he produced something remarkably similar of his own "Oh hell...Katy how the hell did you talk me into this! Because I'd really like to know" she quietly moaned wondering why the hell they had wanted a lab geek tagging along with these commando types.
With the van nearing its destination Sera decides to make her own preparations; pulling the black scarf she wore up over her mouth and nose before then lifting the hood of a mans black hooded sweatshirt over her head which with the exception of the occasional tell tale shine from her glasses completely hid her face in shadows. Digging into a small rucksack she then pulls on a pair of blue nitrile gloves that nicely hid the set of candy pink finger nails and more importantly her finger prints. Unlike some of the others within the cell she still had a job to go to and the last thing she wanted was for somebody to identify her fingerprints that were no doubt stored on the company database "Ok well so long as you don't need me to shoot anyone I am all don't want me to shoot anyone right?"
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Why am I here? Vincent thought to himself, shielding his head from another bump, knowing full well that this Transit wasn’t designed for humans sitting in the back of it. Its destination was a SEAL style mission designed to gather intelligence about a fertilizer company. Vincent had been approached by an FF agent higher up in the FF Circles a few days ago, with a description of the attack and its purpose. After trying to find out why he was chosen, and receiving an unsatisfactory reply, Vincent did agree to join in this attack, but made no promises that he would be any use. Now, as Katy O’Heaney described the attack in detail, and everybody’s roles, Vincent gleaned a reason that he was involved. He was meant to find anything suspicious in the office records. He thought a more effective and safer way would be for the team to retrieve information and bring it to him, but this plan worked too.

Most everybody else seemed ready to pull off a commando mission. One woman created an uncomfortable moment when Vincent thought she was taking her clothes off, only to reveal that there was a superspy style suit underneath, and assembled an M4 rifle carbine with incredible speed. The man next to her had a modified M16 with a foldable stock and a silencer at the ready. Luckily, he wasn’t the only one not dressed for a firefight. The woman across from him had a scarf, hoodie, and gloves to protect her. She almost looked like a 1990s American gangster. But she had no weapon. Vincent had on a charcoal gray business suit with a British pith helmet. His armament consisted of his Martini-Henry and his MHS, configured for 9mm Parabellum with light, short barrel , light slide, a 1x red dot sight, and hollow point rounds in 20 round magazines. His Martini-Henry handloads numbered 40, and were in a bandolier around his waist. “If you need a weapon,” Vincent said to the gangster girl, “you can use my pistol. I won’t need it, and I much prefer the rifle. Seen a lot of wars, this rifle has. Its spirit will help guide me.”


Doc could hardly contain her excitement. This was most definitely more thrilling than sitting at her desk, predicting what a group like this one would do. She quelled the urge to pull out her tablet, to formulate what their percentage of chance for success would be. Best not to know, she quietly chuckled to herself. Katy seemed to know what she was doing, as she confidently handed out everyone’s assignments. “…Doc will go and try and weed out information from the foreman..” Doc nodded, understanding her assignment. Katy and a couple of the others had definitely done this type of work before. The young girl, Sera, without doubt, had not. The one named Vincent offered Sera his pistol. Doc hoped that she knew how to use it. Doc reached to make sure her hair was in place, knowing as she did so, that it was. It was perfectly tied back, into a tight bun on the nape of her neck. She took off her glasses and her eyes slightly unfocused, as she cleaned them, and quickly put them back on. As there was nothing else to do but hold on as the van winded its way to their destination, she began her deep breathing, so she could remain calm. She would need this if she was going to get any useful information from the foreman.


"When we arrive, follow my lead." Said Maya. Eddie shrugged. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." He replied in an Italian-American accent. "One question, we going in silent or loud." Katy turned to face Ethan. "Christ Ethan, it's not hard to work out. We're ramming a big van through an electrified fence then raiding a 'fertilizer' plant. Yes we're going in loud, but don't shoot anyone or anything unless you have to, we're not trying to blow the place up. Mr. Alison reckons that if it is what he thinks it is, we've got about twenty minutes before SWAT come knocking."
"Ok well so long as you don't need me to shoot anyone I am all don't want me to shoot anyone right?"
"No, but it's safer if you're armed." Katy replied instantly.Vincent offered his handgun to Sera. Finally Katy turned to Doc. "Same goes for you." Reaching down behind the front passenger seat, she pulled up a brown duffel bag, unzipping it she reached in and pulled out a small pistol and tossed it at Doc. "Just in case the foreman gets rowdy." She smiled.
"Right, here we go." Katy muttered to herself as she picked up her SMG once more.
Everyone inside the van was jolted from their seats as the van abruptly turned left with a squeal of tyre rubber.
"GET READY Y'ALL! GATES INCOMING!" Eddie laughed back at them.
Anyone looking out the front windows who saw the twelve-foot high electrified wire gates to the factory would probably have been deterred, but the van smashed into them with a loud thump, breaking them apart to an ugly soundtrack of screaming metal.
A fairly low (but enough to shock) voltage rolled over the van, but not harming anyone inside.
A few seconds later the van jolted again as Huang slammed on the brakes. All was go as Katy was the first to push open the van's back doors and hop out onto the concrete yard.
In the front Haung and Eddie quickly disembarked, wielding their weapons (an assault rifle and a machine pistol respectively).
Outside the complex was like one big concrete square. To their left stood a few cubicles, in which surprised security guards stood, some reaching for handguns. To their right lay a few containers and a lorry. On this side there were two entrances; a loading bay on the right and a set of double doors leading into posh-looking office space on the left. A few orange-jumpsuit clad workers stood by the loading bay, watching.
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As they pulled in Maya watched as Kate pushed open the doors and jumped out, Maya was straight out after Kate and she had already pulled the M4 out and levelled it at the guards, she barked in a harsh Russian accent that she pulled on when being authoritative "Hands in the air or I blow your brains out boys. Today has not been a great day for me, don't make me vent my anger on you. Up against the wall." She had her gun aimed at the head of the man in the middle, should any of them try and pull a gun she could snap round and end his life in half a second.


"Oh... ok then, I suppose that’s alright...oh wow this thing is really heavy isn't it?" Sera said nervously as she gingerly took the proffered handgun, handling the weapon with all the skill of a six year old as she carefully placed it within the waistband of her jeans though not before nearly dropping it first.
Bracing herself as best she could within the rear of the van, Sera grits her teeth waiting for the inevitable impact with the gates as the driver shouts over his shoulder at them seeming to enjoy this just a little too much.
With a sudden crunch and screeching of metal the van crashed through the gates sending Sera toppling over and her glasses skittering away across the vans metal floor. Quickly grabbing the pink framed and rather “girly” glasses from off of the floor before anybody stepped on them in their rush to leave the van that had come to sudden and jarring halt, Sera took a moment to both check the equipment within her bag and replace the offending eyewear. Her eyesight was good enough without them but if she was to have any chance of reading the test equipment within her bag she would most definitely need them…not to mention how bleeding expensive it would be to replace them.
With her glasses back in place she slowly counts to ten giving the more able and far better armed members of the team chance to leave the van before hoisting the small backpack over her shoulder and cautiously stepping out through the rear doors, her borrowed pistol digging uncomfortably into her ribs as she did so “Ok…well here goes nothing I suppose”
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"Christ Ethan, it's not hard to work out. We're ramming a big van through an electrified fence then raiding a 'fertilizer' plant. Yes we're going in loud, but don't shoot anyone or anything unless you have to, we're not trying to blow the place up. Mr. Alison reckons that if it is what he thinks it is, we've got about twenty minutes before SWAT come knocking." was the reply Ethan received from Katy. "that's fine by me" Ethan said putting away his silencer. The van took a hard left turn causing Ethan to bang off the walls of the van, He simply grunted and pushed off it. As soon as he regained his balance, the van drove through the gates and stopped. The girl with the M4 was first out the door, next was what he assumed to be a lab tech. Clumsy. As soon as he was out, Ethan ran with his knees bent towards the guards, military style. "Hands where i can see em, i see a gun and you're gonna be history lads" Ethan yelled at the guards. Pointing at one half of the guards, leaving the other half for the girl.


(Nobody inside would get electrocuted. The van acts as a Faraday cage. Proof.)

As the van took another turn, Vincent wondered where they had gotten the driver. An insane asylum? Fast and Furious? Wherever it was, Vincent didn’t like it. With a way too enthusiastic exclamation, the driver ran through the gate, jarring everybody inside. Vincent nearly knocked himself out on the roof. And nearly knocked himself out again as the van skidded to a stop; it was lucky that nothing bad happened, the driver not caring that this old crate didn’t have ABS. As the people in the van poured out, Vincent loaded a round into the Martini-Henry’s chamber.

Outside, there was an eerie sort of standoff. The guards were resting their hands uncomfortably on their holstered weapons. Neoprene girl was trying to get them to go against the wall. Was she trying to massacre them? The workers were standing by, watching the scene play out; their bright orange jumpsuits marking them out from the dark blue clad guards. Vincent wondered if they were being entertained by this, or maybe just grateful for a break. He thought he saw a couple of them light cigarettes. “I’m going to the offices. Back in a few,” Vincent announced, walking over to the double doors. Entering the office, and bringing his rifle up to his shoulder, Vincent realized that this long rifle was never designed for indoor combat. Maybe he did need his pistol. Too late now to get it. Vincent headed toward what he thought was the boss’s office, hoping he wouldn’t run into anybody he would need to fire upon.


Doc took the pistol that Katy tossed to her, and said nothing. Now was not the time to ask whether it had bullets in it, as she surely had no idea. “Just in case the foreman gets rowdy” Katy had said. HA! She had a much better chance talking her way out of it, or even giving him a knock-out kick, than she did shooting him. Fortunately, she had already put the pistol in her pocket, right before the van made a squealing left turn, which left rubber on the pavement. And, shortly after, the sound of the gate being breached was not as bad as she feared. When they pulled to a stop, Doc was the last to exit the van. The situation almost seemed under control. Vincent was already on his way to check out the offices. Doc looked around amongst the orange clad workers, and spotted one with a more official look to him. Yes, he was the one Doc was looking for. She told the remaining team members that she saw her target, and calmly made her way over to “talk” to the foreman.


With Maya and Ethan taking care of the security guards Sera quickly makes her way over to the main facility and follows Vincent through the double doors; keeping her head down as she passed the orange clad workers hoping that the clothing she wore would adequately conceal her identity from the security forces that were bound to start asking questions about had happened and more importantly who was there.
Wrinkling her nose against the repugnant aroma of fertiliser she heads straight for the factory floor in order to inspect the machinery within and see if there was anything there that shouldn't be. Failing that she would have to start taking samples at predetermined points and hope the testing equipment she'd stolen from work managed to pick something out of the ordinary up



The man in the middle, a balding middle-aged soft-faced man, put his hands in the air and stepped back towards the wall of the cubicle. The other two guards outside the cubicle did not move, and if there was anyone inside the cubicle, they didn't move either.
Suddenly, from over her shoulder, Maya heard Eddie shouting. "C'mon goddammit! We're crowd control ya dumb ruski! Leave the guards, c' mon goddammit!"
Eddie was already running over towards the jumpsuit-clad workers, waving his machine pistol around. Katy turned to face her. "Go on, get after him before he kills them all!"


As the man called Eddie closed in on the workers, waving his gun most retreated back towards the factory workshop, however a small group of five workers, plus the official-looking one raised their hands in surrender. Seeing her approaching the official-looking one shouted out fearfully. "Don't hurt us! We surrender, we'll do what you say."


"WAIT" Katy shouted in the background as Vincent and Sera ran over to the factory offices, leaving her behind, snarling she bolted after them, leaving Ethan and Huang to watch the guards. One of the three outside the security cubicle was up against the wall, the other two stood resilient. From the way they stood and the way they glared at him unrelentingly it wasn't hard to tell that they were ex-soldiers.
Suddenly another security guard popped up from behind an open window in the cubicle, holding an assault shotgun. It boomed, but miraculously missed both Ethan and Huang.
Immediately one of the guards outside the cubicle turned and leapt for the door, the other reached down to the holster clipped to his thigh and began to pull out a pistol.


The glass double doors gave way into a bright and clean reception area, chairs and a potted plant sat to the right, and to the left behind a desk to the left a terrified receptionist sat rigidly, watching as Vincent moved into the room.
Leading off from the reception area were three doors, to the right an orange double door led into a short hallway culminating in the entrance to the factory floor. Just beyond the reception desk sat a single door clearly marked 'TOILET". Finally a smart looking glass door to the front led the way into an even cleaner office space, occupied by a few suited men sat behind desks, still oblivious to the raid. Suddenly a shot rang out, coming from the right, a security guard was advancing down the hallway from the factory floor, and was pointing his handgun towards Vincent. "DROP YOUR WEAPON!" The guard screamed, the veins in his neck bulging. He advanced out into the reception, just a couple of yards away, but before Vincent could act a roar of gunfire and smashing glass deafened the screaming man, who writhed as fountains of red blossomed from him. After a few seconds he fell to the floor.
Outside the (now wrecked) double doors, Katy effortlessly reloaded her SMG, before nodding at Vincent. "A thank you would be nice. Now move it."


Ushered on by Katy, and stepping through the carnage that used to be the reception and down the hallway the factory floor lay just beyond.
It was quite large, and stunk of fertiliser, it really stunk. The smell filled the room completely, blocking out everything else.
At the far end of the floor a series of green barrels and bags sat by the loading bay on pallets, waiting to be carted out and loaded onto the trucks that lay outside. Meanwhile the rest of the room was filled by two mostly automated production lines, and a large vat took up a corner. About ten workers moved about the machines, although some stood up to watch as she entered. The remainder stopped their work as a cluster of the workers from outside ran in from the loading bay.
However looking around it was clear even to her that something didn't look right. The spaces between the machinery were a little to big, and the entire right-hand side of the wall was bare.