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Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Denisero, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    When someone wants to temporarily join your town to shop, instead of inviting them in as a member we should be able to issue shopping passes. Tickets would allow the purchaser to purchase items in a foreign town for regular member prices or at a slight increase, not 4x the regular price.

    Towns no longer have to invite foreign players into their town to shop.
    Shoppers won't have access to town forum making the forum more secure
    Not having to make a shopper a member means no more booting/asking a player to leave to make room for the shopper
    Each town can set their own price for foreigners to shop guaranteeing a donation to their treasury.

    You can't control who is shopping in your town

    Revised Idea:

    1. Each town sets the price for their shopping passes
    2. Passes available for purchase in the General Store (unless the devs can make it council issued)
    3. Passes are good for 3 hours from purchase time. After that they expire and you must repurchase a pass to shop.
    4. Passes allow you to buy goods at 'member' prices
    5. Full ticket price to Treasury
    6. No gain from actual items purchased.
    7. No access to fort or forums

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  2. Luap Nor

    Luap Nor Guest

    Good, yeah, right on. And stuff.
  3. BartBot

    BartBot Guest

    i like it, but you should have to buy another pass every 1 item, 2 items, 10 items (instead of the time constraint).
    Also what is available to the outsider (tailor lvl. 10 goods: lvl. 8) is the only material available so that he still can't have full advantage of what the town members can buy. (an exception would be if the tailor was under lvl. 4)
  4. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Do you mean buy a pass for every item he wants to purchase? Hmmm. Interesting.

    Also interesting to keep what is available to them limited based on store level. Only thing about that is when the stores are maxed out and you are looking for that lvl 10 tailor shop item it makes the entire shopping pass moot. You would have to join the town to buy it. Once someone joins your town the entire forum is insecure and so is your treasury (sabotage thru wasteful building, etc). You can't boot someone from your town when they first join for several hours. 24 maybe? Not exactly sure. The pass is meant as a security blanket for towns.
  5. Luap Nor

    Luap Nor Guest

    Nah, since the shopper is purchasing his/her own shopping ticket when they decide to do so, they will only need a short time to use it. It doesn't take long to browse 3 shops. 2 hours would be more than enough. If we're going to charge for shopping by the item we might as well just lobby for adjustments in the exisiting pricing and sales tax structures and leave it at that.

    Well, if that's the case, people will still town-hop to get those highest-level items.

    ETA: I see Denisero got there before I did. :)
  6. BartBot

    BartBot Guest

    ok, maybe then not the second idea, but these will need to be VERY expensive or they can be easily abused.
  7. This idea has a big thumbs up from me.

    I think that limiting shopping pass access to what is normally visible to foreigners is a good idea, especially once you get to the higher levels, otherwise it will be too easy to obtain all the best equipment.

    It would also solve the problem of people buying passes and then seeing that something even better is available, which they don't have enough cash for. If people want access to Lvl 15 weapons or Level 10 clothes, they should have to work a little harder for them. (Even if that does just mean convincing the town to let you have access.)

    I think the time limit is definitely needed regardless of any other restrictions. And I think perhaps instead of BartBot's "number of items", the tickets should have a purchase limit.

    So (with amounts just for example)...
    ~ $1-$250 of purchases, ticket costs $60
    ~ $251-$1000 of purchases, ticket costs $120
    ~ $1001-$2000 of purchases, ticket costs $240 etc...

    I'd probably prefer that tickets had to be issued rather than being freely available, because I do think that we deserve to have some control over who benefits from the work we've put into our towns. But I'm guessing just having them in the Gen Store would be the easiest.
  8. BartBot

    BartBot Guest

    Good addition :)
  9. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Unless the person is bad at math and/or doesn't plan ahead, or they forget to take into account the cost of the pass, and it turns out they don't have enough cash for the item. I've never heard of anyone doing that with the current system, but more people would be buying passes than would use the donation system.

    I'm not saying it should be longer, I'm just saying...people are stupid. ;)
  10. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    I like Violets additions. I think this is definitely something that would be useful and can be ironed out.
  11. CraZ

    CraZ Guest

    Great idea, I like it :)
  12. CraZ

    CraZ Guest

    Why not get this to a vote?
  13. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    I think the fact that there were no off topic tangents shows the immense respect everyone had for the idea and it should be implemented immediately!
  14. Aries22

    Aries22 Guest

    Nice Idea... include violets additions and you are on to a possible winner...
  15. Issues to resolve:

    1. Ticket have set prices OR Towns set their ticket prices
    2. Tickets available in Gen Store OR Tickets issued upon request w. money deducted upon activating the ticket
    3. Do tickets have time limits (& how long)?
    4. Do tickets have purchase limits, with a sliding price scale?
    5. Full ticket price to treasury OR Just a %, as with sales
    6. % of items purchased to treasury OR None, as with member purchases

    My Opinions:

    1. Set pricing more likely to pass and less abusable
    2. Gen Store (issued would be good, but store easier and more likely to pass)
    3. 3 hours (That's time to make a little extra cash if you can't count)
    4. Yes to a sliding scale.
    5. Full ticket price to Treasury
    6. No gain from actual items purchased.
  16. CraZ

    CraZ Guest

    I agree with your opinions. if everybody else does lets put this on a vote.
  17. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    I don't know if full ticket price to treasury will fly, since it doesn't follow the usual rule, even though you don't get anything for the items themselves. And I think maybe separate passes for each store.
  18. Bella Donna

    Bella Donna Guest

    I agree with Violette's opinions, though if we are more likely to get it through if the town only gets a percentage of the ticket price, I still think it's a worthwhile addition.

    The idea of a ticket for each store is an interesting one, so perhaps rather than just adding a ticket purchase option in the general store, each store should get one.

    My only query is, doesn't this completely remove the fact that 'outsiders' have to pay higher rates and therefore people have to work a lot harder to earn money for tickets their own town don't sell? Maybe there should be a limit to the number of tickets any character can buy in a certain period of time (I know this makes it a little more complicated).
  19. nashy19

    nashy19 Nashy (as himself)

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Can you see the highest level items with a ticket?
  20. AlexGv1

    AlexGv1 Guest

    Great idea, I think the whole town hopping thing is a bit too much hassle on both sides just to shop in someone else's town. And I agree with them being issued so people put in a request and the town founder has some control over who uses their shop. Great idea.