Sheriff for each Town!

Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Tuco Benedicto, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. How is: there be a sheriff n every town appointed by it's mayor... and sheriffs gain extra in-town ability to defend it...
    and bandits (only bandits) who could defeat the town's sheriff would be able to steal from town's bank or store or ...
    or maybe two or three sheriffs in a simultaneous duel with one bandit! exciting! :)
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  2. callicia143

    callicia143 Active Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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    I think this is a goods idea
  3. Charles

    Charles Guest

    good idea they are making a town sheriff for all of the town there still programing it through
  4. Jrooney2

    Jrooney2 Guest

    great idea!
  5. Captin West

    Captin West Guest

    Fantastic Idea!!!
    Well thought too!!
  6. Danzeman

    Danzeman Guest

    Got my vote:cool:
  7. b00k

    b00k Guest

    No. That leaves us with 15 other subclasses, which actually are not subclasses but just pictures, without any special benefit, like the bandit.
  8. Sicasso

    Sicasso Guest

    I like this idea
  9. BattleAx

    BattleAx Guest

    Praise to the inventor of this idea!
  10. Robbos

    Robbos Guest

    I like it. Much like the traditional "Warlord" title assigned in clans. Possibly instead of Bandits make it so Duelists in general can do it.
  11. karo9

    karo9 Guest

    no, then every one would be a duelist and raid other towns. by adding all this new stuff suggested we're going to get hit with the butterfly effect, to where the game sucks because there is so much we have to watch out for
  12. wilddick

    wilddick Guest

    i like the idea
  13. Tog

    Tog Guest

    Take out the subclass part and this is shaping to be something game changing.

  14. it wouldn't be so easy that everyone could do it! a hard target! not everyone dare to do that! :)
  15. Robbos

    Robbos Guest

    A good sherrif could probably hold his ground against any low level punk trying. Probably make sherrifs get a tactics bonus a bit like a soldiers bonus
  16. Captin West

    Captin West Guest

    i have to agree with what you say here!! i think tribal wars is like that! get conquered too easily!!!:mad:

    but i think it would be good for the town founders to be the one that creates the jobs and decides who is who and give out the classes! or people should choose a class and apply to join a town and apply for the jobs going within the town!
  17. Robbos

    Robbos Guest

    Yeah. right now there is little do do with towns. Maybe instead of choosing a class at 10 your a "Settler" and when you reside in a town your given a class by the mayor or apply for it
  18. zenon69

    zenon69 Guest

    I think this would be a great implementation to the game. It would make it more realistic I think.
  19. Robbos

    Robbos Guest

    And put a little more weight on towns. maybe even get rid of rotating a little bid
  20. zenon69

    zenon69 Guest

    Robbos, I agree with that just a bit. Maybe something like having to stay for a certain amount of time, otherwise you loose points and money for abandoning you r town. I do not know but something like that...
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